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Webquest (2)

  1. 1. THE WEBQUEST VISUAL IMAGES & LINES AND TEXTURES Iván Rodríguez Nº 21 Ander Rodríguez Nº 22 Imanol Salgado Nº 23
  2. 2. Visual images ...questions 1.- What relationships can objects have with each other? Explain and give an example. Proximity, similarity and continuity Because the steel bars are very close one to another, we can't cont them. Because the bag is very similar to the seals. Because the elephants are drawing a line.
  3. 3. 2.- What items feature in our visual public enviroment? Give an example of some type of visual contamination in this enviroment. Lamppostes, benches, plants, humans, litter bins… This is a visual contamination, a smokestack. It’s contaminating the image because we can't see now the sky.
  4. 4. 3.- What are the stages involved in the communication process? Transmitter Channel or medium Channel or medium Reference Message Code Recipient Context
  5. 5. 4.- Give an example of each of the following: graphic and visual media, audio-visual media and sound media. Write down one characteristic typical of each. Audio-visual media: we can see and hear this type of adverts , they appear in the t.v. Graphic and visual media: we can only read and see this type of adverts. They appear in the newspapers. Sound media: we can only hear this type of adverts,they are cheaper than other ones. They appear in the radio.
  6. 6. 5.- Draw a character (or get on from Internet) with different-shaped speech bubbles or balloons. In each one, add the words. "Where are you going?". Briefly explain the different effects that each type of bubble makes. In this bubbel is dialoging. In this bubbel is thinking. In this bubbel is shouting. What are you doing? What are you doing? What are you doing?
  7. 7. 6.- Look for a Nike logo in the links and express what it transmits in your opinion. In our opinion this image trasmits an analogy caracteristic becouse is similar to a tick of good. And transmit a sports bag, shoes and t-shirt are very good.
  8. 8. 7.- Look for three images that we may perceive differently if we take them out of context. Who's reading?
  9. 10. What is this?
  10. 12. What is this?
  11. 14. 8.- Look at the comic and say which types of shots are the different pannels. 1 º : Long shot 2º : Medium full shot 3º: Medium full shot 4º :Medium shot 5º:Full-figure shot 6º: Full-figure shot 7º:Close up
  12. 15. Lines and textures 1.- What is a realistic drawing? How do we use lines in this type of drawing? - Images are composed of visual icons or shapes, in a realistic drawing, the shapes are very similar like we see. - We use this tipe of drawing when shapes, objects, spaces, etc… in an image recognisable, call them figurative images.
  13. 16. 2.- A line is an expressive element. What messages do different types of line transmit? Draw diagrams to go with your explanation. Staight lines Curved lines Irregular lines
  14. 17. 3.- What are visual textures? Name three of them. Ornamental texture Accidental texture Mechanical texture
  15. 18. 4.- How can you use texture to organise and balance a composition?