M113 FireGavin FireFighting Force v3.0


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We Told You So (Again).

Portable shelters couldn't save 19 firefighters



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M113 FireGavin FireFighting Force v3.0

  1. 1. Air-Mechanized GavinForce FireFighting TAKE-THE-FIGHT-TO-THE-FIRE!Air-Mech-Strike Study Group 2008
  2. 2. TIME magazine photo essay www.time.com/time/photogallery/0,29307,1674663,00.htmlCalifornia is burning and losing lives and billions of dollarsin damage each year due to arid conditions and inadequatelinear firefighting...
  3. 3. All that fire needs is oxygen, heat and fuel….it does not care what direction it goes…it is NON-LINEAR!Anything in fire’s path that can beused as fuel is at risk...
  4. 4. There’s plenty of fuel to feed a fire in California, America’smost populated state of 45,000,000 people with notenough water!
  5. 5. But plenty of wind (oxygen) to feed fires once started:from the open southern Mojave desert to Sierra-Nevadamountain down drafts!
  6. 6. If we try to fight fires What are we doing wrong?LINEARLY along roadswith wheeled fire trucks,the fires movingnon-linearly, CROSSCOUNTRY, will burntoo much fuel and pickup too much heat for Fire Triangleour fire breaks to stopthem….
  7. 7. We are letting too much heat build up byletting fires burn to reach our fire break lines(where we have cleared away possible fuelsources)! We must not stand back and letfires build! The reason is our wheeled fire trucks cannot go cross-country to attack fires directly to smother their heat build-up.
  8. 8. The Time to Attack the fire is when it STARTS, so it doesn’tbuild up too much heat! Attack Here Don’t Wait ‘Til Fire Reaches Here!
  9. 9. Too Much Heat!!!! Wheeled Fire Trucks too far away along roads with little water and no bulldozing capability to clear out fuel sources Too Little!!!Homes not treated withfire resistant coatings will notresist catching on fire even ifdoused before-hand with water!
  10. 10. Too Late!
  11. 11. How do we get to the Fire Early to Nip-it-in-the-Bud? Men can be dropped off by aircraft... 3D Men can WALK to fires away from road nets…. 2D
  12. 12. But…they only bringHAND TOOLSwith them to clearaway FUEL; theycannot smother afire of its HEAT bywater or bulldozingearth; if the windshifts (OXYGEN)as they are doingthis they are fatallyexposed….Is there an answer?YES, there is.
  13. 13. The U.S. Army’s M113 Gavin Light Tracked Armored Fighting Vehicle AKA: a “TANK”An Air-Transportable, Low Ground Pressure (8 PSI) TrackedVehicle That Can go Cross-country toTAKE-THE-FIGHT-TO-THE-FIRE and smother it with watercannon and bulldozer blades while protecting thedriver/operator inside from thermal effects! Meet theGavin FireForce a.k.a. FireGavin Force.
  14. 14. Air-Transportable: Can be Parachuted Directly into theThreatened Area by Fixed-Wing Aircraft Parachute Dropor Helicopter Vertical Landing….. Fixed-Wing Airdrop Helicopter VTOL
  15. 15. Most prevalent Cross-Country Mobile Armored Vehicle inthe U.S. Army today! In use by the California NationalGuard and in combat all over the world by over 35countries! Several thousand M113 Gavins are in storageavailable for conversion into FireGavins! National Guard Afghanistan/Iraq
  16. 16. Water Cannon Back-Hoes BullDozer Blades
  18. 18. Fire is Vanquished by GavinFireForce!Heat Smothered by Water, Fuel Pushed Away by Earth
  19. 19. An Aerosquadron ofFireFighting AircraftSustains Gavin FireForce Large Seaplane Water Bombers Large Crane Copters for FireGavin Transport
  20. 20. Size & Speed Do Matter: Aerosquadron andGavinForce Ready-to-Go Instantly Anywherein the State of California
  21. 21. Large Jet Water BombersThe Russians make the world’s largest JetSeaplane Water Bombers that can deliverlarge quantities of water or fire retardantfoam to put out fires with high G-forcemaneuvers. Military jets are best for thisdangerous low-altitude maneuvering than oldWW2 prop planes or converted civilianairliners. California should buy/lease 12 Be-42/A-40 Jet SeaplanesRussian jet seaplane water bombers to solveits needs and to force our Navy back intousing seaplanes it should be using all along. C-17 Jet Land PlanesCalifornia Air Guard C-130s transport GavinFireForce.Another option would be to buy/lease asquadron of 12 x C-17 land plane jets fromBoeing in California to transport GavinFireForce (5 per airland, 3 per airdrop) anddrop water or foam with modular sprayertanks though its slower to refill than landingon a lake like a seaplane can...
  22. 22. Large Helicopter Gavin FireForce VTOL Transportsand Point Water BombersErickson AirCrane makes the S-64 cranetype helicopter that can lift a M113FireGavin vertically and reposition it. It canthen pick-up a firefighting module and fightpoint fires in support of the FireGavinForce’s land smothering efforts. Californiashould buy a squadron of 12 x S-64s thatwould fly to the scene arriving after theAerosquadron’s jets take initial stab at theproblem to smother it or at least contain it...
  23. 23. Can we afford Gavin FireForce and Aerosquadron?Yes. We are already paying for it and much more in firedamages and months of disaster relief efforts. Do youwant tax dollars paying for destroyed lives or to solvethe problem and keep people and cities intact so thereare revenues with which to have taxes in the first place?The choice is yours: Fund Disaster orFund Thriving Thereafter?We already know what Disaster looks like->Why don’t we give VICTORY a chance?
  24. 24. Air-Mech-Strike Study Group& U.S. Defense Consultants (USDC)Mike SparksAir-Mech-Strike Study Group (AMS-SG)dynmicpara@aol.comDavid Crane Advisor/ConsultantU.S. Defense Consultants (USDC)usdefcon@gmail.com