What is Air-Mech-Strike?


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What is Air-Mech-Strike?

  1. 1. Air-Land Para-Mech Helo-Mech Airmechanization Option for U.S. Army’s Vertical Maneuver Transformation1 BG-R Grange and the Air-Mech-Strike Study Group
  2. 2. Air-Mech-Strike is the Transformation Passing Game for the U.S. Army!2
  3. 3. Who Are We? The Air-Mech-Strike Study Group is a non-profit, Academic Study Group dedicated to improving America’s Land Power Force Projection through the development of Full Dimensional Maneuver Warfare. The AMS-SG is made up of Active, Reserve, National Guard, Retired members along with Interested Academics. The AMS-SG has authored numerous articles in Military Professional Journals and published the book Air-Mech-Strike: 3-Dimensional Phlanx, (Sep-00). The AMS-SG receives no funding from any agency commercial or government. 200 Members at large (The Idea Forum) 50 Contributing Members & 12 Primary Staff Brigadier General David L. Grange (Retired) Senior Mentor3
  4. 4. AMS Promotes Army Chief’s Initiative “Heavy Forces must be more strategically deployable “Heavy Forces must be more strategically deployable and more agile with a smaller logistic footprint. And light and more agile with a smaller logistic footprint. And light forces must be more lethal, survivable and tactically forces must be more lethal, survivable and tactically mobile. We will change these paradigms.” mobile. We will change these paradigms.” “Brigade Deployed World Wide in 96 Hours and a Division in 120 Hours!” CSA General Eric K. Shinseki’s Guidance 22 June 1999 AMS Is Not A Competitor For IBCT/IDIV Air-Mech-Strike is a Vertical Maneuver Option to Transform the 101st and 82nd Divisions which are not scheduled for IAV Fielding. AMS Is a Low-Cost, Fast Fielding Option Air-Mech-Strike Vehicles cost 1/4 the price of an IAV4 and are already in production with Allied Armies. $
  5. 5. Airmechanization Defined Objective Foot Maneuver “Asymmetric Maneuver” Airmechanization is the use of aircraft to tactically insert a light armored force to gain Mechanized Maneuver positional advantage via displaced LZ/DZs resulting in reduced risk, protected infantry, Landing/Drop increased firepower and greater ground Zone mobility than foot mobile Airborne or Air Assault operations. NO MORE SOMALIAs! SOMALIAs Air Maneuver AMS Is American Version of European Models Russian British German Russian, British and German Armies already have Brigade and Division size Airmechanized forces. Five other countries including China are fielding such forces as well. Air-Mech-Strike is an Airmechanization5 option tailored for the American Army.
  6. 6. USMC Air-Mech Recon Capability LAV-I & CH-53E U.S. Army LAV-III (IAV) is Too Heavy For Helo Lift Aircraft: The Most Expensive Component of AMS Already Fielded!6 1500 x UH-60s 400 x CH-47s 500 x C-130s
  7. 7. SEVEN “GO” COMPONENTS TO AMS • GO LITE LOG: Replace all trucks, trailers and heavy logistic equipment with 900 HMMWVs and1. fuel blivits/bladders. Divisional Operations Designed to surge for 10-20 days then Corps level support. • GO LITE MECH: Replace foot mobility and TOW/Mortar HMMWVs with 900 Air-Mech-Strike2. Vehicle-Light (Wiesel-2 or armored SUSV M973A2 or BV-206S) at Division level. AMS-Medium, Heavy M8 AGS & M113A3s for use in Para-Drop Operations.3. • GO COMPOUND HELO: Convert UH-60s and AH-64s to VTDP Piasecki Compound Helos, convert CH-47s to compound (B-347 upgrade). Makes helo fleet 96 hour world wide self-deployers (1800 mile ferry range @ 180 knots) 4. • GO HIGH MASS UAV & UGV: Augment armed OH-58D Kiowa Warriors with UAVs, put light 50 pound UAVs down to battalion level and 10 pound toss-UAVs at company level. Combine with ground UGVs (tracked ATVs) to expand situational awareness out to distances two times current 5. • manned recon assets. GO T-MARS AND Mounted PGMs: Employ single-use trailer mounted MLRS/ATACMS. Counter-battery irrelevant since enemy shoots empty trailer (un-manned digital link firing). EFOGM, LOSAT, Javelin (all-terrain cart/sleds and on AMSVs) and Guided 120mm Mortar Round PGMs 6. provide stand-off precision fires. • GO STREAMLINED EXTERNAL LOADS (SEL): Discard sling-loading and enhance 7. speed, survivability and range through winch-able rigs to bring external loads snug-up under helos. • GO WINGED APS: Lease/Purchase 50 older B-747s from the civil fleet, modify with load ramps and pre-load with one brigade set of Air-Mech-Strike Vehicles. Compound Air-Mech-Strike Streamlined Trailer Mounted7 Winged APS Helicopters Vehicles External Loads MLRS-ATACMs
  8. 8. # 1 GO LIGHT LOGISTICS1. Air-Mech-Strike units Rapidly Deploy by aircraft which requires a very small organizational logistics structure.2. Units deploy with 72 hour supply of critical fuel, ammo and food/water.3. Blivets, fuel bladders and wet wing techniques provide bulk POL with CH-47 and C-130 aerial resupply 24/7. # 2 GO LIGHT AIR-MECH-STRIKE VEHICLESAir-Mech-Strike leverages existing air transportable armored vehicles.Various combinations of M113A3 (Air-Drop via C-130), Wiesel & ArmoredSUSVs (UH-60 and CH-47 Transportable) equip the ground Brigades.8
  9. 9. # 3 GO COMPOUND HELICOPTERS Day-4 Day-3 Day-2 Day-5 Day-6 Day-1 Day-7 Fort Campbell KY Current Seven Day Deployability Day-2 Day-3 Day-11. Self Deployability within CSA 120hr World Wide Timeline2. Twice Current Combat Radius 400 versus 200 Kilometers Fort Campbell KY3. 50% Faster Speeds4. Low-Cost, Fast Fielding Time Three Day Deployability9
  10. 10. # 4 GO HIGH MASS UAV & UGV Division Battalion Air-Mech-Strike forces use light armored vehicles and aerial resupply that requires great situational awareness. Undetected meeting engagements with heavy forces Company would are avoided. UAVs and UGVs must be widespread in AMS units and organic down to company level. Brigade # 5 GO T-MARS & Mounted Mobile PGMs The Air-Transportability of High-Tech, Light Weight, Precision Guided Munitions can be fully exploited to it’s maxim potential in an Airmechanized Division.10
  11. 11. # 6 GO STREAMLINED EXTERNAL LOADS Firehawk Type GearBetter Maneuverability, low ADA Vulnerability,Less Drag, Longer Range, Higher Payloads. # 7 GO WINGED APSAMS capitalizes on large numbers of older Boeing747s and DC-10s maintained in flyable storage inthe Southwestern U.S. No longer efficient for dailyroute service, these older but fully capable aircraftare held for peak seasonal travel, charter or awaitingsales to other countries. Light Air-Mech-StrikeVehicles are ideal for transport on these formerpassenger liners. Preloaded Air-Mech-Strike Brigadeequipment sets would be ready to deploy via reserveaircrews, moving an entire Division in 120 hours Army Preloaded Stocks = APSworld-wide using NO USAF C-17s/C-5s.11
  12. 12. AMS = GREATER STRATEGIC DEPLOYABILITY Day 3 SE Poland Day 4 Volga Delta Day 5 Uzbekistan ISB Former Soviet AFB 1. Boeing 747 Winged APS Deploys Combat Vehicles & Troops 2. Compound Helicopters Self-Deploy within CSA 120 hr Timeline12
  13. 13. AMS = GREATER COMBAT RADIUS 101st Air-Mech-Strike Division XX 12,000 Troops 900 Air-Mech-Strike Vehicles Leads Counter-Attack 101st 150 T-MARS 275 Compound Helos OBJBastogne Compound Airmechanized T-MARS Helos Maneuver Heavy Fires 22 5 II Ki lo et m 45 USMC XXXX er ISB 0K s ilo MEU Fast 200 mph Eag m le et er Slow 20 mph PRC s ISB 225 Normandy K ilo m ete TAIWAN rs13
  14. 14. Airmechanization Option for U.S. Army’s Vertical Maneuver Transformation Summary Summary • Asymmetric Maneuver: Rapid Positional Advantage, Vertical 3D Envelopment & Enabler for 2D Forces • 120 Hour Strategic Deployability • Double Current Air Assault Strike Radius • Increased Air-Inserted Ground Force Mobility, Protection and Firepower • Low Cost & Rapid Fielding 101st & 82nd Transformation14