Seven Ways Your Small Business Can Sell More Online


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Among the points discussed were ways to:
• Reach your highest-potential customers
• Target customers based on their physical location
• Select the keywords that can drive the most targeted traffic
• Analyze your results so you can increase sales
• Get the attention of consumers on their mobile devices

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Seven Ways Your Small Business Can Sell More Online

  1. 7 Ways to Sell More OnlineBrought to you by Google AdWords in partnership with: 1
  2. What we’ll cover1. Why your business is losing money if you don’t market online2. 7 ways to sell more online3. Q&A 2
  3. You’re losing money if you don’t market online 94% of consumers research products online before buying and 60% use search engines as their go-to online shopping resource — Source: 2010 Compete Online Shopper Intelligence Study 75% who are looking for a store, price or product information search online before or during a shopping trip — Source: 2010 Deloitte LLP Survey 97% use online media when researching products or services in their local area• — Source: March 2010 BIA/Kelsey consumer tracking study 3
  4. Types of online marketingDisplay ads Online classifieds Mobile marketing Ad networks Group buying programs Affiliate marketing Social networking 4
  5. How can your business take part in this? 5
  6. 7 ways to sell more online1. Decide what direction to take2. Reach the right customers3. Set your budget4. Expand your reach5. Go local6. Dive into mobile marketing7. Measure results and fine-tune 6
  7. About Google AdWords Ads (AdWords) 7
  8. #1. Decide what direction to takeWhat do you want to promote?• Your business (account)• A specific product or service area (campaign)• Subcategories within a product or service area (ad group) Account Campaign Campaign Ad Group Ad Group Ad Group 8
  9. Example: Acme Gourmet Food EmporiumCampaign #1Condiments• Ad group 1: Mustards• Ad group 2: Marinades• Ad group 3: SalsasCampaign #2Cheeses• Ad group 1: Italian cheeses• Ad group 2: Spanish cheeses• Ad group 3: French cheeses 9
  10. #2. Reach the right customers1. Select keywords• Small group• Highly targeted• Single theme2. Matching options• Broad match: Includes keyword variations• Negative match: Narrows ad targeting and reduces unqualified leads3. Build your list with the Keyword Tool• 10
  11. Acme Gourmet Food Emporium — Campaign #1CondimentsKeyword phrase: Gourmet marinadesBroad match keywords Gourmet seafood marinades Marinades for gourmetsNegative match keywords Cheap Wholesale 11
  12. #3. Set your budget Choose a daily budget — no minimum required Pay only when someone clicks your ad Lower budget = fewer ad appearancesHelpful tools• Estimate traffic with the Traffic Estimator• Check AdWords’ daily budget recommendations 12
  13. #4. Expand your reachGoogle Display Network Place ads on relevant web pages Ad types • Text • Image • Rich media • Video 13
  14. Acme Gourmet Food Emporium — Campaign #2CheesesPotential Google Display Network matches:• Recipe exchange• Wine enthusiasts• Organic lifestyle• Cheese making 14
  15. #5. Go localTarget users based on their physical location Set a radius around a point on the map Target a custom shape on the map Exclude areas within selected locations Choose specific countries, regions, cities 15
  16. Acme Gourmet Food Emporium — LocalStore location: Madison, WisconsinGoal: Promote hand-made cheesesGeographic target: Continental U.S.Target ads by:• User’s physical location• User’s search intent User Location Search Query Sees Ad Austin, Texas Wisconsin cheddar Yes Madison, Wisconsin Cheddar cheese Yes Toronto, Canada Wisconsin cheddar No 16
  17. #6. Dive into mobile marketing• Opt in to show ads on mobile devices• Optimize keywords and ad text to mobile users• Create landing pages for mobile users• Connect AdWords and Local Business Center accounts• Include click-to-call phone number for closest location 17
  18. Acme Gourmet Food Emporium — MobileGoal: Increase clickthroughs from mobile users• Found that most mobile users looked for a physical location• Linked AdWords and Local Business Center accounts• Created a mobile-specific landing page• Included a mobile-only special offer 18
  19. #7. Measure results and fine-tuneLook for: Top performers (maintain or increase) Under performers (refine) Poor performers (abandon)AdWords statistics: Clickthrough rate Keyword performance Average position Quality score 19
  20. Small business success storyHappy Hound• Oakland, California• www.happyhound.comChallenge• New business needed to attract customers• Owner wanted effective online marketing that she could manage herselfResults• Google AdWords delivers 90% of company’s customers• AdWords’ success offers blueprint for marketing future second location 20
  21. 21
  22. Get started with Google AdWordsLearn moreVisit the AdWords Online Classroom for more tutorialsSet up your AdWords AccountCall 1-877-906-7955 to set up an AdWords Account and yourfirst campaign 22
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  25. Q&A 25
  26. Thank you! 26