Iowa Battleship Littoral Combat Ships


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Iowa Battleship Littoral Combat Ships

  1. 1. Iowa Class Battleship Littoral Combat Ship LCS-BBG Naval Fire Support Battleship Working Group (NFSBBG-WG)
  2. 2. Why LCS-BBG?The USN lacks an armored ship that can operate unhindered inlittoral waters and one that can effectively strike multiplehardened deep targets of a cunning belligerent nation-statewithout endangering pilots that could become hostages. TheBBG with large caliber 16” guns can strike multiple hard,deep WMD targets now to 25 miles and with scramjettechnology projectiles out to 500 miles. LCS-BBG has a ski jumpflight deck so it can provide its own air cover from enemy fighter-bombers, suicide boats, and anti-submarine protection (ForcePackage 1). Against softer nation-state and sub-national terrorgroup targets, the enlarged flight decks enable raiding forces todeploy using helicopters that can carry light tracked armoredfighting vehicles and commandos. This includes NEOs. (ForcePackage 2). The LCS-BBG can operate on its own in harm’sway without other escorting ships to reduce U.S. presence.
  3. 3. Add ability to operate & store a squadron of special operations aircraftIowa beforeAdd a lightweight composite ski jump flight deckto starboard side of BBG not interfering with main16” guns or missile launchers, move 2 x 5”/54s toport side or eliminate for aviation fuel/ordnance
  4. 4. Covered hanger enables 12 aircraft to be stored on BBG safe from sea spray; STOVL fighter bombers can still run thru for long take-offs if required; refuel & rearm spot upon recovery Ski jump for F-35 or AV-8B STOVL fighter-bombers to getLanding area for helicopters and extra boost of lift upon take-offSTOVL fighter-bombers to land for safety/capabilityat a hover, then move forwardinto covered hanger/refuel & rearm point
  5. 5. Force Package 1: 12 x F-35 JSFs, 1 SH-60 * Air Cover * Anti-Ship * ASW * Strike * Mid-altitude CAS * Fast SOF infil/exfil * Extremis resupply * CSARJSFs land onfantail deck, take-off on long starboard deck with ski jump on end
  6. 6. F-35 JSFs could carry JPODswhich can each carry 2 SOFcommandos for fast infil/exfil
  7. 7. JPODs: A new capability for Joint Forces Cargo and personnel carrying pod attaches to underwing hardpoints of attack aircraft JSF V/TOLAH-64D Apache AV-8B Harrier IIVertical Take-Off and Landing strike aircraft can recover Isolated Personnel
  8. 8. JPOD precision glide/parachute delivery of weapons,supplies and/or Exfiltration Vehicles to IsolatedPersonnel Partial and Full Recovery Option
  9. 9. JPOD with ammunition/weapons
  10. 10. Possible Exfiltration Vehiclesthat could be carried by JPODs to Isolated Personnel Powered Parachutes Folding Mountain Bikes Small All-Terrain Vehicles
  11. 11. Force Package 2: 6 x CH-53E/X Sea Stallionsand 14 x M113A4 Gavin light tracked AFVsplus AirMech Commandos, 1 x SH-60 LAMPSM113A4 Gavin Stealthy, Hybrid-Electric Drive, band tracks, C4ISR, RPG/bomb resistant armor gunshields, 1-man 30mm autocannon turret, FLIR camouflage; 60 mph/600 mile range
  12. 12. Force Package 3: Assorted Aircraft Types 14 x M113A4 Amphigavin light tracked AFVs plus AirMech Commandos, 1 x SH-60 LAMPS Amphigavins swim ashore M113A4 Amphigavin with ARIS SPA water jetsAdd stern ramps to BBG to splash into the water Amphigavins