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Weapons Hatches
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Published in Technology
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  • 1. Better Mounted Fighting: Weapons HatchesPrimary: M113 Gavin with ACAV gunshields is still the best way to fightmounted and have 360 degree security at all angles
  • 2. Improved Troop CargoHatch positioning needed... FYI: When fighting mounted behind gunshields, top cargo hatch should be able to be locked into vertical to act as a rear shield
  • 3. Caveat: top hatch should beupright unless 3rd rear gun & shieldis employed as shown here Left gun/shield omitted for clarity
  • 4. Even turrets have elevation limits. M113 Gavin with infantry inback behind gunshields can super-elevate their rifles and machine gunsto reach enemies in upper story buildings M2 Bradley M1 Abrams M113 Gavin 0m = no restriction for weapons fire reach
  • 5. Weapons HatchesAn alternate way to fight mounted is needed!However, M113 Gavin with ACAV gunshields:cannot fight if troopsbutton up and close all top hatches to evade air burst munitions etc.
  • 6. Driver’s Weapon HatchBulge on driver’s hatch contains a M231 5.56mm Firing Port Weapon(FPW) which he can lift arm to fire like a WW1 Se5 biplane fighterwhich had its machine gun on the top wing M231
  • 7. Close-up of actual WW1 Se5 biplane fighter with wing-mounted machine gun.If British aces could fly an airplane and shoot down German planes this way,certainly American M113 Gavin drivers can fire a gun from the top hatchabove their head
  • 8. Troop Weapons Cargo HatchBulge on cargo hatch with ports allows two M231 5.56mm FPWs or anyother rifle to include enemy AKMs to be fired Left /Right shields locked forward
  • 9. Bradley Top Cargo Hatch The Bradley’s hatch already has vision ports (A) and an ability to lock A into the 90 degree C upright position (B)--it may work on M113B Gavins--so all we need to do is add two firing ports (C)
  • 10. Rear Ramp Weapons DoorRear ramp door should be replaced with a vision block and firing portdoor for rear security observation & fires