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Zoe's Giant pandas-Power Point
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Zoe's Giant pandas-Power Point Presentation Transcript

  • 1. By: Zoe Sano Computer 9 June 21, 2011
  • 2. Why are pandas in Danger?
    • Their natural habitat is being cut down by humans.
    • Pandas starve to death because lack of bamboo.
    • Then female pandas are only in their reproductive state for a little while and then for two pandas to mate that fast is a small miracle.
  • 3. Do we need to be doing more for the pandas?
    • According to a survey I conducted….
    • 80% said “No, we need to be doing more.”
    • 13% said “Yes, they are doing enough.”
    • Then 7% said other.
  • 4. What do we need to be doing more of to protect the pandas?
    • By making stricter laws to not poach anymore pandas.
    • Making sure we don’t cut anymore of the Giant Pandas habitat.
    • Protect them with stricter laws.
  • 5. How are some people protecting the species?
    • Making more reserves to protect the pandas.
    • Donating money to Panda services like the World Wildlife Fund (WWF).
    • They are patrolling areas where Pandas reside and look for poachers.
    • Increasing land under legal protection.
  • 6. Is the panda population slowly growing or are they still on the brink of death?
    • My class took a survey on pandas and….
    • 13% said that the panda population is slowly growing.
    • While 87% thought pandas are still on the brink of extinction.
  • 7. What are some enemies of the pandas?
    • Leopards.
    • A pack of wild dogs.
    • Eagles waiting to snatch an unattended cub.
    • Worst of all humans who hunt them for their fur and destroy their habitat.
  • 8. Thanks for Listening! Don’t forget about the Giant Panda! They need your help!
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