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  • 1. Justin T.
  • 2. bad Effects of Video Games
    • People get addicted and don’t do personal hygiene
    • May do violent things
    • Give false thinking of life
    • May think that doing drugs is good
  • 3. good effects of video games
    • Increases resistance to distraction
    • Increased visual activity
    • Increases attention span
    • Great social activity
    • Used to assist education
    • Are fun
    • Teach people about life
    • Can help problem solving
  • 4. How are video games addicting?
    • Excitement makes video games addictive
    • Causes the brain to release chemical that is addictive
    • Games are designed to be addictive
    • Designed to be challenging so people will keep playing
    • Several hooks in game:
    • high score
    • beating the game
    • competition
  • 5. What happens when you play too much Games?
    • Eyes get red
    • Get a lot of headaches
    • See things out of corner of eye
    • Arms hurt from playing Wii
    • Fingers hurt from playing consoles
  • 6. What kind of games are good for kids?
    • Brain fitness
    • Drawing
    • Mathematical
    • History
    • Quiz
    • Programming
    • Typing
    • Language
    • Geography
  • 7. How can parents stop kids from playing too much games?
    • Parents need to intervene
    • Limit time on a game
    • Have certain days on which they play
    • Take game away and hide it
    • Don’t buy anymore games
  • 8. What are bad games for kids?
    • Violent games
    • Fighting games
    • Stunt games
    • Bloody games
    • Gross games
  • 9. Resource page
    • Wikipedia.org
    • Answers.com
    • Wanttoknowit.com
    • Theparentreport.com
  • 10. The End
    • So, video games can be both good and bad to people
    • They are also designed to be addictive
    • You may get bad if you play too much