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                                        athletes are part of a team.
EDUCATION is                                key
On-Line h                            igh schools and enlistment eligiBilit...
THE “COLD                                                         STEEL” FAMILY

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                                    social media                   lessons from an unlikely source: the army

Dec /Jan 2009newsletter
Dec /Jan 2009newsletter
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Dec /Jan 2009newsletter


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Dec /Jan 2009newsletter

  1. 1. The Official Publication of Harrisburg Recruiting Battalion DEC/JAN 2009-10 Vol 1, Issue 3 CTC PaYS SIGNING Building Strong Partnerships page 4 STAND PROUD. STAND UNITED. STAND ARMY STRONG
  2. 2. CONTENTS DEC/JAN 2009 - 10 Vol 1, Issue 3 Departments 3 LEADERSHIP CORNER 4 BATTALION NEWS 8 7 EDUCATION Commander Lt. Col. Stephen B. Lockridge 8 COLD STEEL FAMILY 5 Command Sgt. Major 9 COMPANY CORNER Command Sgt. Maj. Reginald K. Washington 12 ARMY NEWS Chief of Advertising & Public Affairs Staci Cretu Public Affairs Specialists, Associate Editors Sonya Sanocki Bill Irwin Administrative Assistant, Layout Design Angela D. Walter 12 9 The Battalion Newsletter is authorized by AR360-1 for members of the U.S. Army. Con- tents of this publication are not necessarily the Harrisburg Battalion Vision official views, or endorsement by the U.S. Gov- Harrisburg Battalion is committed to deliver excellence from ernment, Department of Defense, Department recruiting with integrity and providing quality service members as the strength of our of the Army, or the U.S. Army Recruiting Com- all-volunteer Army. We strive to consistently achieve mission and inspire Americans to mand. proudly serve within the profession of arms in support of their Nation. The Newsletter is published bi-monthly by the Advertising and Public Affairs (A&PA) Office, U.S. Harrisburg Battalion Mission Recruiting Battalion - Harrisburg. With integrity and selfless service, the Harrisburg Recruiting Battalion provides strength to the Army, cares for the Soldiers, civilians, and families and Please mail or e-mai submissions and develops community support for the letters to: A&PA U.S. Army Recruiting military. Battalion - Harrisburg, 54 M Ave., Suite 11 New Cumberland, PA 17070 COMM: (717) 770-6721 FAX: (717) 770-2707 E-mail: 1st Brigade Mission Victory Brigade prospects, processes, and sustains future soldiers to achieve its FY10 pre- The Newsletter is currently distributed electron- ically and will be sent to everyone on the bat- cision mission requirements within the DA quality marks and resources allocated while talion distribution list and to those who request simultaneously expanding both its market and number of partners; executes specified a copy. training and Command initiatives though discipline and adhering to standards in accor- dance with Army Values and Ethos all the while ensuring the quality of life of its Soldiers, Deadline submissions for Feb/Mar. Civilians, and Family members. edition is Mar. 15. 2•
  3. 3. LEADERSHIP CORNER nEW yEar, nEW vision TRANSFORM THE Steel Battalion FROM GOOD TO GREAT H appy New Year! What a fantas- tic time to be part of a unit rich “Good is the enemy of great. That is why we have so little that in history and accomplishments. As becomes great. Everyone would like to be the best, but most proud members of the Steel Battal- organizations lack the discipline to figure out with egoless ion, we have always known our niche, clarity what they can be the best at and the will to do what- enlisting high quality recruits within ever it takes to turn that potential into reality.” USAREC, and our proud organization ~ Jim Collins has maintained excellence in recruit- ing despite many changes along the way. Throughout its brief history, the battalion has repeatedly met the challenges of reorganization, and Lt. Col. Stephen B. Lockridge this recent undertaking of Pinnacle Transformation (team recruiting) will be no different. However, our Battalion Commander challenge during this upcoming change is to reject the status quo and make the battalion better while transforming. Therefore, as we embark upon Pinnacle Transformation within Harrisburg Company and eventually the rest of the battalion by fiscal year 2011, it is imperative that each person within the organization exercises discipline within their daily lives as well as at the workplace. In order to improve the organization, we must raise standards, find innovative ways to recruit, deliber- ately execute performance oriented training, and continue to take care of Soldiers, Families, and civilians. Command Sgt. Maj. Washington and I are committed to teamwork and winning every day. More importantly, we trust in your abilities as leaders and care about you and your family. As we strive to recruit toward our potential during these changing times, I ask each of you (Sol- dier and civilians) to accept the personal challenge of becoming a more disciplined recruiter (maintaining school folders, achieving contacts, and conducting daily After Action Reports to list a few), civilian, and leader in your craft. To make the leap from good to great depends upon individual improvement one person at a time along with dedicated teamwork, effective leadership, and a shared commitment to excellence. Thanks for your service and all you do, Army Strong! Winning EvEryday “Your talent determines what you can do. Your motiva- sign that you are not com- tion determines how much you are willing to do. Your mitted to excellence. attitude determines how well you do it.” ~ Lou Holtz • “Do you care about me?” - A recruiter which is F or many years Lou Holtz has been considered among the greatest speaking legends in America today. He speaks on overcoming seem- ingly impossible challenges by setting your own goals and working to honest and committed to excellence must still pass the empathy test. Do you achieve them. He has built a reputation as a motivator, a demanding see people as means to an disciplinarian and someone who relishes challenges and hard work. end? Do you treat people Lou Holtz advises that players of any team ask the following three with dignity and respect or questions to evaluate your leadership: do you lord it over those under your leadership? If • “Can I trust you? - Can you trust the person or company to always you try to cover your mis- do the right thing because it is the right thing? Are they worth their takes, pretend they didn’t Command Sgt. Maj. Reginald K. Washington word or will they change their word to accomplish their goal regard- happen or, worse yet, blame Battalion Command Sgt. Major less of the character consequences. Is their reputation more impor- them on someone else, you tant than their character or is their character more important than can forget about building trust for a long, long time. their reputation?” These questions display the wisdom of Lou Holtz’s many years in • Are you committed to excellence? - People want to play on a win- building successful cultures and teams. Ask these questions of others ning team, and most realize that it takes hard work and sacrifice and ask these questions of yourself. Are you trustworthy? Are you to achieve victory. Football players suit up to practice in the 100- committed to excellence? Do you care for the people on your team? If degree temperatures of August, not because they like it, but because you can answer positively to all three—you are on your way to uncom- they know it is a necessary component of attaining excellence. A mon success in today’s world. If you cannot, then let today be the day person who is honest and truthful is not enough when partnering to change! Your team deserves your personal best. for success. To achieve success in life or in recruiting there must be an unceasing desire for continuous improvement to achieve excel- Assignment: Look at any great teams or poor teams you have lence in all that is done. If you are committed to excellence you will been associated with. How did you answer Lou’s three questions get results. To have the same or poorer results year after year is a with both groups of teams? DEC/JAN 2009 -10 • 3
  4. 4. BATTALION NEWS SIGNIFICANT EVENTS On the Cover Building strong partnerships CG’s Four Pilars: Teamwork, Quality of Life, Army Values, and Standards FEBRUARY - African American History Month 1 MEV Clearfield Technical - 1E4 U.S. Army And CTC FinAlize PArTnerShiP 2 MEV Punxautawney HS - 1E4 6-14 Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show - 1E3 10 COI Function - PSSA Event - 1E3 11 New Recruiter Board 14 Valentine’s Day 12-15 President’s Day Weekend 17-19 MEV – Army Rrograms event at University of Pittsburgh - Greensburg Campus - 1E1 18 Pinnacle Equipment Training - 1E3 20 2010 NIKE Regional Combine - UPMC Sports Performance Center- 1E5 Left to Right: Brig. Gen. Arnold N. Gordon-Bray, Mr. Edward Sheehan, Lt. Colonel Stephen B. 22-24 ICI - Carlisle Company Lockridge, Mr. Michael True, and Maj. Gen. Donald Campbell 24-26 ICI - State College Company Story and photo by Staci Cretu 26-27 RPC - Hagerstown MD Chief, A&PA MARCH - Women’s History Month 11 12 New Recruiter Board Newcomer’s Orientation C oncurrent Technologies Corporation (CTC) hosted a signing ceremony on 18 December 2009 at its Environmental Technology Facility in Johnstown, PA to formalize its commitment to the Army Partnership for Youth Success (PaYS) Program. The event included an 17 Saint Patrick’s Day official signing of the agreement between representatives of U.S. Army 17 ConAP Workshop - Robert Morris Recruiting Command (USAREC), U.S. Army Cadet Command, and CTC. University Maj. Gen. Donald Campbell Jr., Commanding General, United States Army Recruiting Command, along with Brig. Gen. Arnold N. Gordon-Bray, 26 Hershey BEARS table exhibit - 1E3 Deputy Commanding General, United States Army Cadet Command APRIL - Month of the Military Child (accepting on behalf of Maj. Gen. Arthur M. Bartell, Commanding General, United States Army Cadet Command), participated in the 4 Easter ceremony. CTC employees that participated were Mr. Edward J. Sheehan 4 Hershey BEARS table exhibit - 1E3 Jr., President and Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Michael True, Manager, 9 New Recruiter Board Force Protection Programs. Maj. Gen. Campbell thanked CTC “for its commitment to participate 19 Armed Forces Day - Orange County in the PaYS Program.” Maj. Gen. Campbell added, “This program is a Chopper - 1E2 vital recruiting tool to provide citizen Soldiers and those transitioning from active duty to corporate America. PaYS links Soldiers to friendly 12-16 Strength In Action Zone - School Blitz - 1E3 partners that benefit from the values and skills developed through 23-24 Penn State Blue/White Game - 1E7 military training and service. The PaYS Program and our PaYS partners will continue to make our nation strong and our Army Strong.” The PaYS Program is a recruiting initiative developed by USAREC to appeal to young veterans interested in obtaining a quality civilian job after serving in the Army. This unique program is part of the Army’s effort to partner with the business community and re-connect America with the Army. The Program also assists ROTC cadets with employment after graduation and commissioning as they continue to serve as officers in the Army Reserve or Army National Guard. CTC is an independent, nonprofit, applied scientific research and development professional services organization providing innovative management and technology-based solutions to government and industry. As a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, CTC’s primary purpose and programs are to undertake applied scientific research and development activities that serve the public interest. 4•
  5. 5. BATTALION NEWS SPOTLIGHT By Staci Cretu Chief, A&PA O ur Community Salutes of Pittsburgh is a i Cretu, A&PA program to publicly recognize graduating high school seniors who "answered the call" hav- ing made a voluntary commitment to enlist in the United States Military (all services/components) upon graduation from high school. Photo by Stac This program is a combined effort of the military and civilian communities to show appreciation for and to honor those soon-to-be high school graduates (public and private schools) who have chosen a path of service to their Nation. Our Community Salutes of Pittsburgh will recognize graduates in various community activities throughout the week of May 2, 2010. The week kicks off with participation in the Pittsburgh Marathon on May 2nd followed by an On-Field Swearing-in Ceremony at PNC Park on May 4th, during the nationally televised Pittsburgh Pirates/Chicago Cubs baseball game. Capt. Ryan M. Greenawalt A recognition ceremony will be held at Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hall on May 6th to honor and Battalion Operations Officer recognize new enlistees as well as ROTC cadets. The program will be funded by donations from a variety of “stakeholders,” including private citizens, community-based non-profit organizations, veterans groups, Q: Where did you grow up? local business, education, etc. Honorees will include graduating enlistees (and their parent(s)/guardian) representing all services/components (i.e. Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, Coast Guard, National Guard, both active and reserve components). Also during the program, one high school guidance counselor I was born and raised in Harrisburg, PA will be recognized with the presentation of the “Colin Powell Leadership Award,” commending that indi- (Chamber Hill area). I attended and graduated vidual’s commitment to mentoring and supporting young adults desiring to serve our nation. from Central Dauphin East High School in 1998. the marriage of events marketing Q: What’s your background? and the ARMY I graduated from the United States Military Academy in 2003 and was commissioned as an Aviation branch officer. In 2004 I completed flight school and Officer Basic Course (OBC) at Ft. Rucker, Ala. My first assignment was with the 4th ID Aviation Brigade in Ft. Hood, Texas. By Staci Cretu I served in the Assault Helicopter Battalion as Chief, A&PA a flight platoon leader, aviation maintenance platoon leader, and assistant S3. In 2006 I I n a new partnership creating an Army Strong Brand Ambassador internship program, McCann Erickson on behalf of the U.S. Army Army Recruiters to generate interest in the Army and create brand awareness at 5-10 pre-existing events like Greek life parties, deployed with the 4ID Aviation Brigade to Taji, Iraq. Upon completion of the deployment, I attended the Aviation Officer Captain’s Career Recruiting Battalion-Harrisburg and UD on organization meetings, tailgate events Course (CCC). My next assignment after the Campus announced that they will jointly and even taking five minutes to make an CCC was a National Police Transition Team provide eight Brand Ambassador internships announcement before class in a huge lecture (NPTT), tasked with teaching, coaching, and during the spring and fall semesters at select hall per semester and networking activities mentoring Iraqi Security Forces. My team and colleges. This 10 week internship program for these interns. I conducted a 90 day training course in Ft. Riley, will be awarded to college undergraduates Interns will gain hands-on experience Kan. and then deployed to Baghdad/Al Kut, at the following Universities: Slippery Rock, in a wide range of marketing and event Iraq for 12 months. After redeploying from LaRoche, California, Carnegie Mellon, Penn management including marketing, audience the Transition Team assignment, I reported State Fayette, Lehigh University, Kutztown development, public relations, social to the Harrisburg Recruiting Battalion as the University and Harrisburg Community College networking, and educational outreach. Operations Officer - S3. – Lancaster Campus. Together, the Harrisburg Recruiting Battalion The Army Strong Brand Ambassador and UD on Campus seek to introduce college Q: What has been your most memorable Internship program will assist in educating students to potential career opportunities moment working with the U.S. Army? college students about U.S. Army programs with the U.S. Army and help develop future through their peers, while gathering contact leaders in the community. Having the opportunity to lead Soldiers in a information of interested students, and combat theater. identifying Centers of Influence (COI) at each Visit us on Facebook: https://www. University. Ambassadors will work with local DEC/JAN 2009 - 10 • 5
  6. 6. BATTALION NEWS athletes are part of a team. the army is like no other team. By Staci Cretu Chief, A&PA L ike the Army, football and wrestling provide young by an Army Recruiter. In addition, the Army Iron Man/Wrestler of TEAMWORK is key to continued success. Americans with training and experiences that strengthen the Year will receive a championship-quality ring from Jostens, them mentally, emotionally and physically. Athletes and Soldiers Inc. or Trophy presented at a local assembly or pep-rally. share common Army Strong values - Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Component 3: Army Rivalry Event. As with the Army Iron Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity, and Personal Courage – all Man/Wrestler of the year competition; the Army Rivalry Event qualities that can be applied on the field/mat as well as in the will be an integrated marketing campaign designed to engage classroom. The Harrisburg Recruiting Battalion is committed student-athletes, their peers, parents, and coaches during the to helping young Americans develop the skills and values they high school football season. The Rivalry Event will be mirrored will need to succeed in life. High school sports, like the Army, after the college game day experience throughout the football help strengthen the skills needed to be leaders on and off the season. Each game will further enhance the local Recruiting playing field/mat which is why the Battalion has partnered with NCO’s relationship with the schools, including administrator, TSF Radio Network to produce the 2010 ARMY STRONG TOUR. teacher and student interaction- before, during and after The ARMY STRONG TOUR is designed to facilitate the the game. Game day events include: continental breakfast & battalion’s engagement with student-athletes, their peers, afternoon snacks in faculty lounge at the host school and display parents, and coaches during the 2010/2011 school year. area at the football game with activities to engage students and The campaign will consist of a five-prong effort to engage, participants. collectively, the 350 or more schools in the recruiting territory, Component 4: Coach of the Year. Just as you need your team while specifically targeting the top 14 priority, must-win, and to succeed on the playing field, you need another team to help hard to reach schools with a college game day experience. you succeed off of it. Coaches play an important role in student Component 1: PA Passing League. The 2010 ARMY STRONG athletes’ lives as mentors. The “Coach of the Year” competition TOUR will begin in the Spring/Summer of 2010 with the formation will honor these mentors, soliciting nominations from the of a PA Passing League. Passing leagues are very popular with community for the coach of the year honor. Fans will vote on high school football players. The games are played throughout the “Coach of the Week”, with all weekly winners automatically the summer as players prepare for the upcoming season. The qualifying for the Army STRONG “Coach of the Year” honor. The game is essentially flag football, featuring 7-on-7 on a shortened “Coach of the Year” will receive a plaque and a $500 donation to field that features football “skill” positions of quarterback, wide their school’s athletic department. receiver, running back, and defensive back. Athletes are part of a team. The Army is like no other team. Component 2: Student Athlete Recognition. The Army Iron The 2010 ARMY STRONG TOUR will build upon both high school Man (football) and Wrestler of the Year Competitions will honor athletic teams and the Army team to develop relationships and the best two-way high school football/wrestling players in the camaraderie found nowhere else. battalion’s territory. Each week, fans have the opportunity to vote online for the Army Iron Man/Wrestler of the week. The Visit for all the latest weekly winner will receive a certificate and tee-shirt presented updates on the tour. 6•
  7. 7. EDUCATION is key On-Line h igh schools and enlistment eligiBility By Mark Mazarella Education Services Specialist (ESS) R ecently, I’ve fielded several questions about enlistment eligibility for students attending, or graduated from, on-line high schools. This is not surprising, since on-line education is becoming both more The recruiter may contact the Battalion ESS for confirmation. In the absence of the ESS, the recruiter can visit the on-line program’s website to determine if the popular and acceptable among both parents and students. There are program is a charter school program, alternative program offered by several reasons for this, including parental concerns over school safety, the local public school district, or a private school that is accredited by increased awareness of different individual learning styles, social and DETC or one of the six regional accrediting agencies. If the program behavioral adjustment issues, as well as a practical matter of commut- does not meet one of the above criteria, it is classified as Tier 3 and as ing long distances to and from school in many areas of the country. such unacceptable for enlistment eligibility purposes. Unlike college on-line programs, at the secondary (high school) level There are two final notes regarding on-line secondary schooling. there are restrictions in terms of enlistment eligibility. For this reason First, on-line schooling does not equal “home schooling.” For enlist- on-line schooling remains a current topic with recruiters and educa- ment eligibility purposes, home schooling has its own set of criteria tion services specialists throughout USAREC. which must be met. This includes requiring that the parent is the pri- There are hundreds, if not thousands of on-line high schools in the mary teacher; that the parent has officially registered his/her child as U.S.—some recognized for enlistment, and some are not. Recognized a home schooled student with the local public school district (state- programs include on-line (or cyber) charter schools (charter schools ment required from school district); that the home school transcript are public schools), on-line programs offered by traditional public reflects all classes, grades and credits completed; and that the student schools, or private on-line schools that are accredited by the Distance has been home-schooled for at least the previous nine months prior Education and Training Council, or one of the six regional accrediting to processing for enlistment. On the second point, it would be un- agencies (we are in the Middle States accrediting body region). Aside ethical for a recruiter to encourage a student enrolled in a recognized from whether or not a program is recognized for enlistment purposes, on-line program to disenroll from that program and enroll in a “Tier 1 there are two other factors recruiters must understand about on-line producing program” in order to enlist with a Tier 1 credential. While secondary (high school) education: first, on-line programs that are the recruiter can make the individual (and/or parent) aware of the dif- recognized will always be classified as Tier 2; and second, the student ference, it would be inappropriate for the recruiter to coach, suggest, must have completed the program to be eligible to enlist. or recommend that the individual change programs in order to enlist When encountering a prospect with an on-line credential (or is as a Tier 1 applicant. currently enrolled in an on-line program), the recruiter should first de- As always, when in doubt about on-line schooling, or any educa- termine if the program is recognized by DoD for enlistment eligibility. tion eligibility matter, it is best to check with the Battalion ESS. calling all scholar / athletes and Jrotc cadets award programs for high school students By Sonya Sanocki Public Affairs Specialist style medallion. Recruiters should contact the guidance counselor at each of T he U.S. Army Reserve National Scholar/Athlete Award program kicked off January 1, 2010 when letters and nomination forms were sent to all high schools in the battalion area. their schools to confirm participation in this valuable program. Selection forms must be returned to Battalion Advertising and Public Affairs (A&PA) no later than May 30. An award presented to the top male and female in your recruiting area “Since its inception in 1981, the Army Reserve has believed that young who are both outstanding scholars and athletes, can do you a great deal to people should strive for excellence in all areas of their lives and the Scholar/ assist you in your high school recruiting efforts. The U.S. Army Reserve National Athlete Award Program is our way of recognizing and rewarding selected high Scholar/Athlete Award shows students the Army is concerned about their school students who are doing just that…excelling in the classroom and on the accomplishments. When presented at the end of the school graduation and athletic field,” stated Lt. Col. Stephen Lockridge, battalion commander. awards activities, it gives the Army visibility and causes other students and COI’s The Army Reserve has presented the National Scholar/Athlete Award to to notice the Army and they often look into some of the benefits the Army students at more than 12,000 schools annually. JROTC cadets at schools with offers. The objective of the Scholar/Athlete Award Program is to recognize an Active Army JROTC program are also eligible to participate in the award and honor student achievers; junior and seniors who have demonstrated program. The criteria for cadets is slightly different. Only one cadet may be outstanding achievements in varsity or intramural sports while maintaining at selected for the award in a school year. The cadet must be in his second year least a B average are eligible. of a three- year program or the third year of a four-year program; be in the The Scholars and athletes are selected by their high school administrators top 25 percent of his academic class; demonstrate leadership; participate in to include guidance counselors, principal and athletic directors. The award extracurricular activities; possess an understanding of JROTC training; and have includes a certificate signed by the Chief of the Army Reserve and an Olympic- not received the award previously. DEC/JAN 2009 - 10 • 7
  8. 8. THE “COLD STEEL” FAMILY m aking h ealthy r esolutions OUALITY OF LIFE. Families are as important as the annual recruiting mission. By Randy Readshaw MilitaryOneSource Can Help Soldier & Family Assistance Program Manager D id you make a resolution to lose weight? Maybe reduce stress? Worried about your teenager’s weight? Let MilitaryOneSource .comhelp you keep it! All you have to do is logon to, register and sign up for one of the programs detailed below. You’ll find the Healthy Habits Coaching Programs under the TOOLS tab on the upper right side of the page. Healthy Habits Coaching Healthy Habits Coaching Program Life Health Assessment Programs The Healthy Habits Coaching Program has three areas of This assessment is a global evaluation of your physical Sometimes, making changes isn’t focus. health, behavioral health, and motivation to change. Answer a series of questions and get immediate easy, but when you find your own feedback in a detailed personal report that helps you iCanChange uses a personalized, understand how to make motivation and take change one step flexible, and supportive approach to changes. at a time, it’s more manageable. The help you reach your weight and health goals. lifestyle programs can help you make Areas Assessed: the positive changes you want to – iCanThrive teaches you how to fuel your body with healthy foods, begin a  Current health and stick with them! program of enjoyable physical Nutrition  The Healthy Habits Coaching movement, and relax more.  Tobacco use Programs consists of two separate,  Vehicle safety  Physical activity unique programs: iCanRelax helps you become aware of  Alcohol use stress and how it affects you, and gain  Stress and skills for handling your reactions to depression • Healthy Habits Coaching Program  Biometric stressful demands and changes. • Life Health Assessment measures (e.g. weight, height, blood pressure, These programs are independent cholesterol) The iCan Programs will help you understand your behaviors of each other, and enrollment into and help you make changes. The programs feature an each program is optional. optional telephonic or online personal health coach, a personal homepage with a tracker, interactive tools, and much more! Use this link to start or re-access your Life Health Assessment Army Strong Families Make Strong Use this link to start or re-access the Healthy Habits Coaching Program Army Recruiters! a rmy o ne s ource c ommunity in s econd l ife ® By Randy Readshaw Soldier & Family Assistance Program Manager be live until January 22. Events include: Message Candles, Snowball Fights, Holiday Gift Giving, and S econd Life® is the next generation of innovation for virtual Make-a-Snowman. January events will begin on January 23. Bring your friends and family into the Army OneSource world services and Community as we celebrate the New Year with resources designed style. The community will be covered with freshly to serve Soldiers and fallen snow for your winter wonderland enjoyment. Families worldwide. Most importantly, this virtual Also, take a sledding ride on the Army OneSource environment is an effective tool for geographically luge or sit back and watch a spectacular fireworks dispersed Soldiers, their family, friends, and other show! community members to keep in touch with each other A 24/7 Resource for and with the programs in their Army Community. With Want to join Army OneSource in Second Life®? Log- the navigation of an avatar, users can meet virtually to on to: Military Members, collaborate, learn, and create a community through: social networking, special events, meetings, virtual https://w w w.myar Spouses & Families ceremonies, and peer-to-peer learning activities. CommunitiesandMarketplace/VirtualWorlds/ Each month The Army OneSource Community in SecondLife/default.aspx for information and Second Life® will be holding special holiday events registration. for you to take part in. Winter event activities are now Call and Talk Anytime available in the AOS Second Life® Community and will We look forward to seeing you in-world! 8•
  9. 9. COMPANY CORNER AnnuAl Left: Clarion Company TrAining posed for a photo after being presented with the Top Company Award ConferenCe decemBer 18-20, 2009 pittsBurgh, pa. Story and photos by Bill Irwin Public Affairs Specialist T he Harrisburg Battalion’s Annual Training Conference is always a memorable event, and this year’s was no different. Held at the only hotel in Pittsburgh with riverfront views the event was classic. TOP Whether it was the activities, the snow or the PERFORMERS Above: Lt. Col. Stephen B. Lockridge along with Command Sgt. Maj. celebrities it appeared there was something Reginald Washington , Mr. Randy Readshaw, and Mr. Dave Park- for everyone. er presented Ms. Amanda Bavuso and Ms. Sabrina Sandovalr Traditionally ATC’s are meant to be a place the Volunteer of the Year Awards. for yearly mandated training for recruiters, however it also provides a place for Soldiers to unwind and spend time with their Families. ANNUAL AWARDS The awards banquet is waited for all year to While everyone contributed to this year’s mission success, honor the outstanding work performed by everyone and to special congratulations are extended to; recognize the top performers. This year the ATC had some highlights that were not to TOP USAR RECRUITER TOP RA RECRUITER be missed. The USAREC Commanding General, Maj. Gen. Staff Sgt. Seth Moore Sgt. 1st Class Aubrey Russell Donald Campbell stopped by to take part in a PaYS signing TOP USAR PRODUCTION cOMPANY TOP RA PRODUCTION cOMPANY conducted at Concurrent Technologies Corp. in Johnstown, Clarion Harrisburg Pa. and to meet with battalion spouses prior to his departure. TOP OPSC TOP LPSC Friday night during the company awards, there were Cranberry RS Butler RS rumored sightings of the legendary rock band KISS and that intrepid band of super heroes The X- Men. TOP CIVILIAN STAFF TOP NEW RECRUITER Special guests at the banquet included Pittsburgh Pirate Devin Howard Sgt. Carly Williams baseball legend Dave Parker, the Honorable Bill Kortz, Pa. House Representative, and U.S. Army Reserve Ambassador TOP GUIDANCE COUNSELOR TOP NCO Fred Fair. Joseph H. Albrecht III Sgt. 1st Class Stephanie Pinkney TOP COMPANY TOP SECTION Clarion S-1 LEADERSHIP AWARD SAFETY AWARD Sgt. 1st Class Scott Cassidy Harrisburg Company Right: Recruiters from the VOLUNTEER SPECIAL RECOGNITION Hanover, Red Lion, and York Amanda Bavuso recruiting stations posed as Sabrina Sandovalr legendary rock band KISS DEC/JAN 2009 - 10 • 9
  10. 10. COMPANY CORNER This Just In... S oldier T ied to Family Photo by Christopher Weddle Congradulations Tradi ion By Nick Malawskey Staff Sgt. Nathan Good just had a baby. Centre Daily Times Trent Patrick Good - 8lb 8oz 21 in Long PINE GROVE MILLS — One year, two months and Born Jan. 7, 2010 18 days ago, Army Spc. Steven Gibson tied a yellow ribbon around the maple tree in his parents’ front Farewell yard in Pine Grove Mills. Steven Gibson cuts a yellow ribbon that Then the 19-year-old went off to war, serving he tied to a tree at his home, before he left Linda Barlow - Battalion Secretary a year in Iraq with the 643rd Vertical Engineer to serve in Iraq for one year, on Tuesday, Sonya Sanocki - Public Affairs Specialist Company. December 22, 2009. On Tuesday afternoon, he returned home to a sun set at their Pine Grove Mills home. local visits family — and a yellow ribbon — waiting. The ribbon is a symbol in the family — each His father said it was good to see his son return, good to continue the family tradition and to take man who serves overseas ties his own ribbon. The down the ribbon that waited. ribbon then awaits the serviceman, to be untied Then his mother handed Gibson a pair of only by his hand when he returns. scissors, and the ribbon was removed from the tree Gibson’s great-grandfather started the tradition — another Gibson had returned home. when he served in World War II. A ribbon waited “You worry when he’s over there,” said Helene while his uncle served in Vietnam and later, his Gibson. “You don’t know what he’s doing.” father in Desert Storm and again when he returned A welcome-home party for friends and to Iraq. neighbors was scheduled for Tuesday night. The Station Commander Staff Sgt. Shawn Doland, far left and Delayed in Detroit and bumped from his flight, rest of his holiday break, she said, is family time. Staff Sgt. Robert McCaulley, meet with Congressman Bill Gibson was given a seat by another passenger so “He’s home safe, he’s home sound,” said Steven’s Shuster, front right, and District Director Jim Frank, dur- he could arrive home to see his family. father, Sgt. Brian Gibson. “And, especially around ing a recent “meet and greet,” at the Bedford Recruiting Surrounded by his parents, his sister and a few this time of the year, I can’t think of anything better Station. friends, the family held a short ceremony as the to get.” ARMY VALUES Supporting th A RESOLU e adoption of TION a military com WHEREAS, munity coven in 2008 to pr The military ant. ovide a formal community co venant was cr of the armed affirmation of eated by the services; support by St United States Story and photo by and WHERE ate and local Army AS, With pr communities Bill Irwin appreciate an ide in this na to members d support th tion’s military Public Affairs Specialist National Gua e members of strength and rd, Coast Gua the United success, Amer members supp rd and the R States Army, icans orting them; eserves and th Marine Corps T he Community Covenant Program continues to grow and and WHERE the world in A AS, Since a large number and selfless merica’s war against terror of United St e governmen ates Armed F t civilians an , Navy, d family Lt. Col. Stephen B. Lockridge accepts servic ism, it is only orces are enga gain momentum in the opportunity th e provide us with the pr fitting to supp ort those who ged across the Community Covenant Resolution at we enjoy in ivileges of fr se sacrifice battalion footprint. Talks from Representative Bill Kortz. and WHERE the United St eedom, democ AS, Best prac ates and in th racy and un continue throughout including the tice programs is Commonw matched Freedom Tea in this Comm ealth; the area. To date and Pennsylvania m Salute Pro onwealth are Family Milita gram, which recognized na possibly the signing with the most impact for 2009 occurred family retrea ry Relief Ass honors army tionally, ts for fallen N istance Progr veterans and on December 7. of deploymen ational Guard am, Nationa supporters, th ts on children families, educ l Guard You e On December 7, 2009, (Pearl Harbor Anniversary) the and WHERE and the Rotar ator seminars th Camps, y Club Stryke illuminating Pennsylvania House of Representatives passed Resolution # their streng th AS, The commitment of se r Project; the effects is derived from rvice members 533, supporting military community covenants throughout educators and the continued and their fam elected, civic support of th ilies is inspirin Discipline with Pa. The resolution was spearheaded by Representative and WHERE and business e community, g and leaders; citizens, empl Bill Kortz of Allegheny County, and a signed document and women of AS, It is the intent of th oyers, United States e House of R was presented to battalion Commander Lt. Col. Stephen to the United A epresentatives States and to rmed Forces and their fa to support th e men Lockridge at the battalion annual awards dinner held at performance of this Common milies for th their duties; wealth and eir dedicated the Sheraton December 19 in Pittsburgh. RESOLVED therefore be it commend them service , That the for the outsta The resolution was somewhat unique in that Commonwealt House of R nding h to build pa epresentatives battalion staff was asked to author the resolution in service members rtnerships to encourage th and their fam support the e citizens of conjunction with house personnel. The resolution RESOLVED ilies; and be it strength, resi this , That the H further lience and re passed with a unanimous vote and promises to open comm ouse of Repre adiness of unity covena sentatives su doors throughout the battalion to other covenant nt. pport the ad option of a signings. military 10 •
  11. 11. COMPANY CORNER comBine comes to pittsBurgh to see their strengths and weaknesses. They also have a chance to see other elite players in their class, which gives them an idea of where they stand. Athletes participating in the 2010 Nike Football Combine will: By Sonya Sanocki Public Affairs Specialist • Receive free access and testing at either turf/indoor or grass/outdoor events. T he 2010 Nike Football Regional Combine will be held in Pittsburgh at the UPMC Sports Performance Center, Feb. 20. The Combine is a national tour, developed to extend the U.S. All-American • Be measured by height and weight, and photographed. • Receive a supervised warm-up. • Be tested in: the 40-yard dash (twice, fastest time kept), vertical jump Bowl program and extend the Army’s reach to high school students in a year- (highest jump kept), the 20-yard shuttle (twice, fastest time kept) and the round program. power ball throw (twice, farthest throw kept). If players are not satisfied The program provides recruiters with the opportunity to reach more than with their results, they may scratch them so they are not reported. 1,000 high school students and allows face time with prospects. • Receive a SPARQ Rating based on a calculation of their testing scores. According to USAREC, the program benefits the Army by generating • Attend an interactive Nike SPARQ seminar which will cover offseason awareness of Army opportunities to the target market and influencers and training, the recruiting process and a short series of SPARQ drills. enhances the Army’s image by associating with an event that is considered • In select markets, be able to participate in a free instructional Nike SPARQ “cool.” Program generates leads for recruiters and creates association with mini-camps free of charge to help each athlete work with SPARQ trainers both mental and physical toughness, power and teamwork. to improve upon their times and stats from the Nike Football Combine. Football Combines are free and open to Class of 2011 and top underclassmen Athletes can pre-register for SPARQ mini-camps through the same high school football players looking to showcase their skills. Alumni of registration link for the Nike Football Combines. the Combines include NFL stars, such as Arizona Cardinals Larry Fitzgerald, • Receive exposure across ESPN platforms, including a player card in the Chicago Bears Devin Hester, and Baltimore Ravens, Haloti Ngata, along with Scouts, Inc. database. those who have gone on to play Division I college football. • Be eligible for selection consideration for the Nike Football Training Attending the Combine gives each athlete the opportunity to get SPARQ Camps, the top national football camp tour (selection is based on overall tested. SPARQ stands for speed, power, agility, reaction and quickness. The performance and participation is free). rating comes from a series of sport-specific tests and gives athletes a chance • Receive a free Nike Pro workout shirt. moBile exhiBits: COming SOOn tO an area near YOu! By Sonya Sanocki, Public Affairs Specialist T he United States Army Mission Support Battalion began in 1936 when the Secretary of the Army tasked a small group of Soldiers to develop and man an Army exhibit at the World’s Fair in New York City. In 1951, the U.S. Army Exhibit Unit was officially formed and assigned to the Army Chief of Information. The unit’s mission was to take the Army story to the youth of America and to those who influence them. The unit continued to provide exhibit support to the Secretary of the Army and other Department of Defense agencies. In October 2002, the unit was moved with the Recruiting Support Brigade to the newly created United States Army Assessions Command and was re- designated as the Mission Support Battalion. The unit’s assets include an array of exhibits such as the Multiple Exhibit Vehicles, Interactive Semis, Adventure Semis, and Marksmanship Trainers manned by Army recruiters in order to re-connect America’s people with America’s Army and enhance Army awareness among high school and college students and their centers of influence. The battalion also has two National Science Center semis which present hands-on science demonstrations to elementary and middle school students and educators across the country. Additionally, the unit fields the Army’s National Conventions Exhibit Team, which represents the Army at trade shows and conventions and produces thousands of graphics and multimedia products and incentive awards to assist the Army accessions effort. What was founded on a good idea is continuing with even more innovative thinking in the 21 century. The battalion is currently developing a Medical Operations Adventure Van that will assist in recruiting medics, physicians, nurses, and other medical professionals. Exhibits available are: • The Army Marksmanship Trailer - Used primarily at multimedia events. • The Interactive Semis - have the touring theater which exhibits multi- Designed to draw public attention, the AMT is a 28-foot-long fifth-wheel media shows. With seating for 36 people, the presentations are tailored for trailer pulled by a commercial dual rear-wheel-driven pickup truck, both of a class period. This exhibit features a mix of academic, special interest and which are adorned with Army graphics. Army related subjects. • Adventure Semi - A culmination of hand-on and interactive systems, • Multiple Exhibit Vehicle (MEV) - a custom H2 Hummer. The MEV has the which enable the public to get a glimpse of what it’s like to be a tank potential to help recruiters generate a large number of quality leads in crew member, Apache pilot, Infantryman or Explosion Ordnance Disposal one day. The MEV pulls a small equipment trailer. The MEV is made up of Soldier. One can experience the excitement of flying or firing weapons on a custom audio-visual system. This system include a 30-inch LCD screen, a helicopter, test his skills and accuracy in operating an Abrams tank, or 2 flip-out 18-inch LCD monitors, 800 watts of competition JL Audio improve his markmanship in firing the M9 on the target system. equipment, live action Clarion camera, and an X-Box gaming system. • The Special Operations Semi - contains several hands-on activities, such The MEV has the ability to work as a stand-alone interactive asset or to as a Civil Affairs Station, PYSOPS exhibit, Army game stations, airborne work with additional equipment to accomplish a multiple exhibit at one simulator, ground mobility, vehicle drive, AH6 Little Bird, and weapons location. display. • The Army Chopper - touring exhibit was custom designed and built to • The Aviation Semi - incorporates several exhibits. One can experience represent the American Soldier...rugged, lethal and intimidating when flying a helicopter or firing weapons on a helicopter and include an needed, always well-equipped, finely tuned, creative, and adaptive. Built in Apache Flight exhibit; Kiowa Warrior Flight Exhibit; Unmanned Aerial 2005 by Orange County Chopper out of Montgomery, New York, its unique Vehicle Exhibit; Ammunition and Air Warrior displays; flight virtual reality features generate positive conversations about the Army, Army values and area; and an aircraft engine display. ethics, and the importance of safety--first and always. DEC/JAN 2009 - 10 • 11
  12. 12. ARMY NEWS social media lessons from an unlikely source: the army By Arik C. Hanson ACH Communications Communicate and Enforce Standards W hat the U.S. Army has been doing on the social media front, in terms of recruiting and opening honest conversa- tions with potential soldiers, is nothing short of amazing. Army. What¹s more, because there are many different authors, the responsibility for maintaining the blog does not rest with one single person. Seems a little odd, doesn’t it? I mean what lessons could your As you think about starting a blog for your organization, think brand possibly learn from one of the most hierarchal, conserva- about roping many different people into the mix. It will decrease tive organizations in the world? As it turns out, more than you the amount of time required from these busy people. More im- might think. portant, it will help give your customers different insights into The Army recently started using social media tools to tell its your organization. story to and engage recruits and parents. So far, they’ve seen tremendous momentum. 2. Tell the human side of the story. What’s the Army’s mission? Army Strong Soldiers According to Wikipedia, it’s “to provide necessary forces and ca- To date, the Army has enlisted 61 bloggers (most, real-life pabilities in support of the National Security and Defense Strate- soldiers). And that list is growing every week. Hundreds of posts gies.” and comments. And a growing readership (the Army wouldn’t Take a look at the Army’s social properties. I don¹t see a lot release exact figures). of that. What I do see are stories about soldiers coming home to There’s also a softer side to this work that can’t quite be mea- their families for a little rest and relaxation, tales of their presence sured yet. If you¹re considering enlisting in the Army, you now at community events, and examples of camaraderie. Although have an opportunity to listen to, ask questions of and engage there¹s a lot of talk about the nuts and bolts of combat and what in an authentic, unfiltered conversation about what life is really it means to be a soldier, the human stories are what pull you in. like in the Army with soldiers who are living and breathing it You can do the same for your brand. Resist the temptation to every single day. No other military branch is doing anything like talk about your products, services and their features and benefits. this. Talk about the human side of your business: how those products How many corporate organizations are doing what the and services help make your customer¹s lives easier, better, more Army¹s doing? Doesn’t a large portion or companies still block efficient and more enjoyable. That’s the content that compels. sites like Facebook and Twitter? Meanwhile, the Army is encour- 3. Tell your story through photos and video. The Army has a aging ‘employees’ (soldiers) to talk about their unique experienc- distinct advantage here. They have compelling visuals that help es working for their ‘employer’ (Army) the good and the bad. them tell a powerful story. But I¹m guessing your brand does, too. If you’re an Army recruiter, you have to be thrilled with this The Army’s blog uses photos liberally to tell the Army story you work, too. may not always hear time with families, community involvement Previously, prospective soldiers would have had to visit a and life on the road. Army recruiting office in person to get a better feel for what they Photos can tell those stories in ways words often cannot. So, may be getting into. the next time you¹re crafting your brand¹s story, think about the With these tools in place, prospective soldiers can now visit a visuals that may help you tell it in a completely different and host of online resources to get a mix of information to help them more visceral way. make a more informed decision (, the Ask a Soldier 4. Empower your employees to tell your story. More than 60 forum, blogs posts from real soldiers and videos on YouTube). bloggers worldwide with backgrounds ranging from medical Video Watch to Maj. Mary Constantino, whom I met at Blog to human resources to legal to public affairs have blogged on World in October, talk about how the Army is using its blog, Fa- behalf of the Army to share stories about basic combat training, cebook and YouTube to enhance its recruiting efforts. serving in Iraq and career opportunities. Here are a few lessons your brand can learn from the Army: These are real stories from real soldiers not corporate memos 1. Blogging success rests in the power of numbers. If you vis- and newsletters. Often your best storytellers are your employees. it Army Strong Stories, you¹ll notice there are multiple authors They know your brand inside and out. They are your brand in or posters. They all present multiple perspectives of life in the many ways. Why not put them in a position to tell the wonderful stories your brand has to tell? 12 •