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NLMB: 46 to 66

  1. 1. ALL NLMB TAFVs are Landmine/Roadside Bomb-Resistant Mike Sparks & Andy MacDougall 4/2004 itsg@hotmail.com1. Cut “V” channels along hull under tracks to 5. Armored skirts are hinged to flap up indeflect mine blasts an upward blast BOOM! 7. Mine-resistant steel tracks or give-way venting band tracks 2. Since Hybrid-Electric drive eliminates front engine, TC and Driver can be placed farther back on more sloped frontal armor arc away from any landmine blasts under either tracks 6. Every M113 Gavin has sacrificial 3. Inner “V” walls around TC/D inside rollers on front to pre-detonate mines vehicle as 2d layer of protection. 4. Underbelly armor fitted.
  2. 2. ALL NLMB TAFVs have gunshields: ACAV Moving Gunshields Track Commander (TC) cupola gunshield kit Track Commanders Cupola Shield Kit, Machine Gun /NSN 2510-00-121-8990 Shield, Protective / NSN 2510-01-006-4587 TCs cupola gunshields + side gunshields for the two troop hatch MGs The NSN number for the complete Gun Shield Kit including the cargo hatch side shields is NSN 2590-00-121-8990. AMDF price is $11,708.00. Check the Army supply system for availability(?) If the "system" doesnt have the shields (likely) the DSC bids for someone to make them like they did in 1999: 25 - SOL:SHIELD KIT, MACHINE GUN (10/29/99) October)/29-Oct-1999/25sol001.htm 1 Troop Hatch gunshield kits 3 up to 3 possible (left, right, rear) each with an arm to hold a machine gun on a pintle 2 (not illustrated)
  3. 3. Another option: IDF Kasman-type Gunshields Fixed Troop Gunshields with vision ports Fixed TC Gunshields with vision windows
  4. 4. LAYER 1: Kevlar spall liners inside ALL NLMB TAFVsLAYER 2: thick armor hull ALL AROUND.LAYER 3: Peel n stick Aztik ceramic tiles that canstop .50 caliber bullets at 3000 FPS = 800 poundsLAYER 4: Spaced or Explosive Reactive Armor to defeatRPGs/ATGMsLAYER 5: Troop stow racks that can pre-detonateRPGs = 200 poundsLAYER 6: Gunshields for troops and TCLAYER 7: Many Sandbags 32 pounds per bag
  5. 5. Wheeled trucks like LAV-III Stryker cannot afford 5,000 pounds of bird cage andits ceramic tiles are defective. Thin 1/2 inch steel cannot accept recoil forces ofERA. 8 rubber tires burn easily. No gunshields. At best 3 layers of protection.Cost $3.3 million each, NOT economically feasible for NLMB. At 19-21 tons noteven C-130 air transportable let alone C-27J; cannot swim. No good for either 3Dor 2D maneuver. TAFVs can have 7 layers of protection rolling on far sturdiermetal roadwheels/steel tracks. Reason is tracks are 28% more space/weightefficient than wheels by DESIGN. Its counter-intuitive, but true. Tracks can havemore layers of armor than wheeled vehicles. Already built and ready to protectALL NLMB troops; extra armor/storage racks can be fitted within days and weeksto field NLMB @ $40-78,000 thousand dollars each. Not only less costly butSUPERIOR in protection and mobility compared to Stryker and up-armoredHMMWV trucks. LAV3 Strykers M113 Gavins
  6. 6. NLMB TAFVs applique armor proof against small-arms fire, RPGs, autocannon and shrapnel: keeps on going, gets men to their objectives M113A3 LAV-IIIM113A3 ESV: Harder to hit
  7. 7. NLMB TAFV UPGRADES C4I Band-Tracks More Fuel-efficient hybrid-electric drives FLIR camouflageRollers/plows to clear obstacles
  8. 8. Selected NLMB TAFVs haveAV30mm 1-man autocannonturrets shooting the samepowerful 30mm shells as AH-64Apaches but without severeconcussion and turretsmothering so infantry can fightheads-out from top hatchesbehind gunshields
  9. 9. AV-30 30mm AutocannonLethal to enemytroops, vehicles,aircraft, buildings Shoots same ammo as AH-64 Apache, AV-8B Harrier II Mounts on existing AFVs
  10. 10. Missions of the NLMB in MOUT• Rapidly Air/Sea Deploy Under USSOCOM HQ as Part of a Joint Force as the spearhead for MOUT operations• Prevent, Contain or Stabilize Crises Through Presence and precise Military Operations in Urban Terrain (MOUT)• Determine Favorable Outcome of urban Small Scale Contingencies (SSCs)• Act as the urban Combat Force Guarantor in Security and Support Operations (SASO) as Part of a U.S. or Multinational Force• Participate, with Augmentation, in Major Theater Wars (MTWs) insuring urban areas do not hinder decisive maneuver
  11. 11. Can we continue to assault urban structures using foot-infantry using predictable top-down or bottom-up, SWAT stack tactics? USMC failure at Fallujah warns us not to... Helicopter rooftop assaults exposes troops to enemy firesSlow Ladderassaults dateback to ancient Foot Infantry exposedtimes! “Stacking” teams at to enemy fires!!!!! ground-level
  12. 12. Solution to 21st Century Urban combat: Modern Siege Engines; tracked tanks with combat engineering means--original purpose of tanks in the first place in WWI!General PercyHobart’s “Funnies”with PHYSICALMECHANICALADVANTAGE todirectly cope notimpotent, rubber-tired armored carsmouse-clicking pleasfor firepower help!
  13. 13. MOUT VERTICAL ASSAULT VEHICLE Lethality is Not Always Weaponry it can be MANEUVERStealthy Hybrid-ElectricM113A4 used totransport rifle squad Boom arm deliversover rubble, debris infantry to unexpected spot on buildings Combat-proven mobility with RPG resistant applique’ armor
  14. 14. CAPABILITIES* NLMB does missions that cannot be accomplished by conventional units likethe Armys existing BDEs or recently constructed UoAs or USMC MEUs* Self-sufficient* Everyone works, everyone fights* All teeth, no tail* No underclass, everyone is a warrior/intel collector*Everything can move on ground via armored tracks including light aircraft* No vulnerable rubber-tired wheeled trucks PERIOD* Can provide continuous air surveillance/attack 24/7/365* Logistically light; doesnt require huge fuel costs* Small presence on land does not inflame locals or compromise OPSEC* No presence on land if operating from RO-RO Commando Carrier* Low-Cost do-able NOW* Simple-t-maintain platforms* Every platform with affordable C4ISR package* Optimized for non-linear battlefield of weak or subdued nation-state army whereintegrated air defenses are not present or suppressed by USAF* Assumes enemy is all around and no secure Main Supply Routes (MSRs) exist* Can fight way into a territory and hold a forward operating base for SOF or alarger force* Can execute 2D and 3D operational maneuver of brigade-size as spearhead forlarger conventional force or as adjunct to small unit SOFs
  15. 15. ANY QUESTIONS??? 1st Tactical Studies Group (Airborne) POB 5473 Columbus, Ga 31906