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1 Lotus Marketing Research Services Strategic Market Research Fieldwork Partner Credentials


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1Lotus Market Research offer quantitative and qualitative, consumer, business-to-business and primary market research fieldwork at Asia Pacific & Middle East.

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1 Lotus Marketing Research Services Strategic Market Research Fieldwork Partner Credentials

  1. 1. Strategic Market Research Fieldwork Partners -Asia Pacific & Middle East regionIntroduction:1Lotus Market Research is an independent market research fieldwork agency assisting Fieldwork partners and Clients withheadquarters in Mumbai, India.Multi Country - Primary Market Research FieldworkWe at 1Lotus market research have designed our internal teams to provide trainings, guidance to support otherteam members when they carry out multi-country, primary healthcare or non healthcare market research. Onany typical assignment, the local partners and teams liaise with a central team and in turn the central teamreports to a project manager. The project manager is a single point contact established by the managementteam at the time of project briefings or take off.Primary market research includes assignments which are ad hoc, tracking, syndicated work on any retail,consumer products, pharmaceutical products, biologics, medical devices and diagnostics (available with orwithout prescriptions across Asia pacific & Middle East Regions). Qualitative Research Quantitative Research Online Research One to One Interviews ( In-depth Face to Face Interviews (F2F); interviews ) (telephone, face-to- Web Based Survey Personal Interviews face, in-facility/in-Clinic) Focus Group Discussions Self Competition Interview Online Focus Groups Central location tests (CLT) / Hall Mini Groups Online Bulletin Boards tests Computer aided telephonic Online Community Ethnographic Research interviews (CATI) managementsCATI – Computer Aided Telephonic Interviews1Lotus research offers outbound and inbound CATI interviewing from India to English, Urdu, Arabic, China, Japan, French,German, Russian, and Spanish speaking markets. The in-house CATI (computer aided telephone interview) team isenabled and staffed by experienced recruiters and interviewers who have worked in the industry for many years. Ourstrategic fieldwork attitude assists us in recruitments, fieldworks and for training of the bilingual agents. Constant trainingprograms, briefing on the study topic, accuracy of the open end responses collected, ethical approaches, methods and strictquality controls, etc are the part of ongoing processes in CATI center.Market Research Fieldwork Coverage1Lotus Research conducts primary healthcare and non healthcare across Asia Pacific and MENA Region - viz.In Asia Pacific : India, China, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam,Australia and Sri Lanka and In Middle East Region : UAE, Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia, Jeddah, Riyadh, Kuwait,Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Egypt, Philippines and Turkey. For more information regarding our multi country marketresearch fieldwork capabilities, please feel free to visit OR drop a lineto info@1lotusresearch.com1Lotus Marketing Research ServicesIndia | Indonesia | Thailand | Vietnam |China | Singapore| Hong Kong | Malaysia | South KoreaUnited Arab Emirates (UAE) | Saudi Arabia | Kuwait | Qatar | Bahrain | |