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CLTAD eteam


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Presentation to department on Work of elearning team at UAL.

Presentation to department on Work of elearning team at UAL.

Published in: Education, Technology, Sports
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  • Support teachers in developing use of technology to improve student learning
  • Aim is to provide a seamless blend of teaching and learning and technology
  • After all, If we’re going to engage students in learning, we need to engage with their world.
  • Work with the teaching and learning community to find out what their needs are and try to provide the appropriate tools and resources. Some of these are off the shelf products e.g. VLESome we’ve developed ourselves – Assessment toolSome are a hybrid – Workflow – taken a product and customised it to meet specific needs of art and design community
  • Doing things better - Induction support Upload and share resources, see how other people are inducting students, sharing practice.
  • Making things quicker and easier - Assessment tool – brings together all the assessment resources across UAL for staff and students providing quick access to all relevant assessment information.
  • Doing things that couldn’t be done before – new ways of reflecting on practice and extending collaboration between students beyond the classroom to a wider, potentially global community.
  • Not just about providing tools – so many great ones out there all ready. Overwhelming - Advice and guidance to help colleagues navigate through and find the most appropriate tool for their needs Going out meeting tutors and teaching teams to find out what they’re doing, why they’re doing it and what they need to be able to do. Work with them to integrate appropriate technologies, if necessary adapting the way they approach their teaching.
  • Training and staff development– workshops, floorwalking, 1:1, taster sessions, online tutorials – text and screen casts.
  • As well as academcisWe work with IT to put the infrastructure in place, servers, storage, back up, accessible….Work with other departments – e.g. registry and learn IT to provide seamless and integrated services
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