Light Mechanized Sappers (Airborne)


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Light Mechanized Sappers (Airborne)

  1. 1. Light Mechanized Sapper Company (Airborne) What You Should Take Away from this Briefing: U.S. Army Forced-entry forces need an ArmoredCombat Engineer capability to succeed againstenemy Surveillance Strike Complexes A forced-entry Armored Combat Engineercapability could be quickly created using existingpersonnel & equipment Costs to create this capability are small as mostlogistics supports are already in place This is an urgent national strategic priority that 1has to be acted on immediately
  2. 2. U.S. Army XVIII Airborne Corps must be able to rapidlyair-deploy anywhere in the world to overcome enemySurveillance Strike Complex observation/fires--must beable to clear Assault Landing Zones quickly andwithout casualties: Light tracked armored vehiclesneeded so decisive follow-on-forces can airland
  3. 3. Bird’s Eye view: even a Short Take-Offand Landing (STOL) strip is a large areafor ground forces to secure and clear forairlanding
  4. 4. Army Sappers must clear a The Threatslarge open-area, minimally 3,000feet by 100 feet landing strip ofall threats, obstacles andforeign objects so rubber-tiredaircraft can airland follow-on-forces in just 4 hours... Foot Soldiers vulnerable to enemy fires *Small-Arms fire *Mortars *Machine Guns *Grenade launchers *Artillery *Mines *Obstacles
  5. 5. M113A3 Engineer Squad Vehicle: light tracked armored vehicle in U.S. Army service todayM113A3 ESVs leadway into Bosnia FM 7-7Goes U.S. Army Europe Immediate Reactionanywhere! Force uses C-130 airlanded M113A3s
  6. 6. M113 Proven in combat; on duty today all over the world by free world armies...Lebanon PanamaEast Timor Vietnam Iraq
  7. 7. M113A3 ESV Armor Protects Sappers from enemythreats in order to accomplish the mission Tracks not stopped by fires
  8. 8. M113A3 ESV tracked mobility delivers Sappersrapidly/safely to clear large open areas; can pushaside, crush large vehicle-emplaced obstacleswithout time-consuming hand reduction (dozerblade and bump guards can be fitted)
  9. 9. Current Light Airborne Combat Engineers DO MICLIC onM200 tracked NOT HAVE A WAY TO SAFELY FIRE THEIR trailer MICLIC/EMSC “Mongoose” mine clearing charges! Armored M113A3 ESVs can tow, then fire rocket line charges for Airborne LightHMMWV trucks Mechanized Sappers! MICLICDump trucksFMTV trucksSappers on foot =No in-stridebreach capability! M113 ESV with MICLIC in Desert Storm combat!
  10. 10. M113A3 ESV: 11-ton AFV easily Airborne, rapidly deployable to anywhere in the world by airdrop/airland airland airdropAll needed expertise ready at Fort Bragg and Pope AFB
  11. 11. Airborne-qualified Sappers on jump statusalready in place at Fort Bragg, North Carolinato employ M113A3 Engineer Squad Vehicles(ESVs) instead of rubber-tired, unarmoredHMMWVs: already successfully used at JRTC Airborne Sappers @JRTC with borrowed M113A3 ESV
  12. 12. M113A3 ESV: Air Assault transportable by U.S. Army helicopters Flies over enemy mines and ambushes to do CE operations on terrain of our choosing like British Army entered Kosovo in ‘99
  13. 13. M113A3 ESV: tracks off-road capable for boldcross-country movement to avoid enemySSC observation/fires, ambushes andsecure/clear key terrain for maneuver forcesYES! NO!Tow cable to trackedvehicle to pull LAV outof mud
  14. 14. M113A3 ESV: amphibious capability forces entry across rivers/lakes Secures far side for safe Bridging under armored firepowerArmy maneuverforces cannot waiton near bank for acrossing underenemy SSC fires!We must forge aheadand secure the far ground!
  15. 15. M113A3 ESV: Sappers situationally aware, ready-to-fire = force protection, mobility enabledFirepower underarmor the enemyis hard pressedto stop--allowsSappers to clearareas of mines,obstacles and enemy 360 degree security
  16. 16. M113A3 ESV: plenty of space for CE equipment, supplies, troop gear and a full Sapper squad Extra space LGH behind spall linersSappers dismount with allnecessary gear to accomplishmission--no rummaging for gearstrapped to outside
  17. 17. M113A3 ESV: applique armor proof against small-arms fire, RPGs, autocannon and shrapnel: keeps on going, gets Sappers to their objective M113A3 LAV-IIIM113A3 ESV: Harder to hit
  18. 18. M113A3 ESV: UPGRADES C4I Band-Tracks Remote gun station FLIR camouflageRollers/plows to clear obstacles
  19. 19. Designated M113A3 ESVs: Twin TOW ATGMlauncher/.50 cal HMG pedestal provides buildingand bunker-busting capability in MOUT withHEP or FAE round, anti-tank self-defense
  20. 20. ...or Bradley 25mm/7.62mm/TOW 2-manturrets can be fitted to designated M113A3/4ESVs to provide bunker-busting fire: stilltransportable in C-130 aircraft
  21. 21. Another option: 25mm/7.62mm pedestal gunwith TOW ATGM launcher for building/bunker-busting capability Singapore Armed Forces M113 ULTRA
  22. 22. ASP-30 30mm Autocannon Mounts on existing AFVsLethal to enemy troops,vehicles, aircraft, buildings Shoots same ammo as Gas-operated, Easy to AH-64 Apache, AV-8B maintain, clean, assemble, Harrier II dissassemble
  23. 23. JAVELIN FIRE/FORGET FLIR MISSILE Kills all tanks“Fire & Forget”: by top-attackmissiles guides to 2 KMitself to targetusing infared Command Launch Unit is FLIR Destroys thermal buildings, imager bunkers, capable of aircraft by detecting direct- enemy heat No backblast firing attack if signatures signature selected
  24. 24. Light Mechanized Sapper Company (Airborne) U.S. Army Forced-entry forces need an M113A3 EngineerSquad Vehicle Armored Combat Engineer capability tosucceed against enemy Surveillance Strike Complexes The M113A3 ESV forced-entry Armored Combat Engineercapability can be created quickly using existing personnel &equipment Costs to create a Light Mechanized Sapper Company(Airborne) with M113A3 ESV forced-entry armored CEcapability are small since logistics support/expertise arealready in place at Ft. Bragg The LMS (A) Company is an urgent national strategicpriority that should be created immediately 24