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NLMB: Slides 1 to 32

  1. 1. NON-LINEAR MANEUVER BRIGADE "In war the chief incalculable is the human will, which manifests itself in resistance, which in turn lies in the province of tactics. Strategy has not to overcome resistance, except from nature. Its purpose is to diminish the possibility of resistance, and it seeks to fulfil this purpose by exploiting the elements of movement and surprise." --Sir Basil H. Liddell-Hart Air Land Sea2004 1st Tactical Studies Group (Airborne)
  2. 2. The Two Basic Battles1. The Battle Against the Earth: Hart’s “Nature” "We have severely underestimated the Russians, the extent of the country and the treachery of the climate. This is the revenge of reality." - German General Heinz Guderian, letter to his wife 1941 Open terrainObservation Closed terrainClosed terrain: mobile forces automatically lighter and 3D air transportable linkage; noteworld is URBANIZING rapidlyOpen terrain: roads, rural areas where we grow food, prairies require GROUNDFORCES TO CONTROL---we must be able to control these areas...requires 2Doptimization Future Land Forces must FIRST be “powerful against the earth” in termsof mobility, firepower, survivability, and sustainability--if the earth itself easily smotherstheir combat power how can they even begin to think of overwhelming the humanenemy?
  3. 3. “Amateurs talk tactics; experts talk logistics” Training, Equipping, Feeding and Supplying armed men on the earth to get a military effect is an un-natural act; destructive violence doesn’t grow food or build things To create and sustain military force on the earth is a constant battle against the earth itself; not only are friendly forces under this vise of need, so are enemy forces---if you can strengthen the resiliency of your forces vis-à-vis the earth you can focus more efforts against the human enemy for decisive effects A corollary to this is if you can weaken the enemy’s hold against the earth by cutting his supply lines and/or denying him supplies then he will be struck down by terrain, weather, hunger, disease and lack of ammunition if not defeating him outright at least preparing him for collapse at the hand of your own human attack Examples of exploiting the Battle Against the Earth* Sherman’s March to the sea in U.S. Civil War destroying Southern infrastructurehe got rid of camp furniture for high 4-7 mph foot mobility* VC/NVA caches of supplies fed by Ho Chi Minh Trail to fight faster on their feet* Phyrrus fighting over-extended Hannibal in losing battles to save Rome* 11th ACR in Vietnam packing M113 Gavin light tracked AFVs with supplies forbold, x-country, independent operations w/o depending on supply lines
  4. 4. A Land Force that can inter-changeably MANEUVERat will over the earth has a powerful superiority: it can PHYSICALLY exploit opportunities as they arise andfight faster than the enemy can think/react as per the Boyd Cycle “OODA Loop” tactic 4-7 MPH on Foot, SERE skills gear to live off-land 5-30 MPH aided by ATACS carts and pedal eBikes 5-600 MPH by air/land/sea vehicles with 30+ days of ammo, food Air Land Sea
  5. 5. 2. The Battle Against Man"Natural hazards, however formidable, are inherently less dangerous and lessuncertain than fighting hazards. All conditions are more calculable, all obstaclesmore surmountable than those of human resistance".--Sir Basil H. Liddell-Hart The Two competing 21st Century War Thought-Forms in the West RMA: 4GW: Firepower Maneuver VS. RMA/TOFFLERIANS 4GW/VAN CREVALD/FEHRENBACHIANS
  6. 6. RMA is a failure in Iraq and Afghanistan! RMA: Physicality vs. Earth (that’s “2nd Wave”) NOT Important! We will mouse-click firepower! We will “cherry pick” and avoid problems Defeat on the Battlefield: no boots-on-the-ground, trackedWheeled Truck Madness: easily blown up decisive, encircling MANEUVERcan’t MANEUVER x-country, swim, airdrop or fight;infantry will suffer bloody WWI stalemates in cities: USMC in Fallujah IRAQ Afghanistan: Taliban/al Queda escape by C3D2 SOMALIA Kosovo: Serb Army unscathed FCS LAV3STRYKER
  8. 8. NON-LINEAR MANEUVER BRIGADE A COMMAND B CW 300 PATH 60 STRIKE 3D 2D ARB 12 50 24 22 6 22 24 12 6 12 500 192 20048 355
  9. 9. PURPOSEThe NLMB is composed of primarily existing equipment innovativelyorganized as a self-contained, self-sufficient air/ground combined-armsmulti-dimensional force manned by non-narcissistic thinker/doers with anaccurate view of who they are and the world around them to renderappropriate military actions. In today’s 4th Generation Warfare (4GW)world the center of gravity is the will of the people; whose ideas dominaterequires persuasion as well as coercion. The NLMB is designed and sizedto control and influence large areas for independent or operations inconjunction with Special Operations Forces (SOF) while preservingOPSEC and a zero or minimalist presence deep in contested ground andterritory to avoid alienating civilians into the enemy’s camp. Today’s non-linear battlefield requires combined 2D/3D air/ground maneuversynergism to locate, encircle and kill/capture sub-national terror groupsand asymmetric advantage seeking nation-state armies. The NLMB is ableto operate without massive logistics yet provides SOF agile, stealthyarmored air/ground decisive maneuver to finish the job against stubbornand fleeting enemies--a capability it sorely lacks. The NLMB has themuscle and cultural warfare (CW) expertise to keep supply lines andcivilian commerce flowing, and be Quick-Reaction Forces (QRFs) in theabsence of friendly nation-state security.
  10. 10. THE THREAT: FROM ALL DIRECTIONSThe enemy of freedom-based nation-states realizes that the western wayof war using lots of machines to “send a bullet and not a man”(Firepower) is not able to MANEUVER into difficult closed terrain orseparate civilians from their fighters. The enemy realizes at close rangeunder 1000 meters, we are weaker than them with our M16 bulletshooters versus their AKM bullets, Rocket Propelled Grenades (RPGs)and roadbombs. Furthermore, our ponderously large ground forcesrequire vast amounts of fuel, ammo, food, water resupply groundvulnerable wheeled truck convoys that are easily ambushed/destroyed.As a large U.S. presence not gaining decisive results by maneuver,patrols in vulnerable wheeled trucks that are easily destroyed, wealienate the civil population by our presence and earn their contemptbecause we cannot defend ourselves much less keep them secure tohave peaceful civilian lives. The enemy has learned his number #1weapon is the bomb be itprojected in a grenade or set off when U.S. forces pass by. To evade ourunmanned aircraft sensor detection and separation walls/barriersdesigned to encourage belligerents to stop terror attacks and face theirown problems, the enemy is going underground with tunnels andsapping. The enemy without any moral restraints can attack in anydirection at any time; the 21st century battlefield is non-linear (NLB).
  11. 11. THE SOLUTION: 2D/3D MANEUVER IN ALLDIRECTIONS BY NLMB FORCE STRUCTUREThe NLMB solves the riddle of the 4GW NLB by an austere, logisticallylight force structure that doesn’t need to resupply itself at all by groundtruck convoys, it resupplies itself economically by air if it chooses to. TheNLMB however, does not use problem avoidance as an excuse forweakness; its completely tracked and armored and DOES NOT HAVE ANYVULNERABLE RUBBER-TIRED WHEELED TRUCKS. Everybody worksand everybody fights in the NLMB. The NLMB’s light, medium and heavytracked armored fighting vehicles (AFVs) have x-country mobility to avoidroad ambushes and are modified to withstand large roadside bombs andRPG/ATGM attacks to decisively maneuver against the enemy. The NLMBhas an affordable continuous overhead air combat human presence“Killer Bees” to deny the enemy the ability to sap roads and combatengineers with anti-tunneling and urban warfare siege engines to prevailin urban combats. The NLMB on the ground has swarms of “Army Ants”;all-terrain, stealthy AFVs and RPG/rifle-hand grenade equipped infantry-sappers that are optimized for the two basic terrain types on earth; 2Dmaneuver forces for open and 3D forces for closed terrains. The NLMBcan go deep anywhere in the world to get the enemy and defeat him upclose without harming civilians.
  12. 12. CAPABILITIES* NLMB does missions that cannot be accomplished by conventional units like theArmys existing BDEs or recently constructed UoAs or USMC MEUs* Self-sufficient* Everyone works, everyone fights* All teeth, no tail* No underclass, everyone is a warrior/intel collector*Everything can move on ground via armored tracks including light aircraft* No vulnerable rubber-tired wheeled trucks PERIOD* Can provide continuous air surveillance/attack 24/7/365* Logistically light; doesnt require huge fuel costs* Small presence on land does not inflame locals or compromise OPSEC* No presence on land if operating from RO-RO Commando Carrier* Low-Cost do-able NOW* Simple-to-maintain platforms* Every platform with affordable C4ISR package* Optimized for non-linear battlefield of weak or subdued nation-state army whereintegrated air defenses are not present or suppressed by USAF* Assumes enemy is all around and no secure Main Supply Routes (MSRs) exist* Can fight way into a territory and hold a forward operating base for SOF or alarger force* Can execute 2D and 3D operational maneuver of brigade-size as spearhead forlarger conventional force or as adjunct to small unit SOFs
  13. 13. U.S. must be able to rapidly air-deploy anywhere in the worldto overcome enemy nation-state Surveillance Strike Complexobservation/fires and/or reach hiding by C3D2 sub-nationalterror groups without heavy friendly casualties: Trackedarmored vehicles are needed to boldly 2D and 3D decisivelymaneuver since surprise is fleeting in media connected age
  14. 14. C-27J Spartan: “the Baby Herk”Can carry baseline NLMB M113 Amphigavin and land onaircraft carrier if modified with tail hook such that a 12-aircraft squadron could be seabased. C-130J Hercules can dothe former but not the latter. Can carry NLMB A/MH-6 LittleBird helicopters. With organic C-27Js, all of NLMB can self-deploy by air and once in their AO do 3D tactical assaults byparachute airdrop or STOL airland. C-27Js can bulk resupplyNLMB by “fat cow” or fuel blivet refueling. FOBs build around2,000 foot landing strip for C-27J airlanding operations.
  15. 15. 24 x A/MH-6 Little Bird CLOSE/MANEUVER AIR SUPPORT ATTACK, OBSERVATION & TRANSPORT HELICOPTERS Fireteam Attack Transport Long-Range Air Deployment in C-27JsGround mobile by XM1108 Amphigavins V/TOL from100 foot openings
  16. 16. 12 x U-27 CARAVAN CLOSE/MANEUVER AIRSUPPORT ATTACK, OBSERVATION & TRANSPORTPLANES 6 underwing hardpoints for gun and rocket pods and small bombs
  17. 17. U-27 CARAVAN can carry 3,000 pounds of cargo or 10 Paratroopers + 2 crew for 1400 miles; 7 hours endurance @ 200 mphSmall underbellycargo pod iscommon
  18. 18. U-27 CARAVAN can operate from land or sea... Floats only slightly reduce flight performance and have Powerful but fuel wheels for runway landings miserly PT6 turboprop engine easy-to-maintain
  19. 19. The Squadron of 12 x U-27 CARAVANs can surveil hundreds of square miles 24/7/365 @100 mph faster speeds than helicopters and pounce on detected enemies immediately FLIR and image intensifier 360 degree surveillance balls already in use on CaravansAttack Pathfinders laser target mark for guided 2.75” Hydra-70mm rockets
  20. 20. Each U-27 CARAVAN can airdrop 10freefall or static-line Paratroopers orcargo bundles; an entire rifle squad
  21. 21. U-27 CARAVANs can land on very short 2,000 foot or less flat surfaces delivering troops and supplies and operating from austere forward bases alongside ground troopsAttack Pathfinders survey andmark assault landing zones (AZs),ABN-AMPHIB Combat Engineersimprove AZs into 2,000 runwaysfor C-27J and U-27 airlandingoperations
  22. 22. U-27 CARAVANs on land can be towed ontrailers by XM1108 cargo-carrying Amphigavinseliminating handicap to work around their need forlanding strips; increases ground maneuverforce flexibility: NLMB air power always remains“in its hip pocket” XM1108s will need ARIS SPA Amphigavin noses and waterjets
  23. 23. U-27 CARAVANs can with floats land on sea and land as amphibians to link up with the NLMB RO-RO Commando Carrier as well as insert/extract SOF small boat combat swimmer teams under earth curvature to hide from enemy radarsU-27 CARAVAN’sarmament can fight way throughenemy forces if encounteredto include enemy fightersusing Stinger missiles
  24. 24. U-27 CARAVANs with floats can be LO-LOed onto the deck of RO-RO ship decks; wings detach in under 1 hour to save space so entire 12 plane squadron can be embarked Ship’s cranesU-27 CARAVANs could shuttle Soldiersto RO-RO ships as they sail to theLOTS destination to off-load the vehicles on board
  25. 25. RO-RO Commando Aircraft and Ground Vehicle Carrier Version 1.0 Current T-AKR RO-RO ships have only a V/TOL flight deck; OK if we operate only floatplane U-27s and Little Bird helicopters 24 x A/MH-6 Little Birds 12 x U-27 Caravans
  26. 26. RO-RO Commando Aircraft and Ground Vehicle Carrier Version 2.0Wheel landing gear C-27Js, U-27s with tailhooks in additionto Little Bird helicopters could operate from the RO-ROCommando Carrier if a large flight deck were added 12 x C-27Js LCAC 24 x A/MH-6 Little Birds 12 x U-27 Caravans
  27. 27. F-35 JSFs with lift-fan STOVLcapabilities could operate from the RO-RO Commando Carrier; each can carryJPODs which can each carry 2 SOFcommandos for 600+ mph fast infil/exfil
  28. 28. JPODs: A new capability for Joint Forces Cargo and personnel carrying pod attaches to underwing hardpoints of attack aircraft JSF V/TOL light STOVL heavy loadAH-64D Apache AV-8B Harrier IIVertical Take-Off and Landing strike aircraft can recover Isolated Personnel;insert/extract SOF personnel
  29. 29. JPOD precision glide/parachute delivery of weapons,supplies and/or Exfiltration Vehicles to IsolatedPersonnel Partial and Full Recovery Option
  30. 30. JPOD with ammunition/weapons
  31. 31. Possible Exfiltration Vehiclesthat could be carried by JPODs to Isolated Personnel & SOF Powered Parachutes Folding Mountain Bikes Small All-Terrain Vehicles
  32. 32. M113 Amphigavinlight tracked AFVscan swim selves toshore from RO-ROport/starboard andstern ramps