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AMS New Appx B7-10
AMS New Appx B7-10
AMS New Appx B7-10
AMS New Appx B7-10
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AMS New Appx B7-10


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Published in: Technology
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  • 1. Piasecki UH-60 “Ringtail” Vectored Thrust Ducted Propeller (VTDP) Current NAVY-USAF Contract Piasecki UH-60 Ringtail * 14,000 Lbs. Empty with SEL * 2,500 Lbs. Fuel Internal * 2,500 Lbs. Fuel Wings * 8,000 Lbs. Wiesel-2 AMSV-L * 27,000 Lbs. GWT (Rolling T/O) (15% Increase via Wing Loading) * 1,500 Lbs. Fuel per hour * 170 knots (300 km/hr) @ 3.2 hr = 4,000 Lbs. of Fuel Needed220 Knots Dash Speed, 190 Knot Cruise, (170 w/AMSV-L)$4-6 Million to Convert UH-60L (New UH-60L = $8-10 Million)75-80% of V-22 Osprey Performance (V-22 Costs $80 Million)Conversion Kits Ready 2006, Low Training RequirementDouble Combat Radius, 50% Faster & Self Deploy in 96 hrs
  • 2. Compound the CH-47 Chinook Helicopter Earlier Boeing 347 Compound CH-47 Test Bed 1970s 190 knot Cruise Speed Rework B-347 Project! * Low-Wing * Props or Ducted Fans Powered by Engines * 190 Knot Cruise * $ 8-10 Million per Kit * Ready in 2007Self Deployability in 96-120 hours with low stress on main rotors
  • 3. Blade-In-Disk (BID)Retractable Rotor FTR ConceptVertiflight Corporation’s Blade-In-Disc Concept Aerodynamic Disks Act as Wings 4 Blades slide outward for V/TOL s ngine Fuel, E e Cockpit UH-60 Siz & Cabin Pod ti-Service SP ) Mul (M Major Chuck Jarnot500 Knot Airliner Cruise Speed = Self Deploy in 24 Hrs15-20 Ton Payload (FCS) Combat Radius 1000 KilometersExcellent Joint Civil Aviation Cost Sharing CandidateLow-Maintenance, Rotor-Disk only turns during V/TOL
  • 4. Air-Mech-Strike M113A3 Gavins Possible Now via CH-47 Chinook Empty Weight CH-47D No Fuel…..26,000 Lbs. 1/2 tank of fuel (50 Km radius)…… 3,000 Lbs. M113A3 with 11 Troops……….…...22,000 Lbs. Total Gross Weight = ………….…..55,000 Lbs. Peace Time Limit is 50,000 pound Max GWT war Time = 55,000 Pounds i.e. Desert Storm Lightweight “Gavin” M113A3 Weighs 22,000 Lbs. “Gavin” with 11 Troops and without Soldiers 19,000 Lbs. Making M113A3-based Air-Mech-Strike Medium Vehicle practical under most conditions.Current CH-47D Helicopters can only lift an M113A3 without troops a very short distanceand only under ideal temperature and low-altitude conditions. This is only a practicaloption for river-crossings etc. However, with a modest low-cost weight reductionprogram applied to the standard M113A3, creates a CH-47-M113A3 airmechanized capability.Already developed “Band Tracks” from United Defense along with kevlar doorsand hatches replacing heavier metal ramps could reduce the vehicle weight up to 4,000pounds without rebuilding the basic drive train. This reduction also results in two M113A3Gavins carried in a C-130 STOL aircraft vice only one. Band Tracks also improve road speed,reduces noise and crew fatigue by reduced vibration. The lightweight M113A3 “Gavin”Fighting Vehicle (GFV) in this edition is defined as an Air-Mech-Strike “Medium” class vehicle.