Transport and London 2012


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This presentation is by Ben Willis from the Department of Transport.

It was given to international journalists at a briefing on 13 June 2012.

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Transport and London 2012

  1. 1. Ben WillsChief Press Officer
  2. 2. Transport for the Games- Overview• In total, around £6.5bn has been invested to improve transport.• We are well-prepared: most transport infrastructure is already complete, in operation and delivering on early legacy well ahead of the Games.
  3. 3. What have we invested in?• Rebuilding Stratford Regional Station• Major improvements to London Underground• Improvements to rail lines in east London• Establishing seven minute ‘Javelin’ service between St Pancras and Stratford, running 8-10 times an hour.• This investment is already providing people with better transport, benefiting millions of people and supporting economic development for generations to come.
  4. 4. But it will be busy…• On the busiest days of the Games, an estimated three million extra journeys will be made in and around London.• At certain times and in certain ‘hotspot’ locations, transport networks will be much busier than usual.• We are making information about these hotspots available and asking people to consider changing their travel behaviour during Games time if they can. Small changes will make a big difference.
  5. 5. Not just London• Events will be taking place across the country • Sailing in Weymouth • Rowing at Eton Dorney • Football at grounds around the country eg. Newcastle, Coventry, Cardiff• So national transport links will have a big role to play
  6. 6. Who does what…DfT does not directly operate transport• London Transport (eg. tube, buses): Transport for London• Railways: Network Rail / Train Operators• Airports: BAA and other operators.• Motorways and other major roads: Highways Agency
  7. 7. Why might you want to speak to DfT?• Investment in transport – ie. why we have the infrastructure we have not more, or less• Rail fares - levels, structures• Airport Security - regulations, procedures• Road Safety - the law, safety campaigns• And even if you don’t want to talk about those things, we can help you find the right people to speak to…
  8. 8. Getting in touch • In Games-time you’ll be able to contact us through the Government Olympic Communications (GOC) press office. • Or call the DfT Press Office on 020 7944 2300
  9. 9. Network RailMedia facilitationPress office - 020 3356 8700
  10. 10. How does the railway in Britain work?• The Government doesnt run the train service• Network Rail was created 10 years ago – Responsible for maintaining, operating and improving the rail infrastructure (track, signals, electric wires) – Any profit made goes back into the railway• Companies compete to run train services on different lines – Example 1: Southeastern trains from South-East England to London Bridge station – Example 2: Virgin trains from Manchester, Glasgow and Coventry to London Euston
  11. 11. Some key railway stats• Almost double the number of passengers arrive on time than 10 yrs ago (1.3bn v 770m)• Key lines serving the Olympic Park performing well (96% of trains arrived on time on London Overground in Jan-Feb 2012) – Special Olympic timetable with 4,000 extra trains over period – Plans to help big stations cope with large numbers of people• Network Rail manages 17 biggest stations (1bn journeys p.a) & 20,000 miles of railway track• 21,500 passenger trains & 2,500 freight trains per day
  12. 12. What Network Rail does not do• Operate the trains• Sell or set prices of tickets• Managing thousands of other stations• Provide passenger information (including special Olympic information)
  13. 13. Making it easier to get about London to.. By car* By train** Newcastle 5hrs 2hrs 49mins (from 15mins London King’s Cross) Manchester 4hr 1min 2hrs 7mins (from London Euston) Weymouth 3hr 4 mins 2hrs 38 mins (from London Waterloo) Eton Dorney 59mins 16mins (access via Slough Station from London Paddington) • Travelling by train is often the best way *Source: AA route planner to get around the country ** National Rail Enquiries journey planner • is the best place to find travel information
  14. 14. Coordination – how we can help you• Network Rail leads for the whole rail industry in the Transport Coordination Centre (TCC)• With lots of different train operators it can be hard to know who to go to for the right information• Our press office will have access to live information & be working with the Government press office• If you have questions about train services we will be able to help you (or send you to the right transport operator) Our Press Office number is 020 3356 8700
  15. 15. Games time press office• Working closely with other transport operators• Press Office - 020 3356 8700• Special Games time arrangements: – 6am until midnight (24/7 with on call arrangements) – Twitter: special Games time updates on services and stations for media – Opportunities to film at our stations
  16. 16. HeathrowMedia FacilitationJune 2012
  17. 17. Media Registration and Management• To work at the Airport • A team of Media Assistants will work in between 27 June – 12 terminals for arrivals and departures to support media. September all media will need:• To register with Heathrow at: 12• To come along to one of the Media Rooms (in terminal arrivals halls) before they start working to collect their pass with lanyard.
  18. 18. Media Zones• The Media Zones will be:• Giving media the best shots of arriving athletes.• Locations chosen as suitable for media to get pictures and so activity does not disrupt operations.• Able to fit at least 30 media. At peak times we will increase the area where necessary.• No Zones in departures – managed individually. Limited space in the Games Terminal.
  19. 19. Heathrow Media Rooms• Media will have their own dedicated space in the arrivals hall of each terminal to:• Pick up their Heathrow pass;• File stories with free efficient Wi-Fi;• Receive information and daily briefing sheets.
  20. 20. Contacts• To Register to work at Heathrow during Games time: • BAA/Heathrow Press Office – 0208 745 7224 • Email Head of London 2012 Media:
  21. 21. Contact Details • DfT Press Office on 020 7944 2300 • BAA/Heathrow Press Office – 0208 745 7224 • Network Rail Press Office - 020 3356 8700 • Highways Agency Press Office: 020 7081 7443