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Jane yu chinese japanese english medical technical translation specialist(1)

  1. 1. JANE YU Chinese/Japanese/English Translator 12 yrs’ Experience Specialized in Technical & Medical ATA Certified English > Chinese Email: janeyu_sh@vip.163.com MSN: janeyu_sh@hotmail.com Skype : janeyu_sh #57-2738, 158th St., Surry BC V3S 3K3, Canada Tel: +1(778) 294 2026 Mobile: +1(604) 315 2300 What I do: A professional freelance Chinese/Japanese/English translator working in most technical areas with a focus on pharmaceuticals, medical, mechanical, chemical, electrical, communications, IT, electronics, automotive, energy, and engineering & construction. Qualification Mechanical Engineer. One of the First Certified linguists by TransPerfect Translations Company in Life Sciences (Pharmaceutical Indications), Mechanical Engineering and Chemical Patent Translation. ATA Certified from English into Chinese. Experience 2008-present: Vancouver, Canada, Full-time freelance translator in the language pairs Chinese/Japanese <> English 2003-2008: Shanghai, China, Full-time freelance translator in the language pairs Chinese/Japanese <> English Since 2003 when I first started working full-time as a freelance translator, I have translated everything from user manual, product brochure and specification, technical specification and standard, patent specification, medical research publication, clinical trial regulatory submission materials including patient information and informed consent, and academic and scientific papers, to legal documents such as complaint & counter-complaint, summon, laws, agreement & contract, regulations, to more general documents such as flyer, letters & communications, questionnaires, general articles, and publications. 2001-2002: Shenzhen, China, In-house translator Chinese <> English With: Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd, Shenzhen, China Translating product brochure and user manual, as well as technical specification and standard in the areas of GSM, CDMA, 3G, router, exchange, data/video communication, wireless network, fixed network, switching network, optical network, access network... for Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd., a leading telecom equipment manufacturer headquartered in Shenzhen, China. 1998-2001: Fujian, China, Mechanical field engineer & translator/interpreter With: Bechtel China Inc., Meizhou Wan Power Plant Project, Fujian, China Mechanical field engineer and translator/interpreter working in the power block for installation of two 362MW net steam turbine-generator units at the Meizhou Wan Power Plant Project. Education M.S. in Mechanical Engineering (1996), Institute of Mechanical Engineering, Tongji University,
  2. 2. P. R. China. B.S. in Mechanical Engineering (1990), Fuzhou University, P. R. China. Software & CAT tools SDL TRADOS, Wordfast, FrameMaker 7.5, InDesign CS2, QuarkExpress 7.0 Illustrator 11, FrontPage, AutoCAD and RoboHelp Office Some examples of past translation projects: 1. Patent Translation (i) US Patents • SAPOSIN C-DOPS: A NOVEL ANTI-TUMOR AGENT (15K words into Simplified Chinese, pharmaceutical) • 60/565,221; INTEGRATED, NON-SEQUENTIAL, REMOTE MEDICATION MANAGEMENT AND COMPLIANCE SYSTEM (21K words into Simplified Chinese, medical) • US007163302B2 - CAMERA-MOUNTED SEMICONDUCTOR LIGHTING APPARRTUS (36K words into Simplified Chinese, electrical) • 03752/09716: DRILL CHUCK (6K words into Simplified Chinese, mechanical) (ii) Taiwan Patents • 93175US-D1-1: DRIVE SYSTEM FOR COLOR DISPLAY (14K words from Traditional Chinese, computer science) • 94145US: MULTI-DOMAIN VERTICALLY ALIGNMENT LIQUID CRYSTAL DISPLAY PANEL (14K words from Traditional Chinese, computer science) • 93163US: LIQUID CRYSTAL DISPLAY (14K words from Traditional Chinese English, computer science) (iii) China Patents • CN 1214114C – Activatable Recombinant Neurotoxins (4K words from Simplified Chinese, medical) • CN 1011045156A – A Target-specific Drug and its Application (4K words into English, Pharmaceutical) • CN 1463702A – A type of analgesic pharmaceutical compound (6K words into English, Pharmaceuticals) • 2008G01433CN - An Examining bed for MRI System (7k words into English, medical) • CN 1880214A – A Process for Oxygen Preparation by Cryogenic Air Separation at An Ultra-low Pressure (10K words into English, Chemical) • CN 101485675A - Adapalene and hydrochloric clindamycin compound gel agent and preparation method thereof (5K words into English, pharmaceutical) • CN 101397329A - Method for Preparing Rocuronium Bromide Crystalline Hydrate (2K words into English, pharmaceutical) • CN 1019720B – Semiconductor Power Device (10K words from Simplified Chinese, Semiconductor) (iv) PCT Patents • WO05058367; CHEMICALLY MODIFIED SMALL MOLECULES (30K words into Simplified Chinese, Pharmaceutical)
  3. 3. • WO 2005/100336; MATERIALS AND METHODS FOR TREATING COAGULATION DISORDERS (35K words into Simplified Chinese, Pharmaceutical) • WO 2008/128968 A1; NICOTINIC ACID DERIVATIVES AS MODULATORS OF METABOTROPIC GLUTAMATE RECEPTOR-5 (56k words into Simplified Chinese, Pharmaceutical) • WO 2006/119707; A HIGH THROUGHPUT DETECTING SYSTEM AND METHOD THEREOF (19K words into English, Chemical) • WO 2006/119708; A COMBINATORIAL SCREENING METHOD FOR FORMULATING PROCESSES AND THE APPARATUS THEREOF (20K words into English, Chemical) • WO 2006/119705; A HIGH THROUGHPUT MATERIALS-PROCESSING SYSTEM (23K words into English, Chemical) (v) Japanese Patents • 2009-158746; Hydropyridine Derivative Hydrobromide (8K words from Japanese into English, Pharmaceutical) • P2006-256901A; Hydrogen Generation Device, Hydrogen Generation Method and Hydrogen Generation System (12K words from Japanese into English, Chemical) • H10-99657; Hollow fiber separating membrane module (6K words from Japanese into English, Chemical) • 5-70494; Production Method of Emulsifying Agent (12K words from Japanese into English, Chemical) • Olefin Manufacturing Method (12K words from Japanese into English, Chemical patent) 2. Medical & Pharmaceuticals • Recommendations for Chamber Quantification, into Simplified Chinese (13K words) • Allergan RVO Procedure Manual, into Simplified Chinese (30K words) • Cancer-Matrix Manual (Fourth Edition), into Simplified Chinese (100K words) • Ophthalmic Clinical Study Procedure Manual, into Simplified Chinese (60K words) • Paralysis Resource Guide, into Traditional Chinese (90K words) • Bio-safety in Microbiological and Biomedical Laboratories handbook 5th edition into Chinese (120k words) 3. Academic & Scientific Papers • Observation of Effect and Safety of Famotidine for Upper Alimentary Canal Haemorrhage in Children, Chin J Pediatr, January 2005, Vol 43, No.1 (from Simplified Chinese) • A Comparison Of In Vitro Activity of Pariet, Tekpron and Nexium Against Helicobacter Pylori, China Epidemiology, June 2003, Vol. 24, Issue 6, 447 (from Simplified Chinese) • Acute Inhalation Toxicity Study of Acrylonitrile in Albino Rats, Final Report (into Simplified Chinese) • Acid Inhibitory Effects of Proton Pump Inhibitors and Their Relationship to Genotic Polymorphism of S-mephenytoin Hydroxylase, Chin J Intern Med, November 2003, Vol 42, No.11 (from Simplified Chinese) Reference: See one of my references.