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  • Construction began in 1966 and occupancy in 1970. The 110-story Twin Towers incorporated a novel “tube within a tube” design and were capable of supporting 20 times their expected “live load” including floors, furniture, and human beings. But it appears to have been far greater.
  • Their 47 enormous core columns were connected to the 240 external support columns by steel trusses, which were welded at both ends and filled with 4” of poured concrete, creating an intricate lattice structure with open office space.
  • The World Trade Center included five other buildings beyond the Twin Towers, one of which--WTC-7--was a 47 story structure that came down at 5:20 PM, around 7 hours after the towers had been destroyed.
  • Philip Zelikow, Executive Director of The 9/11 Commission, is neither an historian nor a scientist but an expert on “public myths”. THIS IS THE ACE OF DIAMONDS.
  • A French film crew, the Naudet Brothers, “just happened” to be in an ideal position to record the first strike. The image was rather blurry and indistinct, where some have suggested that it looked like several unmanned aerial vehicles flying in close formation. It did not look like a Boeing 767.
  • Here is a time sequence from the Naudet brothers’ film that was prepared by Rosalee Grable. If a 767 has a wing span of 156 feet and the side of each Twin Tower is 208 feet, could this possibly be a 767? And if it’s not, what is it? Some nice clips are found at her web site, http://webfairy.org/flashies/ .
  • Jack White, the legendary photo-analyst of JFK fame, made this comparison yesterday, which shows that the “cut out’ in the steel support columns has been enhanced. Maybe it didn’t look right to those who were managing the script.
  • The “impact” would be accompanied by a substantial fireball with dust and debris. The North Tower was officially struck by AA Flight 11 around its 94th-96th floor.
  • Planes create a form of turbulence in their wake that was not present following the North Tower hit, which has reinforced the suspicion that it was not hit by a Boeing 767.
  • The hit on the South Tower by United Flight 175 was even more peculiar than that on the North. The plane--officially, another Boeing 767--was flying at an estimated 560 mph, which turns out the be its cruising speed at 35,000 feet but aerodynamically impossible at 700-1,000 feet.
  • Its entrance into the building was a fantasy. When you study the relevant frames, there is no apparent damage to either the building or the plane. No mass of debris was broken off and no “cut out” was created. This would be impossible with a real plane. We may be observing images of a plane that are generated by computers, video compositing, or a novel kind of holographic imagery.
  • This diagram shows that the purported plane would have intersected with eight floors, each defined by steel trusses carrying an acre of concrete apiece. A plane would have crumpled, its wings and tail broken off, with seats, bodies, and luggage falling to the ground. None of that happened.
  • The image that was created in the steel was almost as though it had been created artificially by specially placed explosives or perhaps an external laser. There was a cartoon-like quality to it.
  • The nose of a 767 is quite vulnerable and includes loads of fragile electronics. Surprisingly, the nose of this “plane” transited the building and came out the other side of this steel-and-concrete structure intact.
  • If there was a plane loaded with jet fuel, most of it burned up in these spectacular fireballs in ten or fifteen seconds, leaving only ordinary office fires in their wake. NIST (The National Institute of Standards and Technology) would study 236 samples of steel from the towers and find that 233 had not been exposed to temperatures above 500*F and the other three not above 1200*F. Underwriters Laboratory had certified the steel to 2000*F for three to four hours without incurring any damage. The fire in the South Tower lasted about an hour, in the North about an hour and a half. The fires burned neither hot enough nor long enough to weaken the steel, much less melt it.
  • Frank DeMartini, the project manager, explained that the towers were constructed to withstand the impact of even multiple hits by the then-largest commercial carrier, which was a Boeing 707. Such an impact would cause local damage but not threaten the integrity of either building. He said it would be like sticking a pencil through mosquito netting.
  • The 707 and 767s that purportedly hit the towers were very similar in their mass and fuel capacity. Had they hit at their cruising speed, the 707--whose cruising speed was higher-- would have done more damage than a 767.
  • When Andy Card notified President Bush of the second hit, Bush remained in an elementary classroom for seven more minutes. He would later--on public occasions--observe that, when he watched the first hit, he thought, “Well, there’s one terrible pilot!” The Naudet footage, however, would not be broadcast until the following day. Since no one would make such a remark after the second hit, he appears to have had access to closed Secret Service television coverage.
  • There were enormous explosions in the subbasements of the Twin Towers shortly before the alleged impacts of those two planes. William Rodriguez, in the North Tower, witnessed one of them.
  • This explosion damaged the open lobby, destroyed heavy machinery, and--as I learned during a conversation with Willie in Madison--filled the subbasements with water as the sprinkler systems drained into them.
  • These explosions registered at .7 and .9 on the Richter scale at a seismic laboratory maintained by Columbia University. The explosions that destroyed the Twin Towers would come in at about 2.1 and 2.3.
  • Based on FAA and radar data, Gordon Ross and Craig Furlong discovered that these explosions occurred as much as 14-17 seconds before the reverberations from the mid-90th floors in the North Tower and around the 80th floor in the South, which did not even register on the Richter scale.
  • As “Loose Change” vividly portrays, many firemen reported hearing explosions throughout the towers. The demolition sequence of the South Tower appears to have been triggered by a report by the Battalion Seven Chief, who radioed from the 78th floor, “Ladder 15, we’ve got two isolated pockets of fire. We should be able to knock it down with two line.” Once the fires had been extinguished, there would have been no plausible explanation for their “collapse”.
  • Although it was hit second, the South Tower was destroyed first. The top thirty floors (above the 80th) actually began to pivot and fall to the ground. But when it tilted toward the horizontal, all thirty floors turned into very fine dust!
  • The destruction was thorough and complete as each floor awaited its turn from the top down to be “blown to kingdom come”, in the memorable phrase of Morgan Reynolds, former chief economist in the Department of Labor in the Bush administration and professor at Texas A&M.
  • Both towers were converted into dust in approximately 10 second apiece. Here is a four-part sequence of the North Tower, which is distinguishable from the South by the large antenna on its top.
  • The sequence as it unfolds is simply stunning.
  • Words alone are inadequate to describe it.
  • The destruction complete, symmetrical, and abrupt.
  • According to the government, we are observing a “pancake collapse” of one floor upon another. Judy Wood, a former professor of mechanical engineering, has made a diagram. Even then the core columns should have remained standing.
  • Here is an actual “pancake collapse”, which cannot occur with a steel-reinforced structure, but is not uncommon with concrete buildings like this one. This one occurred after an earthquake in Pakistan. Notice the stack of “pancakes”.
  • Dr. Wood has compared their destruction to two enormous trees that are turning to sawdust from the top down. This diagram is a far closer approximation to what actually occurred.
  • Charles Boldwyn, a high-school physics instructor, has calculated that while the government claims that the collapse of the top 16 floors of the North Tower caused the bottom 96 to collapse, it would have taken 588 16-floor segments to acquire enough mass to bring about such an effect.
  • Astonishingly enough, these buildings were destroyed “below ground level”, which I personally confirmed with Fr. Frank Morales of St. Mark’s Church, one of the first responders.
  • Remember that this sequence took place in approximately ten seconds, as even The 9/11 Commission Report confirms.
  • Dr. Wood has calculated that a bowling ball in free fall dropped from the top of a 110-story building would hit the ground in 9.22 seconds in a vacuum--without even air to resist it.
  • If one floor had fallen on another and caused the lower floor to fall, it would have taken 96.7 seconds. Their “collapse” was not physically possible, as even considerations of time alone reveal.
  • There had been an enormous fire on the 11th floor of the North Tower on February 13, 1975. A fire captain observed, “It was like fighting a blowtorch”. It lasted three hours and spread over 65% of the floor. But it caused no structural damage to the building. A sprinkler system was installed as a result.
  • The problem with the official account, as Paul Craig Roberts, a prominent public intellectual, has observed, is “a massive energy deficit”. Some powerful sources of energy beyond modest fires and gravitational force were involved. Boldwyn has calculated that turning one tower into very find dust would have required the energy equivalent to 2.4 Hiroshima-sized atomic bombs.
  • The visual experience was one of “shock and awe”.
  • Footage of the destruction of the North Tower even captured one of its core columns being turned into dust. We may be observing the effects of a chemical laser that uses deuterium fluoride, prototypes of which were tested as log ago as 1997.
  • Dr. Wood has also estimated the conversion of each tower would have produced enough dust to cover 2.5 square miles an inch deep. While they resembled the pyroclastic clouds emitted from volcanoes, these clouds were “uncomfortably warm” but not intensely hot. The energy might have come from cold fusion.
  • Millions of cubic yards of very fine dust covered the city and gradually blew out to sea.
  • Imagine the feeling experienced by those where were responsible for cleaning this up.
  • In addition to the massive quantifies of dust, tons upon tons of paper were distributed throughout the city. Astonishingly, the paper survived undamaged--neither burned nor singed.
  • Three of the five “Dancing Israelis” acknowledged on Israeli television that they had prior knowledge of the terror attacks that changed America and the world. "The fact of the matter is that we come from a country that experiences terror daily," Oded Ellner (center) said.  "Our purpose was to document the event."  As Christopher Bollyn, SOLVING 9/11: THE DECEPTION THAT CHANGED THE WORLD (2009) has observed, the obvious question, "And who gave you that task?" was not asked, at least not openly. 
  • Here you can see what Fr. Frank Morales told me on two occasions, namely: that the towers were destroyed below ground level. In this photograph, you can see Building 7, which is still standing but seems to be “fuming”--in Judy Wood’s language--on one side.
  • The fires in this building were very modest and should have been extinguished by the sprinkler system. It was not hit by any airplane and had no jet-fuel based fire. An extremely robust building, it was constructed above two enormous generators that provided electricity for lower Manhattan.
  • No steel structure skyscraper has ever collapsed due to fire before 9/11 or since. This fire at the First Interstate Bank Building--a 62-story skyscraper in Los Angeles--burned for 3 1/2 hours on May 8, 1988--and was far more extensive than any of the fires at the WTC, yet it did not collapse.
  • The collapse of Building 7 was complete, symmetrical, and abrupt, where all of the floors were moving at the same time and it fell into its own foundation. These are key features of classic controlled demolitions. The Twin Tower were taken out by demolitions under control, but they were not “classic”.
  • While WTC-7 fell at the rate of free fall in about 6.5 seconds, there was a pile of debris of about 12% of the building’s mass, which, in this case, was equal to about 5.5 floors (or “pancakes”).
  • Larry Silverstein, the first private owner of the WTC, insured it for $3.5 billion against “terrorist attacks” and claimed double-indemnity. THIS IS THE ACE OF HEARTS.
  • WTC-7 came down at 5:20 PM. Yet at 4:57 PM, one Jane Stanley of the BBC announced that “the Solomon Brothers’ building”--another name by which it was known--had already collapsed, 43 minutes before that would happen.
  • In fact, you can see WTC-7 in the background over her left shoulder. This appears to be one of the great blunders in collaboration between government, intelligence agencies, and the mass media--in this case, the BBC.
  • The question thus arises of what could have caused the destruction of the WTC. There are four stages to scientific inquiries. PUZZLEMENT: Something doesn’t fit into your background knowledge. SPECULATION: Consider the full range of alternative explanations: (H1) natural causes: earthquake, hurricane, … (H2) human causes: conventional: arson, dynamite, RDX, THERMITE/THERMATE, … (H3) human causes: unconventional, such as mini-nukes (atomic, hydrogen, …), directed energy weaponry: HAARP, LASERS, MASERS, PLASMOIDS, . . . (H4) other alternatives not yet considered . . . ADAPTATION: Likelihood of hypothesis h, given e (if e were true) equals the probability of e, given h (if h were true) EXPLANATION: When sufficient evidence is available, the preferable hypothesis--the one with the highest likelihood--is also acceptable. As a simple example, consider suspects in a crime before and after there is enough proof to bring an indictment.
  • The destruction to the World Trade Center was devastating and complete. But surrounding buildings escaped with only minor harm. It is as though the “terrorists” were targeting all and only buildings with a “WTC”designation.
  • We already know that planes and fires did not bring the towers down. Here is an aerial view. It is as though the terrorists wanted to destroy all and only buildings with a “WTC” designation. And there were many odd effects.
  • Here is the subbasement of the South Tower. An important issue separating conventional from unconventional accounts is the alleged existence of massive pools of molten mental, which would have required extremely high temperatures. Notice the pools of water. They are not bubbling or boiling. Workers are walking with impunity across the ground, which does not appear to be hot.
  • Here is WTC-6, which has an enormous hole in the middle, as though it had been subjected to the surgical removal of its core. The remains of WTC-7 are behind it (to the left), while the remnants of WTC-1 are in front (to the right).
  • This view is internal to WTC-6. Notice that its entire core is missing. While there is some debris from the North Tower, the core of this 8-story building is missing. Falling debris should have added mass to the building, not reduced it.
  • Notice the peculiar circular holes in WTC-5. One of Judy’s students has studied the photos of the WTC and has found that there are some 50 of these circular cut-outs altogether.
  • WTC-4 is rather strange. Half of it (on the right) is intact, but the other half (in the center) is completely gone.
  • WTC-3, The Marriott Hotel, looks as though a giant Paul Bunyan--a mythical lumberjack in American folklore--had taken an enormous axe and struck the building.
  • The effects on more than 100 cars was very strange. Some had their engine blocks completely destroyed, yet the gas in their tanks remained unexploded.
  • Some were wilted like wet rags. These effects were certainly not brought about from having been hit by falling debris.
  • Effects like the deformation of steel appear to have more than one possible explanation. Tritium and Deuterium are reported to have been found together as effects that some students claim are distinctive to pure hydrogen explosions. They purportedly do not give off radiation but can pulverize concrete and steel and deform large beams into shapes like these, which makes them interesting, too.
  • The Twin Towers were constructed in a dike-like structure called “the bathtub”, which was designed to keep Hudson River water from flooding their foundation.
  • Here is the bathtub, which was not seriously damaged by the destruction of the towers. It appears to have been essential to turn these 500,000 ton buildings into very fine dust so they would not shatter it.
  • Here is the bathtub of the North Tower. If they had cracked, the water would have undermined the foundations of multiple major structures in lower Manhattan, flooded the subways and the PATH train tunnels that connect New York and New Jersey beneath the river.
  • But that did not happen. The subways were not filled with water nor were they immersed in molten metal. If there had been vast pools of molten metal, then river water would have created massive steam explosions.
  • Some 11 million gallons of water was sprayed on the site in coping with the damage, which, like the river water, would have created enormous steam explosions had vast pools of molten metal been present.
  • A steam pipe explosion that occurred in Manhattan induced 3rd degree burns over 80% of the driver’s body.
  • Judy has observed that this cannot be steam, since it would have harmed these workers. It appears to be some kind of residual fuming from the use of a device that brought about the molecular dissociation of the steel and concrete, which turned them into very fine dust.
  • Of the nearly 3,000 dead, some 1,100 bodies were never recovered--not an arm, not a leg, not a fingernail. They, like the towers themselves, seem to have been demolecularized. The conversion of a cubic foot of water into steam brings about an expansion in volume of 1,600 times the original. Paper may have been spared because it is bereft of water.
  • Mayor Rudi Giuliani arranged for a vast number of trucks to be used to transport debris from Ground Zero. What Judy noticed, which has often been overlooked, is that the same trucks were also bringing vast quantities of dirt into the site.
  • Note all the dirt that actually increased the size of the piles of debris across time. Dirt was not among the ingredients in the construction of the WTC buildings--except in relation to their foundations. Dirt was also used to cope with the catastrophe at Chernobyl.
  • Dr. Wood also observed that the steel seems to have been turning into rust at a surprising rapid rate. Even today, much of the site continues to be unusable, even though it is some of the most valuable property in the world. This may well be due to enduring effects of the demolecularization process.
  • Steve Jones has offered the flow of some kind of metal from the 80-81 floor of the South Tower to support his case for thermite. Some of the photos show it streaming from the third window, some from the forth. My suspicion is that this is molten lead rather than steel, since the Fuji Bank owned these floors and had a massive array of batteries stored there. Lead melts at much lower temperature than steel. And if thermite were used to destroy the building, then we would expect to see flowing steel randomly distributed around it; but it was restricted to this specific location, suggesting there was something odd about it.
  • The case for molten metal, which might be expected if the buildings had been taken out by massive quantities of conventional explosives in combination with the use of the incendiary thermate or thermate or even nano-thermite, which operate at very high temperatures, has also been supported by photos like this one. While unexploded thermitic material has been found in recent studies of the dust, the molten metal may be mythical.
  • Dr. Wood has noticed that the hydraulics of the grappler would have ceased functioning at temperatures around 350*F. A glowing chunk of steel would presumably have rendered the machinery inoperable.
  • My favorite shows a group of workers peering into a cavern aglow with molten metal. No one would put their face over the spout of a tea kettle when its starts to boil, yet that is only about 212*F. The temperature here would be around 3,000* F and would have caused the skin to melt from their faces.
  • Satellite thermal maps suggest that such “hot spots” as may have existed early on had largely cooled within two weeks of the events of 9/11, contradicting the contention that they endured for several months. Something beyond the use of thermite/thermate and nanothermite appears to have been involved here.
  • The FAA and NORAD grounded all flights--military and civilian--just before the South Tower was destroyed and allowed flights to continue just after the North Tower was destroyed. Some causal process hazardous to planes was probably involved, perhaps a directed energy weapon of a kind the Pentagon is only now acknowledging,which is called the “laser guided energy beam”.
  • An Israeli company, Kroll Inc., was responsible for revamping security at the World Trade Center after the 1993 bombing. George’s brother, Neal Bush, was a member of the board of directors for Securacom, which conducted video surveillance for the WTC, Dulles Airport, and United Airlines on 9/11. His cousin, Wirt Walker III, was its CEO. Another Israeli company, ICTS, ran passenger security at Dulles, Logan, and Newark, the three airports from which the alleged flights originated..
  • Thierry Meyssan’s early studies of the Pentagon, including his books, PENTAGATE and 9/11: THE BIG LIE, were my introduction to 9/11. His internet study, “Hunt the Boeing”, was among the first I posted on a web site of my own.
  • He asked pointed questions about the absence of missing debris, including the wings, which should have been sheered off. He was being generous to a fault, because the initial damage was even less extensive than that shown here.
  • Shortly after United Flight 175 allegedly hit the South Tower, American Flight 77 is supposed to have hit the Pentagon on the ground floor. The hit point was only about 10 feet high and 15-17 feet across. There are unbroken windows and other debris, but no massive pile of aluminum debris--no wings, no bodies, no seats, no luggage--from a 100-ton airplane.
  • According to the official account, the plane approached on a north-easterly trajectory, just skimming above the ground and taking out a series of lamp posts, which, had it happened, would have severely damaged the plane and thrown it off course. There may have been a secondary explosion as shown here--if this photo is authentic--because the original damage was too modest to be credible. Notice the smoke already arising from several locations prior to this blast.
  • Here is a before and after the upper floors collapsed, which took place around 30 minutes after the original “hit”. Several Pentagon employees reported an explosion and also saw no plane.
  • Aeronautical engineers have explained to me that this is an aerodynamically impossible scenario. A plane at high speed creates a pocket of compressed air beneath its wings and fuselage, making it impossible to get closer to the ground than about one wing span. In the case of a 757 at over 500 mph, that would have been about 60 feet.
  • The two huge engines, which were not recovered, would have been plowing furrows across the lawn and disrupting it.
  • Yet a photo taken of the lime green civilian fire trucks, which extinguished the fires in about 15 minutes, shows a perfectly clear, green, and unblemished lawn. I expect Tiger Woods to show up with his caddy to practice his putting!
  • Debris would start showing up, leading me to speculate that the C-130 cargo plane, which was circling the building, might have dropped it onto the lawn. An attorney from Columbus, Ohio, James Hanson, has even traced the most conspicuous piece of debris back to a crash in Cali, Columbia, in 1995.
  • That is not meant to discount the efforts of men in suits, who appear to have been making their own contributions.
  • Nor of this group of enlisted men, who appear to be carrying off some remnants that might have given the game away.
  • If the plane had hit the building at an angle, as the official account requires, its tail would have broken off as its tail lurched sharply to the left. But no tail section was found.
  • A study of the damage to the supporting columns by A.K. Dewdney and G. W. Longspaugh (from the University of Western Ontario), the pattern of damage was inconsistent with a Boeing 757 but consistent with that of a much smaller jet plane.
  • A separate study from Purdue University, by contrast, was offered to support the official account, but its more blatant deficiencies include the absence of any engines from its diagram of the plane interacting with the support columns. Perhaps they thought the building had been hit by a gigantic glider.
  • The Pentagon covertly released five frames from one video, even though there were more than 80 videos that should have shown what happened. Thierry has analyzed these frames in his books. The most important is the one at the upper right, conveniently labeled “plane”. Otherwise no one might have noticed.
  • Had a Boeing 757 actually hit the building, it should have looked something like this. But that is not what we find in the crucial frame.
  • Moreover, the principal component of an engine that was found at the Pentagon appears to have come from a type of aircraft other than a 757. This has raised the possibility that a smaller plane, flying much slower, might have hit instead.
  • That engine part looks like it may have come from a JT8D, which is used in the A-3 Sky Warrior, the largest plane designed to take off and land on an aircraft carrier. It could have been made up to resemble an American Airlines’ plane.
  • What I am suggesting is subject to debate, but if we take the outline of an A-3 . . .
  • and impose it over the image of a plane that can be seen just above the gate mechanism in this crucial frame, . . .
  • . . . then the result looks like a pretty good fit. Pilots have told me that the white plume from the plane cannot be coming from its engines--which would be black--but appears to be coming from a missile that is being fired into the building
  • Jack White has sized the image of a 757 to that of the tail shown in this frame. The plane’s image is about half the length of a 757, which at 155 feet is more than twice as long as the 77-foot Pentagon is tall. That would comport with an A-3, which is just 76 feet long. My conjecture, of course, takes for granted that Dewdney and Longspaugh study is sound.
  • I have noticed that about three dozen of the 125 casualties at the Pentagon were budget analysts, financial experts, and accountants, most of whom, I suspect, were in the west wing---which had been recently reinforced to withstand a major attack--attempting to track the $2.3 trillion that Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld had announced the day before was missing from the Pentagon’s budget. Dov Zakheim, the comptroller at the time, was--like many of the neo-cons who were so eager to go to war with Iraq--a joint US-Israeli citizen.
  • The day before 9/11, Donald Rumsfeld, Secretary of Defense, announced that the Pentagon had lost track of $2.3 trillion from its records.
  • Since the fires had long since been extinguished, it is of more than passing interest that--when a threat to the Capitol was announced and the members of Congress poured out of the building onto the lawn--enormous billowing clouds of black smoke were seen rising from the Pentagon.
  • These enormous clouds of smoke, however, were not coming from inside the building but were from a series of enormous dumpsters located in front of the building as a “special effect”, Hollywood-style,no doubt intended to create an impression in the minds of the members of Congress.
  • While I was still living in Duluth, Minnesota, years ago, a fellow came through town and showed me 44 additional frames from another angle, where you could clearly see daylight between the dumpsters and the building. The staging of this event was quite blatant--and this is not the only example.
  • Notice that, in cleaning up the area where the roof of the building had been collapsed, you can see--on the third or fourth floor, to the left-front--what appears to be an Oxford Unabridged Dictionary on a wooden stand, which does not even appear to be singed, in spite of the enormous fireball that allegedly exploded when a Boeing 757 hit the building.
  • As though this were not proof enough, Pilots for 9/11 Truth has obtained the black box data that the NTSB--National Transportation Safety Board--claims came from Flight 77 and has discovered that it shows an entirely different approach from the west almost perpendicular into the Pentagon, which was too high to hit any lamp posts and was still 100 feet too high to hit the building--one second from impact. The plane appears to have approached the Pentagon but swooped over it as a distraction while--if my hypothesis is correct--an A-3 approached the building and fired a missile into it.
  • It is also fascinating that the alleged flight path taken by this plane was “lost from radar” around the Kentucky-Ohio border and only came back into view as it approached the target, where air traffic controllers thought its maneuverability and speed indicated it was a small, military plane, as Thierry, I believe, was the first to observe.
  • Although Condoleeza Rice and other high officials insisted that no one had ever contemplated the use of aircraft as missiles, there is a history that contradicts it. In fact, here is a scale model from a simulation of an attack on the Pentagon conducted within a year of the event--involving a 757. If you want to know what it should look like, that is a good thing to do. Sometimes it appears that success in Washington is a function of your capacity to lie: the greater the lies you are willing to tell, the farther you will go!
  • The situation in Shanksville, Pennsylvania, where United Flight 93--another 757--is alleged to have come down is not more convincing. The only photo that is supposed to show the impact smoke does not correspond to the location where it is supposed to have crashed.
  • This plane--if you can believe it--is alleged to have crashed upside down into an abandoned mine shaft! We know what to do with miners trapped in mine shafts: bring out the bright lights and the heavy equipment and dig like mad, 24/7, in the hope that, by some miracle, someone might have survived.
  • That, however, was not done here. Instead, journalists and reporters were kept some 1,000 yards away, while a task force cleaned up the site. They even trimmed burned shrubs and tree limbs so they could not be subjected to a chemical analysis. Colonel George Nelson, USAF (retired), an air crash expert, told me that it looked to him as if someone had taken a bulldozer out there, dug a ditch, filled it with trash, and blown it up!.
  • Like Jamie McIntyre, the first reporter on the scene at the Pentagon, the first reporters at the scene in Shanksville told their audience that the most striking feature of the crash site was that there was no evidence that any plane had crashed there. McIntyre would later state that only someone “stupid” would deny that a plane hit the building, but there can be no doubt that these reporters spoke the truth initially.
  • Precisely what happened to Flight 93--or any of these flights-- is an open question. One report has it that a hot-shot pilot, Major Rick Gibney, from “The Happy Hooligans”--a unit of three F-16s on temporary duty at Andrews Air Force Base outside of Washington--shot it down with two Sidewinder missiles at exactly 0958. It’s a plausible story; but we also have reports that Flight 93 landed in Cleveland, where the Mayor came out to the airport and explained to reporters that the plane had been taken to a distant hanger under great security, where some 200 passengers had been off-loaded in secrecy. Since these planes were only about 1/4 full, to reach that number would have required them all This story was revised some fourteen times before being abandoned.
  • There are multiple reasons to doubt that any of these planes actually flew that day. Perhaps the real reason for standing down the most sophisticated air defense system in the world was so the pilots would not respond and discover that they did not exist! But even if the planes were fake, 9/11 was for real. The official account has been proven false. This was a complex, military/intelligence/psychological operation. Many of the participants were unknowing. Planning took place at a very high level. Aspects of the operation were “outsourced” to trustworthy friends. 19 + 1 assumed the role of “patsies”. It was an act of violence used to instill fear into the American people in order to manipulate us for political purposes. If the American press were as diligent as those of other countries, including today Argentina, then perhaps the public would be enraged. But, as Frank Wisner of the CIA recognized a long time ago, as long as the agency controls the media, which he called “The Mighty Wurlitzer” (because he played it like an organ), the facts don’t matter--only the story.
  • 9/11 has been used to justify constrictions on civil liberties, wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and placing the country under electronic surveillance. Make THE JOKER our “False Flag” #49.
  • John Lear, one of our nation’s most distinguished pilots, has analyzed the damage. The green lines are derived from the NIST’s own description. The left horizontal tail is referenced by aa and bb.The left engine is represented by a circle. Just below and to the right is Edna Citron. Notice (ee) how neatly the steel columns, 13, 14 and 15 were sliced, horizontally and not at the angle of the left horizontal tail .Letters A, B, C, D, and E through which the alleged left wing passed are not breached. Any material that didn't pass between the columns would have had to have fallen to the ground. There should have been tons of aircraft debris external to the building.
  • Here is another view of Building 7. The “damage” to the left side or in the foreground from this view appears to have been fabricated--only one of several photographs that were faked.
  • Here is one such effort, with arrows pointing to alleged indentations created by the wings. But the wings are not there and neither are the purported indentations. The evidence that a 757 hit the building has in fact been refuted on multiple grounds.
  • As Christopher Bollyn, SOLVING 9/11: THE DECEPTION THAT CHANGED THE WORLD (2009), has observed, Benjamin Netanyahu (right) and Ehud Olmert are Israeli politicians from the extreme right-wing Likud party, which grew out of the Zionist terror organization, the Irgun.  Olmert, then mayor of Jerusalem, made a secret visit to New York City the day before the terror attacks.  Asked what the attacks meant for U.S.-Israeli relations, Netanyahu said, "It's very good.” Then he corrected himelf: "Well, it's not good, but it will generate immediate sympathy."
  • REVISED: There are multiple reasons to doubt that any of these planes actually flew that day, including a lack of proof that the hijackers were aboard them, the absence of “envelopes” pilots must submit before pulling away from a terminal, and the failure of the government to produce even one uniquely identifiable part from any of these planes--even though there are thousands! Two were deregistered on January 14, 2002, the other two not till September 28, 2005! Perhaps the real reason for standing down the most sophisticated air defense system in the world was so the pilots would not respond and discover that these four flights did not exist. If the American press were as diligent as those of other countries, such as Argentina, perhaps the public might be enraged. But, as Frank Wisner of the CIA recognized a long time ago, as long as the agency controls the media, which he called “The Mighty Wurlitzer” that it plays like an organ, the facts don’t matter--only the story.

9/11: New Buenos Aires Presentation 9/11: New Buenos Aires Presentation Presentation Transcript

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  • Original seismic and Commission times.Table 1AA Flt 11 2001 LDEO 8:46:26 Original seismic 2004 Commission 8:46:40 (14 seconds difference)UA Flt 175 2001 LDEO 9:02:54 Original seismic 2004 Commission 9:03:11 (17 seconds difference)
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  • SCIENTIFIC METHOD• PUZZLEMENT: Something doesn’t fit into your background knowledge• SPECULATION: Consider the full range of alternative explanations• (H1) natural causes: earthquake, hurricane, . . .• (H2) human causes: conventional• arson, dynamite, RDX, THERMITE/THERMATE, . . .• (H3) human causes: unconventional• mini-nukes (atomic, hydrogen, . . .), directed energy weaponry: HAARP, LASERS, MASERS, PLASMOIDS, . . .• (H4) other alternatives not yet considered . . .• ADAPTATION: Likelihood of hypothesis h, given e (if e were true)• Equals the probability of e, given h (if h were true)• EXPLANATION: When sufficient evidence is available,• The preferable hypothesis is acceptable
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