dental_anatomy - dental anatomy تشريح الأسنان  innervation  - morphology muscles
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dental_anatomy - dental anatomy تشريح الأسنان innervation - morphology muscles

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  • 1. BarCharts, Inc.® WORLD’S #1 ACADEMIC OUTLINE PERMANENT TEETH ** = cut Stria of Retzius a. = artery Fissure l.l. = ligaments Cusp Lateral incisor Tuft m. = muscle Enamel Cuspid (canine) n. = nerve n.n. = nerves Crown 1st bicuspid v. = vein (premolar) Contact area Labial surface Central incisor Cingulum Gum Distal surface 1st molar Triangular ridge 2nd Enamel prism Pulp horn Contour line of Owen Interdental papilla Dentin Pulp 2nd bicuspid (premolar) Interproximal surface Pulpal vessels & n.n. Dentogingival fibers Pulp chamber Neck molar Circular fibers Trans-septal fibers Gingiva Cusp 3rd molar Dentinal tubules Contingent surface Cementum Root Oblique fibers of periodontium Root canal** Interradicular septum Buccal surface 3rd molar Compact bone 2nd molar Gingival margin Mandible** 1st molar Pulpal sensory n. Cancellous bone Apical foramen 2nd bicuspid Mesial surface Gingival papilla Lingual surface Incisal edge DECIDUOUS ARCH Labial surface Cingulum Dental tubercle 1st bicuspid MOUTH Cuspid Superior labial frenulum Lateral incisor Superior lip Central incisor Hard palate Gingiva Palatine raphe Palatopharyngeal arch Soft palate Central incisor Lateral incisor Cuspid 1st Gum Interproximal surface Cusp Apical fibers Alveolar n., a. & v. MARGINAL GINGIVA Palatoglossal arch Enamel spindle Stria of Retzius molar Gingival sulcus Oral sulcular epithelium Oral epithelium Junctional epithelium 2nd molar Collagen fibers in cross section Neutrophilic granulocyte Vessels of the gingival plexus Lymphocyte Distal surface Posterior wall of oropharynx Buccal surface Gingival margin Dentinal tubules Palatine tonsil Uvula 2nd molar Mesial surface Lingual surface Incisal edge Central incisor 1st molar Cuspid Lateral incisor TOOTH Enamel spindle Collagen fibers in long section Periodontal l.l. Marginal alveolar bone Acellular cementum Sharpey’s fibers Tongue Gingiva Inferior labial frenulum Vestibule Inferior lip Facial View Tomes granular layer Lingual View Cusp of Carabelli 3rd molars 2nd molars 1st 2nd Cuspids 1st bicuspid bicuspid molars (premolars) (premolars) (canine) Lateral incisors Central incisors Lateral incisors PERMANENT TEETH 1st 2nd Cuspids 1st (canine) bicuspid bicuspid molars (premolars) (premolars) 2nd molars 3rd molars
  • 2. TRIGEMINAL NERVE Middle superior alveolar n. Posterior superior alveolar n. Zygomatic n. Long & short ciliary n.n. Ciliary ganglion Pterygopalatine branches Nasociliary n. Lacrimal n. Frontal n. Tentorial branch Ophthalmic n. (V1) PRE-ERUPTION Infraorbital foramen Permanent teeth: Communicating branch 3rd molar (wisdom tooth) (not illustrated) 17-25 yr. Zygomaticotemporal n. 2nd molar 12-13 yr. 1st molar 6-7 yr. 2nd bicuspid (premolar) 12-13 yr. 1st bicuspid (premolar) 11 yr. Cuspid (canine) 11 yr. Lateral incisor 8 yr. Central incisor 7 yr. Zygomaticofacial n. Anterior superior alveolar n. Infraorbital n. Infraorbital foramen Dental branches Maxillary n. (V2) Pons Trigeminal n. (V) Trigeminal (semilunar) ganglion Mandibular n. (V3) Foramen ovale Posterior division Medulla oblongata Auriculotemporal n. Anterior division Posterior deep temporal n. Lateral pterygoid n. Chorda tympani n. Buccal n. Anterior deep temporal n. Lingual n. Inferior alveolar n. Mylohyoid n. Mandibular foramen Gingival branches Labial branches Mental branches Mental foramen 1st molar 10-15 mo. Canine (eyetooth) 16-20 mo. Lateral incisor 8-10 mo. Central incisor 6-8 mo. Mental n. Inferior alveolar n. Inferior dental branches Inferior dental plexus Middle temporal a. Inferior gingival branches Buccinator m.** Parotid gland Palatine glands Parietal branch of superficial temporal a. Tongue Frontal branch of superficial temporal a. Deep temporal a. Posterior superior alveolar a. Posterior auricular a. Parotid duct Uvula** Deciduous teeth: 2nd molar 2 yr. Infraorbital a. Occipitalis a. Supraorbital a. Parotid gland Supratrochlear a. Descending palatine a. Angular a. Parotid duct Anterior superior alveolar a. Sublingual caruncle with opening of submandibular duct Saliva Infraorbital a. Maxillary a. Superior labial a. Transverse facial a. Dental branches Sublingual ducts Buccinator m.** Masseter m.** Anterior lingual glands Sublingual gland Inferior labial a. Vertebral a. Mentalis a. Inferior alveolar a. Internal carotid a. Deep lingual a. Mylohyoid m.** Salivary pool Submandibular duct Ascending pharyngeal a. Submandibular glands External carotid a. Facial a. Lingual a. Superior thyroid a. Mylohyoid branch MOUTH & SALIVARY GLANDS U.S.$3.95 / CAN.$5.95 Images ® Vincent Perez/ Layout: Rich Marino NOTE TO STUDENT: Use this comprehensive QuickStudy ® study guide in the classroom, at home or anywhere you need complete information about the digestive system. This guide is not designed to take the place of classroom attendance. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form, or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopy, recording, or any information storage and retrieval system, without written permission from the publisher. ©2004 BarCharts Inc. 0308 Submentalis a. SKULL & ARTERIES ISBN-13: 978-142320721-4 ISBN-10: 142320721-1 Customer Hotline # 1.800.230.9522 free downloads & hundreds of titles at