Tank-Infantry TechnoTactics v1.0


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WHAT RIGHT LOOKED LIKE: M24 Chaffee Light Tanks + Light Infantry (Cavalry) Take Remagen Bridge

The Bridge at Remagen (1969)

What we Need Today:

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Tank-Infantry TechnoTactics v1.0

  1. 1. WINNING FUTURE CITYFIGHTSLT Mike Sparks, IN, USAR and Ralph Zumbro November 2002 dynmicpara@aol.com and chopper9r@yahoo.com www.geocities.com/equipmentshop/winningcityfights.htm
  2. 2. 1. Attack/Defend with Tanks and Infantry at same time-Do not try to win fight by your branch alone-Combine arms means using ALL of your available means atthe same time: DO FM 71-1, not just say you will-Bradley T/I phone technique thru rear ramp firing port2. Do the unexpected to surprise/overwhelm the enemy-Air-Mech light armor into knock-out positions byhelos/parachutes and fixed-wing aircraft-Smoke the objective area with smoke HMMWVs, M113Gavins, smoke pots, arty/mortars, M1/M2 engine smoke-Use armored vehicles as battering rams, elevated entrypoints, moving shields3. Harden Soldiers and vehicles
  3. 3. 1. Attack/Defend with Tanks and Infantry at same time What not to do:1993 Somalia: Infantry, no tanks 1996 Grozny: tanks, no infantry
  4. 4. 2. Do the unexpected to surprise/overwhelm the enemy:gain positional advantage AIRDROP GO X-COUNTRY SWIM AIR ASSAULT
  5. 5. Soccer Field Do the unexpected!LZ Fortune favors the bold! Predictable
  6. 6. Missions of the Urban Combat Team• Rapidly Air Deploy Under a Division or Corps HQ as Part of a Joint Force as the spearhead for MOUT operations• Prevent, Contain or Stabilize Crises Through Presence and precise Military Operations in Urban Terrain• Determine Favorable Outcome of urban Small Scale Contingencies (SSCs)• Act as the urban Combat Force Guarantor in Security and Support Operations (SASO) as Part of a U.S. or Multinational Force• Participate, with Augmentation, in Major Theater Wars (MTWs) insuring urban areas do not hinder decisive maneuver
  7. 7. Can we continue to assault urban structures using predictable top-down or bottom-up tactics? Helicopter rooftop assaults exposes them to enemy firesSlow Ladderassaults dateback to ancient Foot Infantry exposed “Stacking” teams at to enemy fires!!!!!times! ground-level
  8. 8. Solution to 21st Century Urban combat: Modern Siege Engines; tracked tanks with combat engineering means--original purpose of tanks in the first place in WWI!General PercyHobart’s “Funnies”with PHYSICALMECHANICALADVANTAGE todirectly cope notimpotent, rubber-tired armored carsmouse-clicking pleasfor firepower help!
  9. 9. MOUT VERTICAL ASSAULT VEHICLE Lethality is Not Always Weaponry it can be MANEUVERStealthy Hybrid-ElectricM113A4 used totransport rifle squad Boom arm deliversover rubble, debris infantry to unexpected spot on buildings Combat-proven mobility with RPG resistant applique armor
  10. 10. 3. Harden Soldiers and vehicles
  11. 11. INFANTRY RIDING ON M1 TANKS: EXTRACT FROM FM 7-82-47. INFANTRY RIDING ON ARMORED VEHICLES.Soldiers ride on the outside of armored vehicles routinely. As long as tanks and infantry are movingin the same direction and contact is not likely, Soldiers should always ride on tanks.a. Guidelines for Riding on all Armored Vehicles. The following must be considered beforesoldiers mount or ride on an armored vehicle.(1) When mounting an armored vehicle, Soldiers must always approach the vehicle from the front toget permission from the vehicle commander to mount. They then mount the side of the vehicleaway from the coaxial machine gun and in view of the driver.(2) If the vehicle has a stabilization system, squad leaders ensure it is OFF before giving the okayfor the vehicle to move.(3) The infantry must dismount as soon as possible when tanks come under fire or when targetsappear that require the tank gunner to traverse the turret quickly to fire.(4) All Soldiers must be alert for obstacles that can cause the tank to turn suddenly and for treesthat can knock riders off the tank.b. Guidelines for Riding on Specific Armored Vehicles. The following information applies tospecific vehicles.(1) M1. The M1 tank is not designed to carry riders easily. Riders must NOT move to the rear deck.Engine operating temperatures make this area unsafe for riders. (Figure 2-74.)
  12. 12. Figure 2-74. Mounting and Riding Arrangements on an M1.(a) One infantry squad can ride on the turret. The Soldiers must mount in sucha way that their legs cannot become entangled between the turret and the hullby an unexpected turret movement. Rope may be used as a field-expedientinfantry rail to provide secure handholds.(b) Everyone must be to the rear of the smoke grenade launchers. Thisautomatically keeps everyone clear of the coaxial machine gun and laser rangefinder.(c) The infantry must always be prepared for sudden turret movement.(d) Leaders should caution Solders about sitting on the turret blowout panels,because 250 pounds of pressure will prevent the panels from working properly.If there is an explosion in the ammunition rack, these panels blow outward tolessen the blast effect in the crew compartment.(e) If enemy contact is made, the tank should stop in a covered and concealedposition, and allow the infantry time to dismount and move away from the tank.This action needs to be practiced before movement.(f) The infantry should not ride with anything more than their battle gear.Personal gear should be transported elsewhere.
  13. 13. WHAT’S WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE?Actual light infantry on FMTV truck in Afghanistan
  14. 14. Proposed New FMTVNew tail gate Tail Gate with Roll-on/Roll- Off Ramp toes to speed offload of troops/supplies Current ladder is slow and tactically unsafe! Ramp wedgeRamp Toesslide out fromtail gate
  15. 15. FMTV Truck Tactical Vehicle Hardening 1 2 Roll-up tarp sides for return firing FMTVs w/o and to keep out hand grenades, sun, ring mount kits elements remove top 3 ring mount cover, haveTail-gate opened for egress M249 LMG Soldier stand through opening and lean over on top for return 4 fire; floors and dashboard5 Troops wear hard double body armor, have sandbagged E & E, bump plan FMTVs that Double Sandbag cargo are LVAD bed sides and floor reducible 6 have cabsCamouflage vehicle folded down so there is no glass to splinter, wire cutter bars needed
  16. 16. from:U.S. Army Field Manual Jungle Operations, FM 90-5
  17. 17. AVOID AMBUSH!