Classification of periapical lesions2
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Classification of periapical lesions2






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Classification of periapical lesions2 Classification of periapical lesions2 Presentation Transcript

  • Classification of periapical lesions No pain , Not abnormally sensitive to palpation and Normal intact lamina Normal periodontal ligament Normal periapical tissues percussion dura Painful inflamation of periodontium as result of trauma , S &S : Histological : irritation , or infection through root canal , regardless Dull throbing constant pain - PMN leukocyte , Macrophages in tooth vital or non-vital - pain on biting or percussion localized area of apical regionSymptomatic apical periodontitis ------------------------------------------------------------------------ - negative or delayed vitality - Bone and root resorption Etiology : extention of pulp inflamation test response ------------------------------------------------ - not associated with apical Treatment : In vital tooth : associated with occlusal trauma , high resto radiolucency - if tooth hyper occlusion , relieve In non vital : associated with sequelae of pulpal infections - widening PDL space occlusion Over instrumentation , Extrusion of necrotic pulp or obturating - cold may relieive the pain - if tooth infected , initate endodontic material - Heat exacerbate pain therapy Clinical asymptomatic condition of pulpal origin with inflamation S &S : Hisological : ASymptomatic apical periodontitis and destruction of periapical tissues . - not respond to vitality test - AAp lesions are classified as ------------------------------------------------------------------------ - no pain on percussion granulma or cyst Etiology : Result from pulp necrosis and a sequale of SAP - slight sensitivity to palpation - periapical granuloma cosist of ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ - Radiographically : granulomatous inflammatory tissue Treatment : interruption in lamina dura -peripical cyst has central cavity - Removal of necrotic pulp -Destruction of periapical filled with semisolid fluid lined by tissue - Compete obturation stratified squamous epitheluim S&S = signs & symptoms
  • S&S: Hostological :Acute apical abscess - rapid onset - PMN leucocytes Localized collection of pus in the alveolar bone at root apex - spontaneous pain Following the death of pulp and extension of infection through - Debris - cell remnants - moderate to severe apical foramen into periapical tissues . - Accumulation of exudates discomfort with swelling Etiology : - pain on percussion Treatment : Liquefaction pulp necrosis And palpation - Removal of cause Severe inflammatory response - radiographically : widening - Release of pressure , driange Microbial non microbial irritant PDL to periapical lesion - Root canal treatment Its an inflammatory lesion of pulpal originChronic apical abscess characterized by presence of long standing S&S : lesion with driange into mucosal or skin ( sinus Treatment : tract ) - Asymptomatic - pain - Drainage Etiology : - presence of sinus tract - Endodontic treatment Abscess has burrowed through bone and soft tissue to form sinus tract . S&S : Treatment : Condesing osteitis - A variant of symptomatic apical periodontitis - Asymptomatic or associated - irritant from canal to periodontitis with pain - irritant from canal to periapical tissue in the cause - not respond to electric or Root canal treatment - mainly in mand. posterior teeth thermal stimuli ( when indicated ) - occurs in association with apex of any tooth - may or may not be sensitive to percussion - Radiographically : radiopacity , round root of tooth BY : OSama Ahmad .. @Os_a_a | |