Air-Mech-Strike Brainstorming Cover & Introduction


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Air-Mech-Strike Brainstorming Cover & Introduction

  1. 1. Asymmetric Maneuver Warfare for the 21st Century Second EditionBG (R) David L. Grange, BG (R) Huba Wass de Czege LTC Rich Liebert USAR, MAJ Chuck Jarnot USA MAJ Al Huber USA, LT Mike Sparks USAR Foreword by LTG Harold G. "Hal" Moore (Retired) Best-selling Author of "We were Soldiers Once and Young"
  2. 2. Air -Mech-StrikeAsymmetric Maneuver Warfare! Commander – What if you had the ability to….? Strategically deploy your combat brigade in 96 hours and your division in 120. Project your force directly into the area of operations, negating anti-access initiatives by your enemy. Maneuver lethal, mobile and protected mechanized forces throughout your battlespace for positional advantage - at the right place, at the right time, with the right force. Take advantage of all terrain optimizing the strengths of your heavy and light forces. Exercise greater agility over the enemy with the flexibility and rapid tempo of your force. Simultaneously strike your enemy from any direction. Dave Grange Former Danger 6 Air-Land Para-Mech Helo-Mech “TANKER BOOTS AND PARACHUTES”
  3. 3. 101st Air Mech Division Intervenes in Afghanistan 2007SITUATION: The United States conducts a pre-emptive strike in support of the electedGovernment of Afghanistan to eliminate terrorist elements that re-emerged to destabilize thecountry.DEPLOYMENT:* At C-Day (Deployment) the Army’s fleet of 50 leased Commercial Wide Body Jets (Winged Army Pre-positioned Stocks -Winged APS), begin flying from airfields in the Southwest United States to the former Soviet Air Force Base, ISB (Initial Staging Base) in Uzbekistan. The 50 aircraft are pre-loaded with a complete set of equipment for an Air Mech Brigade (300 Air Mech Combat Vehicles & Equipment) and 72 hours of supplies. On call reserve crews are federalized and the aircraft fleet delivers the first brigade set in 24 hours. Within the objective force deployment goal of 120 hours, the aircraft cycle back to the United States and complete the delivery of an entire Air Mech Division’s three Brigades.* The 101st 12,000 troops deploy via charter airliners to link up with the Winged APS.* The Division’s 150 UH-60, 75 RAH-66 and 50 CH-47 compound helicopters self deploy in 120 hours from Fort Campbell Kentucky to the ISB in Uzbekistan. Aircraft arrive with only modest stress on the rotor systems requiring little additional maintenance before combat ops due to lower stress characteristics of compound helicopters.* Winged APS and self deploying compound helicopters freed precious fixed-wing assets Oversized combat equipment (air defense, engineer, rocket launchers, medical, etc.) moved by Strategic USAF lift.EMPLOYMENT:* Division combat operations begin on C+6. Special Operations Units and other Joint reconnaissance elements prepare the battlefield for air assault operations against terrorist camps, supply caches and command and control sites.* Brigade Combat Teams conduct battalion sized airmech assaults against targets out to 400 kilometer radius. Dismounted air assaults seize key terrain, interdict lines of communications and link up with friendly Afghan forces out to 600 kilometer radius.* Extended ranges made possible via compound helicopters, facilitate combat operations without refuel sites, additional security and/or ground convoy support requirements.* Compound Reconnaissance-Attack helicopters provide for responsive targeting throughout the area of operations.* Screaming Eagle Air- Mech-Strike capabilities provide the command authority with a rapid, strategic deployable force, operational flexibility and swift, decisive combat operations.
  4. 4. 101st Air Mech Division Intervenes in Afghanistan 2007 All Data Open Source Uzbekistan 200 Km Conventional125 KmConventional Helo DismountedHelo Vehicle Insert Insert RadiusRadius FOB Afghanistan400 Km Compound HeloVehicle Insert Radius 600 Km Compound Helo Dismounted Insert Radius Pakistan Compound Helicopters Greatly Expand Combat Radius