“Building Bridges: Young Alumni & Current Students”


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Julie Bialkowski - Associate Director of Alumni Relations, The University of Scranton
Monique Gardner - Director of Alumni Relations, Loyola University New Orleans
Colleen McGinn - Assistant Director of Alumni Relations, Fairfield University
Erin Mooney - Assistant Director of the Holy Cross Fund, The College of the Holy Cross

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“Building Bridges: Young Alumni & Current Students”

  1. 1. “Building Bridges: Young Alumni & Current Students” JULIE BIALKOWSKI Associate Director of Alumni Relations, The University of Scranton MONIQUE GARDNER Director off Alumnii R l i Di Al Relations, L l U i i N O l Loyola University New Orleans COLLEEN MCGINN Assistant Director of Alumni Relations, Fairfield University ERIN MOONEY Assistant Director of the Holy Cross Fund, The College of the Holy Cross
  2. 2. University of Scranton Location: Scranton, Pennsylvania 4,000 undergraduate students 5,000 young alumni (5-years out) 42,000 alumni
  3. 3. Loyola University New Orleans Location: New Orleans, Louisiana 2,900 undergraduate students 12,000 young alumni (10-years out) 45,000 alumni
  4. 4. Fairfield University Location: Fairfield, Connecticut 3,300 undergraduate students 9,500 young alumni (10-years out) 41,000 alumni
  5. 5. The College of the Holy Cross Location: Worcester, Massachusetts 2,900 undergraduate students 6,500 young alumni (10-years out) 33,300 alumni
  6. 6. FACT OR FICTION? It is easier to cultivate engaged STUDENTS than to try and develop ALUMNI relationships once they have already graduated. FACT. Building connections to recent graduates can and will lead to a lifetime of engagement. FACT. FACT
  7. 7. Today’s Topics Student Programs – Events & Initiatives Student-Alumni Interaction Young Alumni Programs – Events & Initiatives Young Alumni – Student Fundraising Initiatives
  8. 8. Student Programs Events & Initiatives
  9. 9. The University of Scranton y The President’s Alumni Liaisons •Nominated by Faculty, application and interview process Nominated •Currently 28 juniors and seniors serving in this role •Participate in quarterly meetings of the Alumni Board, serve on board committees which meet monthly •Attend regional an on-campus alumni events, serve as speakers, hosts, etc. •Recruit and provide leadership to their class committee as undergraduates and alumni
  10. 10. Fairfield University Student Alumni Association •“The Student Alumni Association is a group of student leaders who help the Fairfield University student body connect with one of our The campus’s greatest resources, the alumni, through the creation of networking and community service events. In short, we bridge the gap.” – Meg Hallissy ‘10, most recent SAA President. Student-subsidiary group of the Alumni Association •Serve as liaisons between the current student body and the alumni Serve •Plan and promote on-campus events to “bridge the gap” between students and alumni – one program per class per year •Staff Alumni Association and Office of Alumni Relations events including Reunion Weekend •5-time CASE:ASAP District 1 Award Recipients & 2010 C S Co u cat o Award Recipientt 5 t e C S S st ct a d ec p e ts CASE Communication a d ec p e •Comprised of approximately 65 students of all class years (freshmen – sophomores) including an Executive Committee of 4 and 5 Committee Chairs
  11. 11. Student-Alumni Student Alumni Interaction Programs & Initiatives
  12. 12. Loyola University New Orleans y y “DINEwOrleans” •Co-programming with the Office of Career Development •A Series of informational dinners in the city of New Orleans that strives to provide networking opportunities for Loyola alumni and seniors •Targets students coming from the College of Humanities and Natural Sciences with support from the Dean of the College •Purpose: 1. Demonstrate marketability of a Loyola University New Orleans Liberal Arts Education 2. Educate students on a wide range of career options 3. Encourage students to become a part of the recovery and revitalization of New Orleans
  13. 13. “DINEwOrleans” “ ”
  14. 14. Fairfield University “Major Decisions” •Co-planned with Career Planning Center – began in 2008 with 11 alumni and 60 students •Held in October of each year – right around the time sophomores must declare a major & aimed at helping sophomore students make that “major decision” regarding their course track •Invite alumni of all class years back to campus who can speak about what it was like to be a student in that major; Targeted at alumni who are not necessarily working in a career related to their major – to show students options! •Seated at tables by undergraduate major - Each student was given a directory of alumni in attendance with current business info and major •2010: 33 alumni from 1969-2009 and over 150 students of all classes •CASE:ASAP District 1 2009 Outstanding Program Award Recipient
  15. 15. “Major Decisions” j
  16. 16. Fairfield University “Backpack to Briefcase” •Co-planned with Career Planning Center – began in 2009 with 8 alumni and approx 45 seniors •Targeted at Seniors – held after Spring Break when “reality sets in” •Held •H ld iin a cocktail h ttype setting – allowing a panell presentation and ffor networking kt il hour tti ll i t ti d t ki •Alumni from the Classes of 2000-2009 were targeted to participate to give “young alumni perspective” – asked for representation from all majors •One alumnus who returned secured their job through an interview they received after 2009 s event! 2009’s •First two years of this event have led to 3 jobs and numerous interviews and resume exchanges •Panel presentation includes: introductions, brief synopsis of life after college, and open Q&A •2010: 16 alumni and nearly 70 seniors 2010: •CASE: ASAP District 1 2010 Outstanding Program Award Recipient
  17. 17. “Backpack to Briefcase”
  18. 18. Speed Networking Loyola University New Orleans •Co-programming with Offi off Career Developmentt •C i ith Office C D l •Program targets College of Business & College of Social Sciences on separate evenings •Unique opportunity for juniors and seniors to learn more about/network with companies and young alumni from New Orleans •A small reception follows the networking component which allows follow-up networking and additional introductions Fairfield University •Co-planned by SAA & Career Planning •Aimed at Junior Class to help polish networking skills •Held in spring after Spring Break •Alumni participants were young alumni (2000 2009) (2000-2009) •Began in 2010: 8 alumni and 25-30 students •One Job offer!
  19. 19. The College of the Holy Cross “Senior Reflection Luncheon” •Invite one young alumnus/a back to campus to address the senior class over lunch •Held during senior week, a few days before graduation •All alumni members of the Alumni Board are invited – regardless of age •Strong emphasis on young alumni returning Strong •Alumni in attendance are placed at tables with the graduating seniors to interact over lunch
  20. 20. The College of the Holy Cross “Senior Reception” •A networking event held towards the end of second semester each year •For all members of the graduating class •Alumni are invited back to help welcome the class into the ranks of alumni •Alumni •Al i are asked tto ttalk iinformally aboutt lif after H l C kd lk f ll b life ft Holy Cross and th i careers d their
  21. 21. The College of the Holy Cross “Student Reps” •The Holy Cross Alumni Association has two student reps on their on their Board of Directors •Previously the Board had NO student representation •Each year, one junior and one senior sit on the Board and attend meetings
  22. 22. Young Alumni Programs Events & Initiatives
  23. 23. The University of Scranton President’s Young Alumni Retreat •Two-day retreat •During the summer – held at Conference and Retreat Center •Select group of young alumni leaders are invited to participate •Focus on: •Jesuit Ideals •Personal & Spiritual Growth •Brainstorming •Discernment
  24. 24. The University of Scranton Shamrockin’ Eve •Homecoming for alumni of the past 5 years and current seniors •Held on the eve of the St. Patrick’s Day parade – a natural homecoming for alumni! •Joint committee of 20 alumni and 30 students •Program is in its 2nd year •Attended by over 800 alumni/guests each year
  25. 25. “Shamrockin’ Eve”
  26. 26. Loyola University, New Orleans y y, “Wolves on the Prowl” National Day of Community Service •Planned by a committee lead by our Associate Director of Alumni Relations and comprised of students, alumni, faculty, and staff •Always on the first Saturday in November •Five or six sites are chosen locally – over 360 volunteers participate •Students and alumni work side-by-side to paint, garden, and clean •Event starts on Loyola’s “Peace Quad” – University Ministry provides a blessing before volunteers board busses to transport them to different sites. A picnic by the river follows. •In 2010, 12 regional chapters also participated in regional gatherings of “Wolves on the Prowl”
  27. 27. “Wolves on the Prowl” National Day of Community Service
  28. 28. Loyola University, New Orleans y y, “Senior Crawfish Boil” •1st Event of Alumni Weekend – held during Commencement Weekend •Welcome graduating seniors into the Alumni Association •Graduating seniors and their families are invited to a Crawfish Boil on the Friday before Commencement •Over 800 event attendees •Young Alumni Pack set-up nearby to welcome, distribute information about the organization, and invite them to summer events •Representatives from the Annual Fund hand out t-shirts to any senior who participates in the Senior Class Gift
  29. 29. “Crawfish Boil” “ ”
  30. 30. Loyola University New Orleans y y Young Alumni Pack •Participate in “Wolves on the Prowl” (National Service Day) & other community service events •Students, faculty, staff, alumni (including those in regional chapters) all participate •1st Saturday in November •Saturday Vigil Mass for the Young Alumni Pack on Feast Day of St Ignatius with a Happy St Iggy Feast Day Party to Saturday St. St. follow •Skill Building Events to educate young alumni: examples – real estate, wine tasting, etc.
  31. 31. The College of the Holy Cross “Move-In Day” •Holy Cross Tradition: Freshmen do not move in their belongings!! •Instead, swarms of RA’s, Orientation Leaders, and other peer leaders descend on each car in front of the residence halls to unload and bring everything to the rooms •Alumni Association teamed up with Student Affairs and invited local alumni back to help move-in the Alumni freshman class
  32. 32. The College of the Holy Cross “Move-In Day”
  33. 33. Fairfield University “Your Guide to Going S.T.A.G.”: Sticking Together After Graduation •SAA decided to create a “resource guide” – complete with everything they felt their peers should know about the Alumni Office, Alumni Association, and staying connected to Fairfield •The STAG Guide was completed and sent to all undergraduates in the Class of 2009 •Served as a “welcome package” from the Alumni Association – complete with an accompanying letter from Association President, a year- long coupon to the Bookstore, car decal, pen, etc. •Chapters ranged from graduate school and the Online Community to getting involved with Regional Chapters, “paying it forward” to students, keeping “Stag Pride Alive” by supporting athletics, and important numbers, etc. •CASE:ASAP District 1 2010 Outstanding Program Recipient & 2010 CASE Communication Award Honorable Mention
  34. 34. Annual Metropolitan Club Reception •Held the 2nd week of March since 2006 at the Metropolitan Club in Manhattan •Generously hosted by University Trustee and his son (also an alumnus) •Began as a cocktail reception with University President as the keynote speaker •Morphed into a networking reception complete with guest speakers/programming components: recruiter/career consultant, speed networking, Manhattan Chapter Career Networking Chair, etc. •Features key University officials – i.e., President, VP of Academic Affairs, VP of Advancement, etc. •Invitation is open to all alumni living and/or working in Manhattan – 1990-most recent graduating class •Alumni receive a directory containing business information and email addresses for all in attendance to further networking component •Consistent “sell-out” with 150+ alumni and a waiting list
  35. 35. Metropolitan Club Reception
  36. 36. Student & Young Alumni Fundraising Programs & Initiatives
  37. 37. The College of the Holy Cross Young Alumni Breakfasts •President Fr. McFarland, has breakfast or lunch with a small group of the 2 most recently graduated classes in cities he is visiting while on the road •Typically 1 in New York City, Boston, and Washington, D.C. each year •Group consists of approximately 8-10 young grads and Father makes it a point to connect with each about their lives and tells news from campus •At the end of each meal, he makes a soft pitch for support of the Holy Cross Fund and encourages them to ask their friends for support as well •Covered by NPR, Inside Higher Ed, and the Chronicle of Higher Education http://marketplace.publicradio.org/display/web/2010/06/11/mm-colleges-hitting-up-alums-early/ // / / / / / / / http://www.insidehighered.com/news/2009/11/12/cross http://chronicle.com/article/5-Colleges-That-Inspire-Alu/64307/
  38. 38. The College of the Holy Cross Young Alumni Breakfasts
  39. 39. The College of the Holy Cross Participation Challenges •Holy Cross places much emphasis on giving percentage – size isn’t as important as gift itself •A gift of any size makes a grad a donor – resonates well with young alumni! •Challenges 3 out of the past 4 years – put forth by generous alumni •Challenge is typically set to get a certain giving percentage (51% in FY07, 55% in FY08, 53% in FY10, etc.) and the challenger gives a predetermined amount of money – ($500,000 each challenge so far) •Helps make a point that gifts of any size are what’s important – and shows that $5 gifts can have a bigger impact than what they make think
  40. 40. The College of the Holy Cross Participation Challenges
  41. 41. The College of the Holy Cross Class Agent Competitions •Volunteer Structure consists of 2-3 Class Chairs for each class – then 15-30 Class Agents •Agents are responsible for a much smaller group of classmates than chairs – but play an important role in reaching out to their list for support of Holy Cross! •In May & June, a competition is set up amongst each class’ agents to compete for the highest giving percentage of their list •With weekly updates, and scoreboards, they all become engaged in the process
  42. 42. The College of the Holy Cross “Power of One” •The Holy Cross Magazine started a feature called the “Power of One” •Highlights one young alumni donor in a Q&A type format •Donors typically aren’t giving huge amounts of money •Graduates with “normal” jobs (i.e., not all in finance or law) are selected •Aimed to show that one person can make a difference at Holy Cross
  43. 43. The College of the Holy Cross “Power of One Power One”
  44. 44. The College of the Holy Cross Regional Phonathons •Holy Cross has 10 cell phones in our office that are taken on the road •Cities include: Boston, New York City, and Washington, D.C. •Use the cell phones to help engage young alumni by asking us to help by making fundraising calls
  45. 45. Questions? Discussion
  46. 46. Contact Information JULIE BIALKOWSKI Associate Director of Alumni Relations, University of Scranton julie.bialkowski@scranton.edu MONIQUE GARDNER Director of Alumni Relations, Loyola University at New Orleans mgardner@loyno.edu COLLEEN MCGINN Assistant Director of Alumni Relations, Fairfield University cmcginn@fairfield.edu ERIN MOONEY Assistant Director of the Holy Cross Fund, College of the Holy Cross emooney@holycross.edu
  47. 47. Thank you!