AI as Building Blocks for co-creation and connecting strengths


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Daan de Bruijn, Willem-Jan de Gast
Presentation at the #2012waic Conference - Ghent, Belgium

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AI as Building Blocks for co-creation and connecting strengths

  1. 1. AI as building blocks for co-creationand connecting strengths in localcivil society: The Marketplace27 April 2012, GentDaan de BruijnWillem Jan de Gast
  2. 2. Workshop set up •  Welcome and introduction •  The Social Marketplace: what is it and how does it work? •  The Social Marketplace and AI •  Practice what we preach: experience! •  Wrap up© MOVISIE
  3. 3. Introducing... &© MOVISIE
  4. 4. MOVISIE •  A major knowledge institute and consultancy centre for social development in the Netherlands in the fields of welfare, participation, care and safety •  Focus on a strong society that invites active and empowered citizens to participate© MOVISIE
  5. 5. Main areas of work•  Effectiveness and professionalisation•  Participation and inclusion•  Domestic and sexual violence•  Social care•  Local citizenship© MOVISIE
  6. 6. The Marketplace: introducing…. • • • id-698/setLanguage-1/ Marketplace_for_projects_and_idea s.htm© MOVISIE
  7. 7. The Marketplace: starting points •  It’s about connecting each others strengths in a local civil society in order to realize organizational & social goals •  Every person or organization has something to offer© MOVISIE
  8. 8. The Social Marketplace.. •  is an annual event •  is an innovative model of public - private partnership •  it provides a forum where companies, local authorities, service clubs, schools, civil society organizations and voluntary organizations can meet and build partnerships, matching their supply and demand •  where and where the supply of one is matched with the demand of an other •  which is about connecting each others strengths in order to realize organizational goals •  during 2 hours in a dynamic, informal atmosphere© MOVISIE
  9. 9. The matches relate to •  Supply and demand of voluntary work in the broadest sense of the word: 1.  Manpower/skills/competences 2.  Knowledge/information 3.  Access to networks 4.  Materials/goods 5.  Creativity© MOVISIE
  10. 10. Advantages for companies: •  A way of Corporate Social Responsibility/MVO •  A chance to build new relations and networks •  Image/positive media attention •  Teambuilding •  Building real social partnerships where both parties profit© MOVISIE
  11. 11. Advantages for voluntary orgs. •  A solution for specific needs (ICT, communication, materials) •  Being stimulated to see a company as a partner instead of as a financial source/sponsor •  A chance to build new relations and networks •  Image/positive media attention© MOVISIE
  12. 12. Advantages for cities •  Extra way to satisfy the support questions of the local associations; •  It will contribute to a positive image: “here is a dynamic city organising initiatives that draw closer together companies and associations !"; •  The Marketplace integrates in local social /political life© MOVISIE
  13. 13. Marketplace toolkit •  Using the toolkit can ultimately help ensure the easy, efficient, quick and above all professional organization of a marketplace event •  The marketplace is part of the MOVISIE database of effective social interventions© MOVISIE
  14. 14. The Toolkit is structured in 5 phases 1.  The path to commitment 2.  Focus 3.  PR and communications 4.  Preparation and implementation of the Marketplace event 5.  Follow up and evaluation© MOVISIE
  15. 15. Phase 1: the path to commitment 1.  Initiative 2.  Team/working group 3.  Project proposal 4.  Internal commitment 5.  External commitment 6.  Investments© MOVISIE
  16. 16. Phase 2: focus 1.  Form and content of the marketplace 2.  Date and location© MOVISIE
  17. 17. Phase 3: attracting supply and demand 1.  Taking an inventory of potential supply and demand parties 2.  Keeping the track of supply and demand 3.  Approach to attracting supply and demand 4.  Proposed approach to communication© MOVISIE
  18. 18. Phase 4: preparation and implementation of the Marketplace 1.  Marketplace rules 2.  Communication on the Marketplace 3.  Kick-off and close 4.  Script of the entire day 5.  Follow up© MOVISIE
  19. 19. Phase 5: follow up and evaluation 1.  Organization follow-up 2.  Communication 3.  Evaluation© MOVISIE
  20. 20. Free download of the toolkit© MOVISIE
  21. 21. The Marketplace and AI •  Connecting strengths across organisations: mutual gains •  Preparation: what do I have to offer that is interesting to others; what do I need •  No money: not financially driven but about real strengths •  Equality based •  Future oriented •  The whole system in the room •  The strength of your story determines your success© MOVISIE
  22. 22. Contact & informationwww.movisie.nlDaan de Bruijnd.debruijn@movisie.nl0031-307892098Willem Jan de GastWJ.degast@movisie.nl0031-307892101© MOVISIE