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GameSalad Weekend Intensive
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GameSalad Weekend Intensive


January 2012 GameSalad's Billy Garretsen, Manager Game Development taught us how to build a game and publish it to our fav iOS, Android platforms. …

January 2012 GameSalad's Billy Garretsen, Manager Game Development taught us how to build a game and publish it to our fav iOS, Android platforms.

Ck out UW Bothell Center for Serious Play:

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  • 1. Game Creation for Everyone. GameSalad Weekend Seminar January 2012 Billy Garretsen, Manager Game Development Monday, January 30, 12
  • 2. GameSalad - Confidential Game Development Seminar2 INTRODUCTIONS • What is GameSalad? • A little background on Billy Garretsen Session 1 Overview GAME DESIGN PRIMER • Why are we all here? • The core components of a game GAMESALAD • General UI Discussion • Actors and Scenes • Behaviors and Attributes • Advanced: Custom Attributes • Tables • Advanced: Expressions Monday, January 30, 12
  • 3. GameSalad - Confidential Game Development Seminar What is GameSalad? 3 TOOL OVERVIEW • Logic-based • Drag & Drop functionality • No coding or programming • Uses logic & mathematical expressions BENEFITS • Rapid prototyping • Test out gameplay • Free to use • Easy to learn • Test live on the device as you go PLATFORMS • iOS • Android • Mac Desktop • HTML5 Monday, January 30, 12
  • 4. GameSalad - Confidential Game Development Seminar A Little About Billy Garretsen 4 CURRENT TITLE • GameSalad: Manager, Game Development • Head of internal Game Team One EDUCATION • BA Studio Art, University of Texas at Austin 2004 INDEPENDENT DEVELOPMENT • Made first publicly released game at age 19 • Formed Perfect Dork Studios LLC in 2007 • Contributed development and art services for Wii, Xbox360, PSHome, iOS, Android, PC and Mac titles • Experience with multiple game development platforms such as Torque, Unity and Unreal PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT • Spent 7 years designing and illustrating casino games for Multimedia Games, Inc. • Have shipped over 50 titles and hold a number of gaming patents (pending) CREDITED ROLES TO DATE • Director • Designer • Art Direction • Illustration & Animation • Music Composer Monday, January 30, 12
  • 6. GameSalad - Confidential Game Development Seminar The Core Components of A Game 6 A DRASTIC SIMPLIFICATION OF WHAT MAKES A GAME: GRAPHICS • The visual representation of game mechanics • Reinforcement of positive or negative game feedback AUDIO • Aural feedback/cues and reinforcement of game mechanics • Often used as the emotional backbone Recommended Reading: The Art of Game Design - A Book of Lenses by Jesse Schell GAME MECHANICS • The actual activity the player is engaged in from moment to moment • Can be emotionally driven. Games can encourage, taunt, frustrate and satisfy “Elemental Tetrad” (Schell) Monday, January 30, 12
  • 7. GameSalad - Confidential Game Development Seminar GameSalad Concepts 7 Monday, January 30, 12
  • 8. GameSalad - Confidential Game Development Seminar GameSalad Interface 8 LAUNCH SCREEN • Select new or existing projects • Open templates and tutorials SCENE SELECTION • Add new scenes to the game • Rearrange existing scenes • Rename scenes ACTOR EDITOR • Add behaviors, rules, notes, and groups to the actor • Edit attributes, images • Add new attributes Monday, January 30, 12
  • 9. GameSalad - Confidential Game Development Seminar BREAK FOR LUNCH! 9 CAFFEINE • Try Coffee or Tea • Limit your Sodas • Don’t overdo it A QUICK WORD ON DEVELOPER FITNESS SNACKS • Try and handful of nuts or dried fruit • Chips and candy will slow you down SESSION 2 BEGINS AT 1PM YOUR BRAIN & BODY NEED TO STAY FIT EXERCISE • Doesn’t take much • Get up and stretch once and in a while • Good circulation keeps you focused Monday, January 30, 12
  • 10. GameSalad - Confidential Game Development Seminar10 ELEMENT 1: Core Theme and Mechanics • The Design Process • High Level Objectives • Reinforcement of theme Session 2 - Let’s Design a Game! ELEMENT 2: Presentation • Different views for different genres • Technical considerations based on POV ELEMENT 3: Planning Ahead • Thought maps and flow charts are great! • Understanding how it all fits together Monday, January 30, 12
  • 11. GameSalad - Confidential Game Development Seminar11 The Design Process • Anything can inspire a game • Imitation is sometimes the best way to learn • It is easier to change direction early on • Ask a lot of questions - explore a lot of options Core Theme and Mechanics High Level Objectives • What is the meat versus what are the potatoes? • Hammering down the handful of game mechanics that define your game vision • Genre, control schemes, etc • Think broadly within your constraints...leave a little wiggle room Reinforcement of Theme • Begin understanding that everything in your game should tie into and reinforce your central vision • Includes visuals, audio, level design Monday, January 30, 12
  • 12. GameSalad - Confidential Game Development Seminar12 Different views for different genres • How will the player experience your vision? • Genre and Point of View • Scale as an emotional and communication tool Presentation Technical Considerations based on POV • Understanding that some genres are more intense than others design and development wise • Static Camera versus scrolling • Top Down vs. Flat Side Scrolling vs. Multiplanar Side Scrolling... • Room-by-room exploration vs. Open World Monday, January 30, 12
  • 13. GameSalad - Confidential Game Development Seminar13 Thought Maps and Flow Charts • Gathering your ideas visually is a great way to organize all of your individual thoughts into a cohesive design • Thought Maps allow you to take the elements of your design and categorize them in a hierarchy that will make your flow charts and engine easier to create • You’ve probably seen Flow Charts before. They are the visual representation of what will ultimately be your game logic with an emphasis on order and dependencies Planning Ahead - EVERYTHING is Connected Monday, January 30, 12
  • 14. GameSalad - Confidential Game Development Seminar14 Collaborative Design Exercises EXERCISE 1: GOAL: Create a Thought Map & General Flow Chart as a group EXERCISE 2: GOAL: Translate Flow Chart into logic using GameSalad Monday, January 30, 12
  • 15. GameSalad - Confidential Game Development Seminar15 Jump Right In For the rest of today’s session you will be working on your own original design and implementation using GameSalad. GameSalad associates will be available for Q&A and assistance if you get stuck! Tomorrow we will review your work and offer critique. Afterwards we will go through a few more goal-driven design challenges before wrapping up at noon. Monday, January 30, 12
  • 16. GameSalad - Confidential Game Development Seminar16 DESIGN CHALLENGE 1 30 Minutes • Build a scrolling top down shooter • Key Components: Keyboard Input, scene wrap, actor spawning Session 3 Design Challenges DESIGN CHALLENGE 2 30 Minutes • Build a point-and-click navigation game • Key Components: Device Attributes, Constraints and Move To Behavior DESIGN CHALLENGE 3 60 Minutes • Build a basic side scrolling platformer with jumping and platforms • Key Components: Game Attributes, Keyboard Input, Collision, Velocity ONE on ONE REVIEWS and Q&A 60 Minutes (Optional Attendance) • Review any work from previous session and field individual questions Monday, January 30, 12
  • 17. GameSalad - Confidential Game Development Seminar17 In Closing GAME DESIGN IS AN ART AND A SCIENCE • Play Games...IT’S RESEARCH! • Make games as often as you can with any tool you can...even pen & paper • Study other designer’s documents. Don’t design in a bubble. GAMESALAD AS A DEVELOPMENT PLATFORM • Unrivaled in speed and accessibility • Prototype your ideas faster to find out if they are fun • Great for the transition from student to professional. DESIGNER EXPERIENCE IS CUMULATIVE • Good game designers usually have a number of years or titles under their belt. Each project will teach you something new you can take into the next one to make it better/faster/bigger PATIENCE WITH A CAPITAL P • You will probably fail more times than you succeed and that is normal. As long as you can assess your ideas objectively and learn from your design choices (good and bad) you will come out on top • Don’t ever give up! Games are AWESOME! Monday, January 30, 12
  • 18. Thank you for attending! Questions? Comments? Contact us at: Monday, January 30, 12