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#selfie: Our Society's Obsession With the Selfie
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#selfie: Our Society's Obsession With the Selfie


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Published in: Education, Sports, Technology

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  • 1. #selfieSociety‟s Obsession With The SelfImage: Flickr; Klaas/KJGuch.comBy Hannah Carver
  • 2. Selfie:taking a picture of oneself,usually with the intention topost on social media.Source: Jillian McHugh; „Selfies‟ just as much for the insecure as show-offsImage: Flickr; claireclinch
  • 3. So… whytake a selfie?Image: Flickr; byls
  • 4. Source: Christine Erickson; The Psychology of the SelfieImage: Flcikr; kata rokkarLoneliness anddesperation for attentionare crucial ingredients.- Chelsea Peretti
  • 5. We are prisoners in aof our own devising, and there isno escapeImage: Google; gossipextra.comSource: Troy Patterson; A gentleman‟s guide to the selfie.
  • 6. Image: Flickr; Wes Head“activities”.Our societyhas made it acceptableto partake in these
  • 7. “It‟s more aboutabout ourselves.”Image: Flcikr; Trisha WeirSource: Jillian McHugh; „Selfies‟ just as much for the insecure as show-offs
  • 8. We pull faces, angle cameras,and add filters to distort our image.Image: Flcikr; sept23(:
  • 9. But is ithealthy?Image: Flcikr;
  • 10. “The selfie is narcissisticbut only in the senseit‟s showing something aboutyourself.”- Dr. Tama LeaverImage: Flickr; CaseyCrowleyPhotographySource: Jillian McHough; „Selfie‟ just as much for the insecure as show-offs
  • 11. Image: Flcikr; d o l f ISource: Christine Erickson; The Psychology of the SelfieThe “looking-glass self” is a psychological conceptthat suggests we develop our sense of selfbased on the perceptions of those we interact with.- Dr. Andrea Letamendi
  • 12. With apps likeSnapchat, Instagram, andFacebook allowing instant ability toshare, there is no halting the selfieobsession.Image: Flickr; mhdbadi
  • 13. The most popular form for sharing images on social medis via Facebook.93% of people choose this option.Image: MorgueFile; Karpati GaborSource: Jillian McHugh; „Sellfies‟ just as much for the insecure as show-offs
  • 14. Image: Flickr; Florin HatmanuSource: Jillian Mchugh; „Selfies just as much for insecure as show-offs“Instagramhas becomemore popular and I do thinkthe ability to manipulatephotos very easily plays a role.”- Dr. Tama Leaver
  • 15. Image: Flickr; sdeborjaSource: Sherry Turkle; The Flight From ConversationPosting lets us presentthe self we want tobe.This means we can edit.And if we wish to,we can delete.Or retouch: the voice, the flesh, the body.Not too much,Not too little,Just Right.
  • 16. Image: Flickr; Heatseeker1Source: Shelly Turkle; The Flight from ConversationIn the silence of connection,people are comforted by being in touchwith a lot of people - carefully kept at bay.We can‟t get enough of one anotherif we can use technology to keep one anotherat distances we can control.
  • 17. Image: MorgueFile MaxStreatonWhich many people are now coiningthe term “Goldilocks Effect”Not too close, not too far…Just Right.
  • 18. Image: Flickr; Kolby SchnelluSource: Christine Erickson; The Psychology of the Selfie“Now that we can interactwith hundredsno, thousandsof people simultaneously, we‟vestrengthened the impact that others havon our self value”- Dr. Andrea Letamendia
  • 19. Image: Flickr; Me Hotel PenguSource: Christine Erickson; The Psychology of the SelfieOne of the differencesbetween self-imagein real life and online is more ability tochange our look and mask our identity
  • 20. Image: Flickr; ajalilSource: Christine Erickson; The Psychology of the SelfieTechnologyhas allowed usto shape who we are and highlightspecific features in ways we couldn‟t doas easily offline.
  • 21. Image: MorgueFile; MiddleWickSource: Troy Patterson; A gentleman‟s guide to the selfie.Expressing the best & worstof their personalitieswith roboticefficiency.
  • 22. Image: Flickr; kowitzLooking behind the lenswe are not the edited perfectionwe may claim to be.
  • 23. Image: Flickr; The IthacanSource: Christine Erickson; The Psychology of the Selfie“You, on your own,can be a powerful statemen- Leanne Surfleet