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NLMB: Slides 33 to 45

  1. 1. M2A4 Bradley Fighting Vehicle M2 Bradley Fighting Vehicle Jumpseats = 6 Short Bench seats = 7 33 tons! = 2 per C-17 2-man turret ring hogs up too much space, smothers dismount infantryReplace with 25-40mm pedestal or 1-man autocannon/ATGM; space freedto carry full 9-man rifle squad: 25 tons = 3 per C-17 = more combat power,enables troops in back to open top troop hatch and fight heads-outbehind gunshields ACAV-style Long Bench seats = 9+ Soldiers
  2. 2. 13,000 x M113A3 Gavin light tracked armored fighting vehicles (TAFVs) in U.S. Army service todayM113A3 Gavins leadway into Bosnia FM 7-7Goes U.S. Army Europe Immediate Reactionanywhere! Force uses C-130 airlanded M113A3s
  3. 3. Baseline NLMB M113 Gavin Proven in combat; on duty today all over the world by free world armies...Lebanon PanamaEast Timor Vietnam Iraq
  4. 4. NLMB Tracked Armor Protects Soldiers from enemymyriad threats in order to accomplish the mission Tracks not stopped by fires
  5. 5. NLMB tracked mobility delivers Sappersrapidly/safely to clear large open areas; can pushaside, crush large vehicle-emplaced obstacleswithout time-consuming hand reduction (dozerblade and bump guards can be fitted)
  6. 6. Current Light Airborne Combat Engineers DO MICLIC onM200 tracked NOT HAVE A WAY TO SAFELY FIRE THEIR trailer MICLIC/EMSC “Mongoose” mine clearing charges! Armored M113A3 Gavin ESVs can tow, then fire rocket line charges for Airborne Light MechanizedHMMWV trucks Sappers! MICLICDump trucksFMTV trucksSappers on foot =No in-stridebreach capability! M113 Gavin ESV with MICLIC in Desert Storm combat!
  7. 7. NLMB tracks off-road capable for bold, cross-country movement to avoid enemy SSCobservation/fires, ambushes, secure/clear keyterrain and encircle enemies YES! NO! Tow cable to tracked vehicle to pull LAV out of mud
  8. 8. NLMB with bread & Butter M113A3 Amphigavin amphibious mobility capability can cross rivers/lakes at willNLMB maneuver forcescannot wait on nearbank for a crossingunder enemy SSC fires!We must forge aheadand secure the farground! NLMB is nottied to bridges androads like wheeledvehicle units
  9. 9. Fences/Walls are good: as Van Crevald proves: keephateful out--but don‘t let them sap underneath them! In 4GW, wars are not primarily IDF Security Fence fought for Clausewitz-style nation-state “continuation of policies by other means” but simply because humans hate each other. Then as God shows us in the Bible, sometimes all you can do is keep a generation away and “cool off” until a new generation weaned off IDF M113 Gavin violence can take charge. Walls are a good way to discourage the majority of belligerents to seek a “life”. NLMB has engineer earth-moving, digging and liquid demolitions in trailers to detect and collapse any sapping/tunneling attempts
  10. 10. Threat #1: Roadside bombs/command-detonated land mines If we drove Actual Iraqi Highway to Fallujah trackedIf we drove vehiclestracked vehicleson UN-predictable ? on predictable road shouldersroutes far off main enemy wouldpaved roadsenemy would be ? set large bombs inhard-pressed to groundmine the muchlarger area but itwould meanslowermovement/arrivaltimes. If impatientAmericans canhandle this manylives would besaved. TroopsMUST insure a newroute is takeneach time to Problem is civilian contractor and militaryprevent a “path” resupply vehicles are WHEELED and mustfrom being set for travel on paved roads like the tractor-trailersenemy bombers. shown hereNLMB uses Mistake!XM1108 tracked Convoys should drive in road centers to NO!resupply vehicles stay as far away from edges wherefor this XM1108 YES
  11. 11. Without continuous fixed-wing manned aircraft surveillance overhead and constant ground sweeps of the roads/shoulders of Main Supply Routes (MSRs), enemy is ? free to place road bombs at will….150+ KIA so far, 3,000 woundedEnemy has many places along paved roads to “sap”(dig) underneath the edges and hide explosives or laybombs in trash on road edges and detonate when U.S.Convoy passes
  12. 12. Unmanned Air Vehicles (UAVs) have not worked to providecomprehensive and effective air surveillance over Iraq MainSupply Routes (MSRs) YES! NLMB has NO! $3.8 million $1.6 million UAVs easily manned U-27 UAVs don’t see well and shot down Caravans through remote TV screens 24/7/365 fail to spot elusive bad guys air cover for RMA firepower targeting that sees & lack self-survival investigates instinct of manned and can shoot observation to get enemy craft to reveal 2 x U-27s Human eyesight for the price of selves + just one Sensors + scouting Predator!