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Learn More About Making Money While Network Marketing The Business Opportunity With GDI at

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GDI Network Marketing Business

  1. 1. ==== ====Learn More About Success With GDI ====There are a lot of network marketing businesses out there just vying to grab your attention, butone of the most interesting has got to be Global Domains International or GDI for short. GDI is anetwork marketing opportunity where they provide online opportunity for you to earn income, withan MLM-type commission structure for affiliates. Global Domains International, Inc. is theworldwide domain name registry for (Dot WS) domain names. GDIs product is an a $10 permonth package that includes your own domain name, hosting accounts, and up to ten emailaccounts, plus an easy-to-use online web site builder that will allow you to get a professionallooking web site on the web as quickly as possible. And the best thing is, you can try outeverything GDI has to offer, for FREE.GDI provides a surprisingly comprehensive series of services, but Im sure thats not what yourewondering when I start talking about the GDI opportunity. What Im sure you are wondering iseither, "Can I make money with GDI?" or "Is GDI a Scam?" The answer to one of them is "yes,"and the answer to the other one is "no." But before we get into that, lets look a little at the GDIscompensation plan.GDIs Compensation PlanGDI will pay you $1 per month for every person you bring in to your downline, down to 5 levelsdeep. That money will continue to come in for life even if you quit promoting GDI, but you mustremain a member.Below is a table to show how you much your residual monthly income would be if you signed uponly 10 people on your first level, and then they each signed up 10 down to your fifth level.1st Level - You sign up 10 = 102nd Level - Your first level each sign up 10 = 1003rd Level - Your second level each sign up 10 = 10004th Level - Your third level each sign up 10 = 10,0005th Level - Your 4th level each sign up 10 = 100,000When you add it all up thats a total of 111,110 people in your downline. That means that yourmonthly residual income of one dollar for each person in your downline would equal $111,110.00what would you with an extra $111,110.00 per month for life?GDI is willing to pay you handsomely for helping them get the word out to the world. There areabsolutely NO income limits with the GDI Affiliate program.When you partner up with GDI, you get access to videos and brochures. Its not going to be hard
  2. 2. to get people to sign up for your business. Let GDI sell themselves to your prospects.But Theres Something Theyre Not Telling You...Global Domains International, like all other network marketing programs, not only wants you torecruit new people into promoting their opportunity, but they also want you to get the word out andsell domains and web hosting as well. And thats not hard. Once you give people the GDIopportunity video, people will either want to buy or better yet, join you.But thats not all you should be doing. You should have other programs, other businessopportunities that add real value to the people who are joining you in your business opportunity.People who join your team are members of your team, not GDIs, they joined because they trustedyou to teach them and train them to be successful in their business.How To Succeed With GDI or Any Other Network Marketing OpportunityWhenever you work with a company like Global Domains International, your real job isnt to selltheir products. Like I said, the products sell themselves; you just throw the information out there,its an excellent service and people will buy. What youre really selling is the idea that people needto join YOU or they need to join your team and start to build financial independence right away.Its not just about promoting one business opportunity or program, sure you can sell GDI services,but you should also be promoting other programs as well. You want to provide that little somethingextra for your customers, so they value and appreciate your special contribution to their success.Its that special strategy and extra training that makes the difference... not the product or programyou chose.In the end, customers dont really care what product you sold them. They care about the value thatyou added to the process; answering their questions, helping them choose the right product, givingthem that extra little personal touch that makes them feel comfortable and happy about workingwith you.You Are in Charge of Your Long-Term SuccessIf you really want to be a success in the GDI business opportunity, you need to get the effectivetraining and education necessary to position and promote your own brand in the endless sea ofpeople seduced by the GDI compensation plan. You need to learn the critical aspects of thisbusiness that has the ability to take average people and turn them into millionaires.The money doesnt really come from the product. It comes from a unique and specific marketingand promotion plan for your business opportunity. Make yourself different from all the othermembers. Make yourself special.Your promotional efforts should be focused on putting your name and your company in front of asmany targeted potential people as possible. Its important that you remember that it is not justabout finding a way to carve out your little piece of GDI, but its all so about making GDI only a partof your overall business. Remember the old saying, "never put all your eggs in the same basket".The other parts should be in other programs, other partnerships and other businesses. Youll be
  3. 3. happier for it in the end and your business will thrive on multiple streams of income, besides noone can predict how long any network marketing company will be around for, so hedge your betsand build multiple streams of income.Start promoting yourself as a brand and as a leader. This is another direction to take your GDIbusiness in. By promoting yourself and showing yourself as a leader in your industry as well asgiving as much information and training as you can, you are creating what is called AttractionMarketing. Attraction marketing is an extremely successful marketing strategy that all marketersshould work towards building.So you have to promote yourself. You have to get out there and tell your potential recruits thatyoure the one solution to solve their problems. That you can get them into the GDI program andthey can get the training they need to start building their own downlines. You need to hammer thatpoint home, time and time again, until people in your area dont talk about GDI or any otherprogram anymore - they are talking about YOU and want to join you in your businesses becausethey trust you and they know you can help them achieve the success they are looking for.You are building a business, it is very important that you always remember that. You are buildingyour brand and building your business, GDI is only one spoke on the wheel. You have to buildyour business yourself and to start that, you need the proper training and education to build aserious success story on your own.Don Meyer is a successful internet marketer and a member of the GDI opportunity. GlobalDomains International (or GDI) is an opportunity to build recurring income for the rest of your life.Click here now to learn more about the GDI Affiliate Program and how you can get started rightaway for FREE for the first 7 days.As a bonus, I would like to give you my FREE Mad Marketing Method course. This has been usedby thousands of marketers who have gone on to successfully run their own online business.Article Source: ====Learn More About Success With GDI
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