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The Simpsons
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The Simpsons


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  • 1. IndexoAbout the TV show_Matt GroenigoThe Simpsons family_Names and Informationo My favourite chapterso More Photoso
  • 2. About the TV show Mmmm… Oh, yes!
  • 3. Matt Groening  He was borned the 15th of February (1954), In te United States  He is writter, productor and painter.  His parents names are Homer an Marge!!!  He has more series like Futurama.  He won 9 Emmys because of The Simpsons.
  • 4. The Simpsons family
  • 5. Family Tree
  • 6. Names and information Oh no! They have information about us!!!
  • 7. Homer Simpson:The man of the house.He has a stable work and he’smarried with Marge, and he’sLisa’s, Bart and Maggie’s father.Homer loves eating junk foodand drink beer. Fat man…
  • 8. Marge Simpson:The woman of the house.She doesn’t works out ofhouse but she’s always withBart, Lisa and Maggie.Marge is a good person.
  • 9. Bart:He is the naughty ofSpringfield, he loves to makejokes to the people, on thecity and on the house.
  • 10. Lisa Simpson:The girl of the house.She is very intelligent, and sheplays the saxo.Lisa is pacific and a good person.
  • 11. Maggie Simpson:She’s the baby of the Simpsonfamily. She doesn’t talk becauseshe is a baby (except on oneepisode) but Maggie is veryexpressive.
  • 12. Grandpa Simpson:The old man of the family.He hasn’t to much memory but he’svery funny.
  • 13. Patty and Selma:They are the sister’s of Marge.They aren’t to friendly but they aresometimes funny.
  • 14. My favourite chapters Well, I like all chapters but probably my favourite chapters are: Lisa goes Gaga_Lady Gaga goes to Springfield and she percives somebody is sad. The sadperson is Lisa. Gaga tries to help Lisa. The Halloween episodes (There are 24)_They are all fantastic and very funny. Moonshine River_Bart is without girlfriend and he goes to New York to find one of his ex-girldfriends.
  • 15. Lisa goes Gaga
  • 16. The halloween episodes
  • 17. Moonshine River
  • 18. More photos
  • 19. PATTY and SELMA
  • 20. Watch The Simpsons Online Free(  In this page you can see all of the Simpsons chapters.