The ABCs Of Freelancing: What Freelancers Really Are And How To Become One


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The ABCs Of Freelancing: What Freelancers Really Are And How To Become One

  1. 1. The ABCs Of Freelancing: WhatFreelancers Really Are And How ToBecome OneBy Dainis Graveris & Spencer FormanHelp your friends and share it:
  2. 2. Invite your friends to thiswebinar!● Remember: Collaboration is the keyto a freelance career.● Share the link and do a favor to yourfreelance friends! :● Twitter hashtag: #1WDwebinarWelcome Aboard!
  3. 3. If you really are serious about gettingclients, make sure you pay attention:● Turn off Facebook, Twitter, any othersocial network!● Make sure nothing will distract youthroughout the next hour!● Prepare pen and paper and get readyto take some notes!Shut down all your distractions!
  4. 4. ● What Does It Mean To Become A Freelancer?● Take Quick Test To Check If Freelancing Is Really For You● Dos And Donts Of Freelancing● Which Tools You Should Learn To Use!● Why Freelancing Can And Will Turn Your Dreams intoReality● Learn How To Find Your Very First Client!● ..and more myths and confusions cleared away..!What you will learn today?
  5. 5. Our 1stWebDesignerMissionYour hosts:To help you:● Get you started as a Freelancer● Obtain and keep clients● Live the "dream" Internet lifestyleyou deserve!Dainis GraverisFounder of 1stwebdesigner.comSpencer FormanFounder of &
  6. 6. What Does It Mean To BecomeA Freelancer?
  7. 7. 1. Freelancers spend more time relaxing2. Freelancing is hard3. People enter freelancing because they cant get a job4. Quality of work is crappy5. Freelancers are cheap laborMyths vs. Facts
  8. 8. It depends.Many beginning freelancers work for more than60 hours a week.Many successful freelancers work just 20 hoursor less.What is my daily schedule going tobe like?
  9. 9. ● Write a to-do list first thing in the morning● At the end of the day see if you accomplishedeverything on your list● Reward yourself for your hard workHow to stay motivated when Im all alone?
  10. 10. Benefits of being a freelancer vs. having aJOB...why, theres no choice!● Unlimited earning potential● Freedom to grow in your field without boundaries● You control almost everything (rates, schedule, etc)● No boss breathing down your neck
  11. 11. Is there a quick test to know iffreelancing is really for me?
  12. 12. Being a freelancer means working alone most of thetime. In your own room or home office or in a coffeeshop. Its more of a solitary venture, are you up for it?Do you enjoy working alone?
  13. 13. One of the pitfalls of beginners is that their motivationdrops to near zero just after one month.Remember, youll be sitting in front of your computerfor several hours a day without having to talk toanyone.Can you self-motivate?
  14. 14. Budgeting is probably one of the hardest thing to do,since you will need the foresight to know how muchyou earn and how much you can spend, both for yourneeds and wants.Can you budget your expenses vs.income?
  15. 15. Many people think that freelancing fits introverts. Itsfar from that. Because with freelancing, in order to besuccessful, you will need to keep on talking to peopleand build professional relationships. And of course,building a wide web of connections means youll haveto be flexible and reliable, otherwise people wouldask, "why should we even give a thought about you?"Are you flexible, reliable, and social innature?
  16. 16. Are you secure enough to live without thesafety net of a regular paycheck?It will be a tough road, at least at first, and there is noregular paycheck. You make money based on howhard you work, unlike with having a regular job and amonthly flat rate.
  17. 17. How hard is it for an absolutebeginner to get the ball rolling?
  18. 18. ● Are you starting out while employed already?● Do you have the ability to absorb new information and spend a lot oftime learning new skills?● Can you dedicate 20 hours or more per week to transitioning?If you answered YES to the three questions above, then you can getstarted in just two weeks, provided you keep a strict schedule!If you want a shortcut, we suggest shortening the process by going to bootcamp where we teach people how to go right for thepayday from solving client "pain" on hard is it for an absolute beginner toget the ball rolling?
  19. 19. Can you provide an overview ofwhats it like to be a beginner?
  20. 20. I have always been a freelancer in one way or another,so its hard to say that I recognized it being anydifferent. In general though, it is exciting to know that Ihave a fresh start and everything is mine to build.What was it like starting as a freelancer?
  21. 21. Its always a challenge to find ones niche andmonetize. You have to think of relationships first, andthe money will come later. When you are bootstrapped,this is sometimes nerve-wracking...especially if youhave a family and other financial obligations to pay inthe meantime.What are the troubles you faced? Did youalmost quit?
  22. 22. I had to build up my credibility. People were skeptical. Iovercame this with my persistence, passion, andintimate knowledge of a very specific niche.How did people treat you?
  23. 23. Is 26 or 30 years old too late to startfreelancing?
  24. 24. Whether you are single or you have your own familyalready, even if youre already in your 40s, as long asyou wish to do freelancing no one is stopping you!Irrelevant! Age is irrelevant!
  25. 25. What is the current state of thefreelancing industry?
  26. 26. ● Corporate downsizing has pushed a large number of white collar workers intoa position of starting their own small businesses.● Having an online presence is now MANDATORY vs. a few years ago when itwas optional.● Mobile Web Devices are suggested to grow x100 as they move into non-western countries. These will exponentially increase the demand forFreelance pain solving.There has never been a better time to be afreelancer!
  27. 27. Is freelancing better than having aregular job?
  28. 28. Not a better or worse comparison, they are different animals. Freelancingrequires you to be the problem SOLVER, a job requires you to complete adesignated task.If you find yourself believing that you have a better way to solve most problemsthan the specific TASK assigned to you, then you should consider freelancing.Freelancing is now judged as an economical accessory to many corporations.In what ways freelancing is better?
  29. 29. What are the dos and donts offreelancing?
  30. 30. ● Build relationships● Never humiliate a client to anyone, especially other clients (Golden Rule)● Always ask for referrals when youve done good work● Maintain at least five active client leads at all times● Dont waste time on things that dont produce income● Under promise and over deliver● Always receive at least 50% upfront payment via PayPal or Credit Card● NEVER deliver a finished website to a clients server without payment in fullDont forget to jot these down!
  31. 31. How can I get started?
  32. 32. Build Earn $300 from 3 clients in as little as 3 days by going for the low hangingfruit...the pain points that can be solved on WordPress with some basic skills. Thisis what we teach in our bootcamp!This is where we teach people in detail about the "shortcut" we mentioned earlier.But more on that later, lets move on to the tools and skills you will need to learnand use!$300 in 3 days from 3 clients!
  33. 33. What tools and skills do yourecommend to learn?
  34. 34. ● WordPress● CSS● Basic HTML● Basic PHP● Basic graphics with vector tools (Keynote orPowerpoint)● Basic free image manipulation tools ( tools to learn!
  35. 35. How long would it take for a novice tobe able to create a WordPress site?
  36. 36. ● Basic skills in one day● Full websites with features within a week● Complex features with advanced functionality infour weeksJust four weeks from zero to awesome!
  37. 37. What about clients?How difficult is it for a beginner tofind clients to work with?
  38. 38. is literally "swimming" with potentialcustomers for the pain points and low hanging fruits1. Go to, job boards to locate painyou can solve2. Write those tasks down3. Take action, write proposal email - reach out toyour first client!4. Follow-Up in few hoursIts not difficult at all, especially with the"low hanging fruits"
  39. 39. What is the best approachfor my skill level?How should I persuade a client?
  40. 40. ● What I suggest is studying first and try to create your own website sothat you will have a firsthand experience of what to expect.● Do pro-bono work if youre ready to jump into the market, this will beyour stepping stone most likely, something that will help you ascend.● Be humble and tell them straight up that you are a beginner.● But with this skill level, itll be better to target and talk with beginnersas well, those who absolutely have no idea how websites work!If youre an absolute beginner...
  41. 41. What should I do after myfirst project?
  42. 42. ● Upsell client on additional services, especially recurring revenue items(outlined in bootcamp)● Ask for a testimonial and eventually build up your portfolio● Send a thank you note to your client for giving you the opportunity of workingwith him/herDone with your first project? Its not overyet!
  43. 43. With that being said.. (Summary)● before setting out to become a freelancer you will need to be very sureabout your current status and future plans● freelancing is easy, but starting out is hard because it will take up all ofyour time● its fairly easy to "fish" for clients, theyre everywhere!
  44. 44. What you can do now? Twothings:1. Take action: Follow 3 step formula to success2.Take it a step further: Sign up for program : 3 days, 3clients, $300 - save time on trial and error. You will not haveto learn on your own anymore!
  45. 45. Case Study:Zachary RogersOne tip –●●- How a $200 job became a $1400 job- How I got paid 50% upfront- How I now focus on the clients profitpotential when pricingCore of our 3 step formula: Zachary tookaction and DOUBLED his income thisyear!
  46. 46. 3 Days - 3 Clients - $300Everything you need tosucceed:- Prewritten scripts- Actionable worksheets- Community - Q&A sessions- Videos detail every step
  47. 47. - Your Essential WordPress Toolkit- What’s my first step? – Find The PainCreate Child Themes to customizeWordPress- Modify a theme logo, header or colorscheme- Add slide shows to WordPress themes- Integrate MailChimp to a WordPresssiteModule 1: Getting Started
  48. 48. Module 2: All About Clients- How to approach your first potentialclient- Techniques you can use to get the job- How to communicate with customers- How to get paid
  49. 49. Module 3: Day 1- Be Selective- Find the PAIN- Tasks vs. Threads- Narrowing down our choices- Your first estimates- Short is Sweet- The value of a follow-up question- It’s not how much it costs, it’s about thecustomer’s profit or savings- The five to one ratio
  50. 50. Module 3: Day 2- It’s time to set the hook- Close your first sale so you can use it asa reference- Use your first customer to help closeother customers- Review your work and reload your gun
  51. 51. Module 3: Day 3- Rinse and Repeat- The art of the Up-sell- Gratitude is the best sales tool
  52. 52. Bonus #1: Treasure Map E-Book- Complete ebook outlining each step indetail- Additional reading to the videos
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