Tabify Hotels CRM Product


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Tabify Hotel Management package is a complete solution for Customer Relationship Management for Hotels taking Guest Satisfaction level to the next level.

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  • Salary levels that are competitive with Lehigh’s markets, that reflect the economic value of the job, and that reflect the type and quality of work performed
    Cash-based rewards for performance that directly support achievement of Lehigh’s strategic goals
    Career opportunities for employees Career paths will be defined and articulated wherever possible and may include promotion to a higher level position, increased responsibilities in the current position, and lateral moves to another position or area
    Staff will have clearly articulated, strategically relevant position expectations and accountabilities
    Decision making roles for reward programs will be clearly defined to ensure efficiency of process and effectiveness of outcomes
    Regular, open communications will provide staff with information about programs and policies
    Program designs and policies and their link to Lehigh’s values and mission will be openly communicated
    Communication of all resulting changes will be timely and efficient and include a clear description of the reason for the changes and implications to employees the community will continue to be involved in the assessment of programs.
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Tabify Hotels CRM Product

  1. 1. Tabify Hotel Customer Relationship Management A quick illustration on how Tabify Hotel Management System can help CRM and Guest Satisfaction in hotels.
  2. 2. Why Tabify • Instead of the same old tedious check-in process, keep things interesting by showing your guests how tech-savvy you are they ask any questions about nearby activities or events, flip through a brochure on the tablet that will show them their options in a visually stimulating way. • Connect Room-Kitchen Directly with visually stimulating Menus and Ratings of Food Items. Allow Guests to Check cooking and delivery Status. Managers and Owners can check status of Kitchen and Restaurant from Remote Places. • Allow guests to use Internet and play games for recreation.
  3. 3. • Instead of guests walking down to the concierge desk or waiting on the phone, guests can use their tablets to message the concierge with their questions about the city or requests for wake-up calls. If a room needs more towels, the message can be sent directly to housekeeping. Guests will love the simplicity of the process and will enjoy being able to use iPads or other tablets to do something so straightforward. • A new study found that 53 hotels across the USA found that 82% of guests who had access to the in-suite tablets used them an average of 11 times per stay. Of the guests who used the hotel iPads, 41% ordered in-room food, 21% requested a wake-up call, and 7% called for a housekeeper, according to the study by Intelity.
  4. 4. Products •Front Desk App •Restaurant App •Guest App •Room Service App
  5. 5. How does it work? • Every Guest at the hotel is provided a tab containing the Guest App. • The Restaurant App is a 360 degree set of applications to manage a Restaurant/Bar. • The Room Service App is owned by the person supervising Room Service in a hotel. He/she will follow up with Room Service Notifications and Requirements for guests. • Front Desk App will be keep note of all the guests in the hotel. It is hosted on cloud where he is always updated on the hotel by accessing the Property management system of the hotel.
  6. 6. The Guest App Display Amount Payable till Date Call for specific Room Service View Tourism Options and Travel Packages+ additional information on hotel and services Advertisement Space (Optional) Options to Call for Room Service, Kitchen etc directly through App without any telephone service. Complete Menu of Kitchen and Room Deliverables with proper pictures and details. User Rated information by customers staying at the hotel Recreational internet facility on Tab and also Emagazines and Enewspapers.
  7. 7. Kitchen App • With another package of Applications that manages a complete Restaurant. • Guests can directly order at the kitchen and call for room delivery or dine at the restaurant of the hotel For details check:
  8. 8. Front Desk App • PC/Web Application • Complete Active Directory of People working at the Front Desk. • Get real time updates on the vacancy of rooms and reservations holding at the hotel. • Guest Information and status of the Room
  9. 9. Contact Akshay Kingar--- Arindam Barman– Please pass your valuable feedback to so that we don’t leave any scope for mistakes and fill all the holes.