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  • 1. © 1&1 Internet Inc. 2010
  • 2. Agenda
    1&1 MyBusiness Site Overview
    Review of 1&1 MyBusiness Site Packages Available
    Login & the Control Panel
    Editing Site Settings
    Editing Content
    Adding HTML Widgets
    1&1 SiteAnalytics
    E-Mail Marketing Tool
    1&1 SEO Ready Service
    Site Of The Month Opportunity
    © 1&1 Internet Inc. 2010
  • 3. 1&1 MyBusiness Site Packages Available
    © 1&1 Internet Inc. 2010
  • 4. Basics: Login & the Control Panel
    © 1&1 Internet Inc. 2010
    Login from your 1&1 MyBusiness Site website OR using your account details at
  • 5. Basics: Editing Site Settings
    © 1&1 Internet Inc. 2010
    You can make changes that will appear across your site via the Main Menu
    Select from different layout styles
    Create & upload your own layout
    Change font color & size across your site
    Adapt site color scheme
    Add background images
    Edit meta tags & search engine settings
    Set up password protected areas
    Hide your login link
    Add “Recommend This Page” link
  • 6. Basics: Editing Content
    © 1&1 Internet Inc. 2010
    You can insert a new content section on your page easily, by clicking Add New Element
  • 7. HTML Widgets
    © 1&1 Internet Inc. 2010
    A small application that can be installed and executed within a web page by an end user. – Wikipedia
    Great way to easily add content to your website.
    Widgets are typically things like clocks, weather reports, stocks or sports tickers and games.
    Available with All Packages
  • 8. 1&1 SiteAnalytics
    1&1 SiteAnalytics shows you how your website is performing
    Customize your dashboard to see the statistics that are important to you.
    See the number of visitors to your website, which websites they come from and how long they stay on your site.
    See which keywords were used by visitors to find your site, which Internet browser they use and which pages most visitors enter and exit from your site.
    Available with All Packages
    © 1&1 Internet Inc. 2011
  • 9. Email Marketing Tool
    © 1&1 Internet Inc. 2010
    Send customer newsletters with no programming knowledge
    Add a sign-up box to your website
    Increase customer communication and actively market your products or services to an interested and motivated audience
    Available with: Plus & Premium
  • 10. 1&1 SEO Ready Service
    © 1&1 Internet Inc. 2010
    Make sure your website is search engine-ready
    Easy steps to follow, with advice every step of the way
    Our experts will review your site and make sure you’re ready for major search engines, as well as make suggestions for meta tags, linkbacks, keywords, etc.
    Available with: Premium
  • 11. 1&1 MyBusiness Site Packages Available
    © 1&1 Internet Inc. 2010
  • 12. Site Of The Month
    © 1&1 Internet Inc. 2010
    Be Featured in Our Newsletter
    Send your site to
    We’ll review it and ask you for your feedback.
  • 13. Any questions?
    © 1&1 Internet Inc. 2010