FINAB CONOPS: "Look, Ma No Airfield!" v2.0


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FINAB CONOPS: "Look, Ma No Airfield!" v2.0

  1. 1. Fighter-IN-A-BOX (FINAB)Operational ConceptManeuver Air Support Working Group (MASWG) May 2007
  2. 2. Real World Battlefield: Sri Lanka Tamils: want to break away into own nation-stateSinhalese Central Government wants them to stay for some god-awful reason
  3. 3. Mike’s Solution: Grant Tamil Independence,build wall: good fences make good neighborsCheckpoints keep Bombs out;security fence on coastline, howmany Lankans surf? SinhaleseSinhalese Central Government has enough economic power to do w/o Tamils
  4. 4. Sri Lanka wall math Checkpoints 245 miles of concrete 15’ Wall high panels @ $600K/mile = $147 M Fencing 345 miles of 10’ chain-link fence @ $55K/mile = $ 18.975 M ______________________________ TOTAL $165. 975 M 45 15 Sinhalese 30x2 70 165 90 20 30 45
  5. 5. Wall/Fence CostsWe think Sri Lanka can certainly afford or have "someone afford for them" $165M to security wall and fence themselves off fromthe Tamils. miles of concrete 15’ high panels @ $600K/mile = $147 M 345 miles of 10’ chain-link fence @ $55K/mile = $ 18.975 M_________________________________________________SUB-TOTAL $165. 975 MManningWe count just 7 places where road/rail checkpoints are required for the inner security wall. So 7 x infantry companies of 100 mento man the checkpoints to keep car/human/railroad bombs out is 700. An Airborne parachute BATTALION of 1, 000 men andM113 Gavins as a Quick Reaction Force (QRF) at an SLAF base since they have C-130s. To secure/monitor each mile of wallfrom a guard tower, 2-man buddy teams in an 8 hour shift 3 times with 1 squad leader = 7 men per mile or 1, 715 men. A rovingpatrol Morice-line style would surveil the 345 mile outer security fence with tracker training and would drag a length of fencebehind their Gavins to smooth the ground adjacent to it to ascertain intrusions. An 8 hour shift at 5 mph can cover about 50 miles,so 7 simultaneous shifts need to be maintained of 4 men (2 trackers, a sniffer dog, TC/gunner, driver) or 28 men every 8 hours, 3times = 84 men.Checkpoints 700 men QRF 1700 men Guard towers 1715 men Roving Patrol 84 men ________________________________________ 4, 199 men = one Brigade 24/7/3654, 199 mens salaries @ $10K/year = $41, 990, 000 ($41.99 M)TOTAL WALL COST TO SET-UP & RUN FOR 1 YEARWalls/Fencing $165. 975 MSalaries 41.990 M______________________TOTAL $ 207.965 M Or less than the price on ONE airliner destroyed in a Tamil Tiger Sapper attack!
  6. 6. If, however….YOU DO NOT CREATE A LINEAR BATTLEFIELD BY WALLs, FENCES, DMZs, youend up with a NON-LINEAR BATTLEFIELD (NLB) where the enemy is ALL-AROUND and you must have360 degree security! For a small 300 x 150 mile long island surrounded by water like Sri Lanka there’s noreason not to build a separation wall and put an end to the sub-national conflict (AKA CIVIL WAR).However, if you have a much larger area like an Iraq or an Afghanistan or a continental land mass thatyou are fighting on, you will at least initially be unable to push all enemies to your front and will be in aNLB situation. Over time you should be able to ascertain where the combatants are coming from andthen wall them out, be it Shias from Sunnis or to keep Taliban/Al Queda out of Afghanistan, but it willtake TIME to build such boundaries. During this period effective militaries MUST HAVE NON-LINEARBATTLEFIELD capabilities to remain intact and not be pushed out like the French were from Spain andPortugal by guerrillas and an outside military force like the Duke of Wellington’s “British ExpeditionaryForces”. SIZE DOES STILL MATTER IN THE BATTLE AGAINST PLANET EARTH (TBATE). Sri Lanka Afghanistan 300 miles s ile m 0 80 45 0 m ile s 150 miles
  7. 7. NLB free-for-all: we know wherethe Government AirBase is…sodoes the rebels,--painfully so! But, where’s the rebel Airstrip? Google maps doesn’t show an airstrip West of Iranamadu Tank but one due East...
  8. 8. Tamil Tiger rebels interdict Government road-bound truck supply lines keepingPalay AB alive; sound familiar? So base is resupplied by SLAF Aircraft “No supplies for you!!!”
  9. 9. Palay AB is visible from space 10 miles up!!! (52, 800 feet) Preventable!MANPADSSAMs havea 2 mile rangeyet perimeterdefense allowsgunners to get 2 mile rangetoo close =shoot-downs
  10. 10. Aircraft landing and taking off from Palay AB can use a straight-in approach over the ocean to land safely if the SLA extends perimeter out to 2-mile stand-off, however SLN will need to keep rebel boats with MANPADS gunmen out of the same exclusion zonePalay AB is so obvious therebels have their own O/Aplanes and have begun to bombthe base!! 2 mile stand-off
  11. 11. Why doesn’t the Palay Air Base get resupply by SLN ships when Army holds thestretch of land to the sea for MANPADS defense? “We don’t have much of a Navy to stop you, damn, you!!! Fight Fair”
  12. 12. Tamil Tiger Airstrip @ 5, 280 feet altitude on Sri Lanka To be high enough to avoid heavy autocannon (5K) the unaided eye cannot detect small enemy targets like cars/tanks if under covering vegetation, if you have a 3, 000’ L x 200’ runway you can be easily targeted from the air and on the ground…reports are Indian Air Force Antonov transports land here to resupply the rebels... ’ 000 4, 20 0’
  13. 13. Tamil Tiger Airstrip: Firepower Magnet for SLAF fighter-bombers? “However, the Air Force is not without sceptics who seem to believe the two aircraft were nothing but dummies. If their assertions are even remotely correct, the question arises as to whether the new 1,250 metre runway the LTTE built in Iranamadu is also a dummy. Having built a runway, why is the LTTE only placing dummies?”The SLAF are using fighter-bombers that fly too fast to discriminate targetsand are killing Tamil civilians like the Israeli Kfir above. By creating a superobvious runway and a mythical air force perhaps they hope to invite the SLAFto bomb mere dirt and not their people? If so, good for them. Armies shouldnot be bombing civilians.
  14. 14. To defend a 4-engine STOL transport 3, 000’ L x 200’ Wrunway you need a perimeter on the ground largeenough so that aircraft can spiral down out of range ofheavy machine guns (1.25 miles)and MANPAD SAMs (2.5 miles) “My mojo can’t reach you infidel!”
  15. 15. To defend a runway out of range of heavymachine guns (1.25 miles) requires a 9mile perimeter and out of MANPAD SAMs(2.5 miles) a 18 mile perimeter to keep Mr.Taliban/G-Man out 18 mileswhoever you are fighting etc. etc. 9 miles
  16. 16. To defend a 9 mile perimeter and keep outenemy HMGs requires 1, 900 men 50 feet apartin 950 x 2-man fighting positions and forMANPAD SAMs (2.5 miles) a 18 mile perimeterrequires 3, 800 men 50 feet apart in 1900 x 2- 18 milesman fighting positions 9 miles
  17. 17. Baghdad International AirPort @ 10, 000 feet altitude Road connecting BIAP to Governmental Green Zone notoriously unsecured 13, 000 foot runway
  18. 18. NLB FOB-itis: Defending Static PositionsRobs You of Offensive Combat Power!Bigger the Runway = Bigger the FOB = More Men to defend it! = More Supplies to feedmen3, 000 foot runwayHMGs: 1, 900 men 50 feet apart in 950 x 2-man fighting positionsMANPADS SAMs: 3, 800 men 50 feet apart in 1900 x 2-man fighting positions10, 000 foot runwayHMGs: 6, 000 men 50 feet apart in 950 x 2-man fighting positionsMANPADS SAMs: 12, 000 men 50 feet apart in 1900 x 2-man fighting positionsThis is worse-case if Army troops have just arrived at a newly constructed or seized runway/airfield, but its actuallythe most reliable means to keep shooters out who only need to be lucky once to down an aircraft. What USAFSecurity Forces do is economize on the number of men by using combat engineering---fencing patrolled by smallernumbers of men in unarmored wheeled trucks/ATVs than the worse case direct occupation of the ground presentedabove. Personally, I find this minimalist, cheapskate mobile truck patrol/fencing to be lacking (it lets them get tooclose) and history shows that in Vietnam, Afghanistan, and Sri Lanka that deliberate sapper attack teams getthrough and demolish planes on the ground attacking the perimeter where its weakest. Walls defended by directoccupation sensor/shooter troops and mobile patrols in M113 Gavin light tracked AFVs to converge on anypenetration would be much better. However, this only defends the air base from direct-fire weapons attack! To keepMr. Taliban’s heavy mortars and rocket out of range (4.3 miles or 7 km) which he liked to pummel the Soviets with--requires an Army outer circle presence which will be difficult if all around the airport is civilians in buildings orclosed, vegetated terrain aka Tan Son Nhut airbase in Vietnam. An entire 10, 000 man division could be tied downdefending a 10, 000 foot large runway FOB.Is it worth it?
  19. 19. Air Base NLB Security MathSupplies = Convoys = Exposure = Ambush = Dead/Wounded = $$$ and morale sapFood/Water7 gallons H20 (35 lbs.), 3500 calories (3 lbs.) food per dayFuel: TBDAmmo: TBDParts: TBD$$: TBD3, 000 foot runway defenseHMGs: 1, 900 men: 76, 000 lbs or 3 x C-130 sorties or 6 x ISO containers by truck/shipMANPADS SAMs: 3, 800 men: 152, 000 lbs or 6 x C-130 sorties or 12 x ISOs by truck/ship10, 000 foot runway defenseHMGs: 6, 000 men: 240, 000 lbs or 6 x C-130 sorties or 12 x ISO containers by truck/shipMANPADS SAMs: 12, 000 men: 480, 000 lbs or 12 x C-130s or 24 x ISO containers Ships can be sunk: Ask Rommel’s Afrika Corps--they lost because of a lack of supplies Trucks can be ambushed: Ask the Sri Lankan Army holding their Palay airbase or anyone in Iraq about “MSR security” Aircraft can be shot down: no “Berlin airlift” to save Berliners @ Stalingrad in WW2
  20. 20. What’s driving these long runwaysin the first place? Progress: Threat to EnemyLarge Jet LTOL Aircraft. OverlyComplex “VTOL” Helicopters.How long of a runway do they needto operate?Large jet aircraft = longer runways= bigger FOBs = more men = moresupplies = more ground convoys,more supply flights = roads thatneed to be secured = more mendefending not attacking = moretargets for enemy to ambush =more $$$ and lives lost = MICC-TTracketeers very happy, this“American Way of War” makesthem very filthy rich and our menvery bloody dead…and if things go Regress: Target to Enemyreally bad, results in DEFEAT!
  21. 21. The JCA ExampleThe Army discovered with the STOL CV-2 Caribou that if your transport plane can land in less than 2, 000 feet, the overallsize of your FOB “firebase” decreases dramatically. The problem is that the piston Caribou could only carry 5, 000 poundsof supplies which is just 2 x 500 gallon fuel blivets. The Army’s fuel-hungry VTOL100 mph, 100 mile radius helicopters eventhough simple Huey types couldn’t get enough fuel during the LZ X-Ray fight so USAF C-130s which each can carry 10-14 x500 gallon fuel blivets saved the day because the huge 1st Cav Division base at An Khe had a long runway suitable for C-130s to land by firmness as well as length--the 150, 000+ pound C-130 will crush even pavement if its too thin/weak. A twin-engined JCA that can lift 20, 000 pounds--half a Herk’s payload--6 fuel blivets---while landing on 2, 000 runways will enablethe Army to operate small FOBs to reduce the numbers of men just defending and our visible presence to the civiliansmaking them less likely to rebel as a permanent-looking air base clusterfuck does. If we employed ESTOL technologies likeair cushion or tracked landing gear to the JCA, the runway length might be shortened even more to shrink FOBs further. Our rebel runway on closer examination is about 2, 300 in length
  22. 22. An Khe FOB-itis The whole point of VTOL is to NOT need airbases, WTFO?
  23. 23. JCA PROGRESS: to defend a 2, 000 footJCA runway out of range of heavymachine guns (1.25 miles) requires a 6mile perimeter and out of MANPAD SAMs(2.5 miles) a 12 mile perimeter to keep Mr.Taliban out 12 miles 6 miles
  24. 24. What if we used even smaller ESTOL planes only needing 300 foot runways? Orfreedrop or Low-Velocity AirDropped from C-130s/JCAs? AirDrop That’s a little over the width of the rebel airstrip
  25. 25. From 5, 280 feet an American football field sized landing strip over a 3, 000’ strip
  26. 26. A bulldozer in a few hours could scrape and flatten a 300 foot strip anywhere creatingmany dispersed airstrips…sealed in 24 hours hard with Rhino Snot
  27. 27. And these dispersed airstrips could be covered by an infared defeating camouflagenetting so they are INVISIBLE from the air and space, whack-a-mole with PGMs?
  29. 29. Dispersed airstrips unknown to the enemy having dispersed aircraft taking off andlanding randomly makes Mr. Taliban have to play whack-an-aircraft over a huge area “Come out, infidels! I have some virgins in paradise to hook up with!” ? ? ? ?
  30. 30. Dispersed airstrips with Sparks-Owen’s BATTLEBOX camouflaged/fortified aircraft needto keep Mr. Taliban out of medium machine gun range in closed terrain (1km or 2/3 mile) A platoon of 30 men in 4 Mini-Gavins can guard each Mini-AirBase 24/7/365
  31. 31. How will these x30 x4 Soldiers, Mini-Gavins and Aircraft get Fed?Air Base NLB Security MathCreates/Carries Own Supplies = No Convoys = No Exposure = No Ambush =No Dead/Wounded = $$$ Saved and morale strengthenedFood/Water7 gallons H20 (35 lbs.), 3500 calories (3 lbs.) food per dayFuel: Mini-Gavins and 300-foot STOL O/A aircraft use same JP8, more on this laterAmmo: Enough ammo can be delivered by unit during initial occupation for several monthsParts: ditto$$: a 12-aircraft squadron force of 6 x 2 hunter/killer aircraft pairs defended by 180 men beatsa squadron at a 10, 000 foot runway defended by 6, 000-12,000, salaries alone: $24M/month300 foot runway Mini-FOB defenseHMGs: 30 men: 1,200 lbs; 1 x C-130 sortie or 2 x ISO containers by truck/ship = H2O/F:lasts 33 days, if water can be collected, food only extends ops F only: 1, 333 days of opsMANPADS SAMs: 30 men: covertness avoids targeting, diesel-piston engined fixed-wingO/A aircraft has NO IR signature and/or has effective IRCMsArtillery/Mortar shells: ground-based Phalanx CIWSTBMs: covertness avoids targeting, everything underground or fortified above ground
  32. 32. WaterBATTLEBOXes with solar powercan get drinking water from ambientair using air-water machines. Air-water NO!machines can work when Mini-Gavinsare running, too. Well drilling for H2Ofrom ground within mini-FOBs areanother possibility... YES! Fuel in fortified ISO containers Fuel
  33. 33. Ballistic DefenseReports are that ground-mobile, trailer-mounted 20mm Phalanx CIWSare swatting rebel mortars out of the sky in the Green Zone; what’s goodfor-the-goose-is-good-for-gander: make aircraft ground-mobile, too. CIWSneeds to be on Mini-Gavins so mobile forces can have ballistic defense,who wants to do this, ADA?
  34. 34. Crane-O’Reilly Aircraft LaSalle Launch & Recovery System (CORRALS) Launch Option A O/A aircraft in BBO’Reilly’s Earthen O/A aircraft takes off down 300 foot below ground &Ski jump Rhino Snot runway created by Mini- camouflaged Gavin with dozer blade; ignites JATO rockets 3 2 1
  35. 35. Launch Option B 2 1 SkyCrane helicopter connects O/A aircraft in BB O/A aircraft to itself below ground & camouflaged4 SkyCrane launches O/A aircraft 3 SkyCrane takes-off with O/A aircraft
  36. 36. Launch Option C 3 14 2 O/A aircraft in BB on trailer-mobile, launches from “hip-pocket” at stretch of road upon commander’s orders
  37. 37. Mobile War ScenarioA light air-mechanized force is moving to take a nation-state or rebel-held capital city eitherin nation-state or sub-national conflict. With ground-mobile FINABs, the ground force has itsown “hip-pocket” air force (HPAF) to supply air cover against enemy aircraft as well asmaneuver air support like the Stukas of the German Luftwaffe that could land on grass stripsbut better in that if the weather is bad or simply fuel must be conserved, the HPAF embeddedwith the ground maneuver force can stay on the scene to render help from the 3rd dimensionof the air. The ideal home for the FINABs is the Army Field Artillery Headquarters whichhas 60 km guided MLRS rockets, 30 km tube artillery and unguided MLRS rockets which itstops to shoot. When it stops, it can launch FINAB O/A aircraft to spot for their fires toinsure bad guys and not civilians are hit, and recover them afterwards. Air Mech Strike
  38. 38. BATTLEBOX aircraft suddenly take-off without warning andsignatures dissipate, air force is now in the air instantly!
  39. 39. O/A aircraft “Killer Bees” swarm and attack enemy air or ground threats: they could notcatch the former on the ground; might deter enemy from attacking in first place = PEACE
  40. 40. Recovery: what if the O/A plane needs more than 300 feet to land and roll to astop? Do we bust our stealth mini-airbase formula with 1, 000 foot runways?NO. We stop them like a 300 foot angled deck area of an aircraft carrier does, butwithout a tail-hook requiring aircraft structural re-engineering. We catch theO/A plane after it touches down and deploys a tail braking parachute with anylon BARRIER aka a net.
  41. 41. NOTES1. Indian-Subcontinent Database: Sri Lanka, since 1971by Tom Cooper, with additional details from Sam Wickramsinghe and Pavel3. to a report submitted early this year to the President by the SLAF, during aroutine reconnaissance by a UAV on 12 January 2005, it found an airfield "estimatedaround 3600 feet in length with a paved surface that wassufficient to land quite an array of aircraft- medium lift aircraftand even aircraft such as C-130 - south east of Iranamaduirrigation tank."