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Presented by Kelly Meeneghan (1&1 Public Relations Manager) at the August 2013 media event and data center tour.

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  • Choose from hundreds of attractive designs and layouts, make your changes online at any time!Get found Discover new audiences online with higher search engine rankings from professional SEO. Connect with Facebook®, YouTube™, Twitter and more to expand your network!Quick and easy Make changes online at any time. Easily rewrite or paste new text, quickly upload images and personalise everything including the layout, colour and more in justa few clicks!
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  • 1&1 DIY Web Builder: Apps & Social Media

    1. 1. DIY Web Builder: Apps and Social Media Kelly Meeneghan August 2013 ® 1&1 Internet 2013
    2. 2. Introduction Kelly Meeneghan PR Manager, 1&1 North America Page2® 1&1 Internet 2013
    3. 3. Agenda  Why MyWebsite?  Evolution of professional websites  The business journey  Implementation of Web apps  Social expectations  Meeting social demands – 1&1 Social Media Center Page3® 1&1 Internet 2013
    4. 4. What is MyWebsite?  Offered in US, DE, UK, FR, ES, IT, PL, MX, CA, AT  More than 120 different industries  Professionally created text, image and design  Unlimited traffic  High-performance, secure data center  Geo-redundant hosting across locations Page4 Today 500,000+ Customers Target 1 Million Customers ® 1&1 Internet 2013
    5. 5. MyWebsite Success Story Choose from hundreds of attractive designs and layouts Get found via social and search Quick and easy Make changes online at any time Choose from over 120 business industries ® 1&1 Internet 2013 Page5
    6. 6. 1. Quick and easy  Web apps  Drag-and-drop functionality  Changes made anytime – no 9am-5pm availability limitations  Access anywhere  Personalize everything in just a few clicks  Editor tool is just like working within a Word document Page6® 1&1 Internet 2013
    7. 7. 2. High quality designs  Effortless customization  First draft of your website within minutes  Image Library (25,000+)  Google Maps  Interactive Elements Page7® 1&1 Internet 2013
    8. 8. 3. Hundreds of layouts  100’s of professionally made layouts  Pre-filled industry specific text and images  Detailed navigation structure according to specific industries  120+ Industries Page8® 1&1 Internet 2013
    9. 9. 4. Online Success  Social media interaction and management  Scheduled social media posts and event  Mobile optimization  Search engine optimization  Analytics tools for success measurement Page9® 1&1 Internet 2013
    10. 10. Expanding Your Online Presence – Choosing the Right Domain Build a portfolio • Register misspellings, different TLD’s or other alternatives • Increase brand security and prevent fraud Register • Determine if your domain name is included in your website package Choose domain name • Use the official business name as the domain • Keep things simple for customers to remember • Easy for users to return Choose the right TLD • .us = country code • .com = world wide registration • .biz = professional • .mobi = mobile optimized • .org = non-profit organizations Page10® 1&1 Internet 2013
    11. 11. The business journey should lead to a transaction Attract Interact Transact Service Retain • Attractive website • Fresh, updated content • Interesting pictures • Relevant information • Straightforward navigation • Engage in conversation • Encourage customer feedback • Provide social sharing and interaction • Conduct surveys • Start blogging • Sell products online • Offer exclusive vouchers • Encourage online visitors to visit physical store Page11® 1&1 Internet 2013
    12. 12. Web Apps Bringing professionalism and credibility to the website design novice Page12® 1&1 Internet 2013  Add functionality to ecommerce, communication, social media and business management  250+ app options  Reputable brands  Drag-and-drop ability
    13. 13. Simple web app implementation The best way to guide a business is to give them the right advice and present the right functionality according to industry requirements Receive an overview of what is relevant for you See in detail how it works Use it on your own website 1 2 3 Page13® 1&1 Internet 2013
    14. 14. Easy to Integrate No Maintenance Automatic Updates No Additional Costs Managed Security Managed apps are better than installing them on your own Page14® 1&1 Internet 2013
    15. 15. Top 10 US Web Apps ® 1&1 Internet AG 2010 Page15 1. PayPal Buy 2. Google +1 3. LinkedIn Member Profile 4. Website Translator 5. Trivid 6. 1&1 Cash-Ad Main Content 7. Pinterest 8. SoundCloud Music Player 9. Add This 10. Ecwid Store
    16. 16. The need for social SMB’s Page16® 1&1 Internet 2013 82% of Americans expect SMBs to be active on social media 19% of consumers are more likely to buy from SMBs available on social media Nearly half (45%) expect to receive information or advice via social media 47% believe SMBs need to be engaged on social media in order to stay relevant Research commissioned by 1&1 – 1,301 US adults
    17. 17. Social Climate Impact 1.1 billion 393 million 225 million 1 billion users  4 billion daily views 500 million  200 million active Page17® 1&1 Internet 2013 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 1-30min 31-60min 2-6hrs 7-12hrs 13-24hrs Percentage Time expected to respond Facebook Post Facebook Private Message Tweet Twitter Direct Message
    18. 18. Social Media Meeting the evolving consumer and search engine demands of professional engagement on the Internet Page18® 1&1 Internet 2013  Consistent branding  Seamless synchronization  One login, one dashboard  Facebook page customization  Scheduled posting
    19. 19. 1&1 has developed a solution for simplifying social media Social sharing platform Facebook page creator A central hub for your social media management Page19® 1&1 Internet 2013
    20. 20. Social Page Manager Page20® 1&1 Internet 2013
    21. 21. Social Share Page21® 1&1 Internet 2013
    22. 22. The solution helps SMBs by offering a social tool that is… FASTER Rapid Facebook Page Connection Guided user flow Desired website elements instantly create a professional Facebook page MyWebsite header automatically incorporated in Facebook page SIMPLER Customized Facebook tabs from website On/off slider Any subpage can be turned into tab Unnecessary elements are hidden MORE EFFICIENT Website edits are automatically made to Facebook page One-way synchronization Every change is updated All changes on website are instantly made to Facebook CLOSER Communicate and engage in one, central location Post simultaneously on multiple platforms (FB, Twitter) Posts can be sent immediately or scheduled for later React on multiple channels at once Page22® 1&1 Internet 2013
    23. 23. What is MyWebsite all about? Easy tool to get online without background knowledge Familiar to tools used everyday Cost and time effective Secure and reliable online solution Attract  Interact  Transact: More than just a website – simplifies the internet business approach Page23® 1&1 Internet 2013
    24. 24. First-hand results – 1&1 MyWebsite “Everything we were reading in the local music publications and what our friends were paying led us to believe that a website was going to be way out of our reach and impossible to maintain. Once we found 1&1, we were amazed. My husband is still convinced that I somehow acquired computer programming skills overnight to create the website. I can't convince him of how easy you guys make this; you've completely changed my perception with the 1&1 MyWebsite tool!” – Arlene Stern – www.honeysuckleroad.net Page24® 1&1 Internet 2013
    25. 25. First-hand results – 1&1 Social Media Center “Before using the Social Media Center tool, I had social media accounts with Facebook and Twitter but was not very active on them. This tool has made it easier for me to connect with customers by bringing Facebook and Twitter under one platform. It allows me to pre- schedule my posts, so that I’m always interacting with my customers even when I’m away from my computer. Since using the Social Media Center, I’ve gained followers and received more likes on postings!” - Tanisha Billops – www.exceptionalcleaningsvc.com Page25® 1&1 Internet 2013
    26. 26. Thank you for your attention! Questions?!? Page26® 1&1 Internet 2013