Pinterest As a Teaching Tool

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How to begin to use Pinterest as a teacher.

How to begin to use Pinterest as a teacher.

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  • 1. Pinterest: A Teaching and Planning Tool by Ginger Christensen
  • 2. Pinterest  What is it? website is a virtual corkboard for the user to “pin” pictures/ideas found on the internet Although a social- networking site, it can be like a scrapbook of pictures, book lists, quotes, & cool ideas for the busy teacher.
  • 3. What my friends think Pinterest is:
  • 4. Take a look at my Pinterest page.  5 minutes: Look at layout, explore my teaching boards, click on links if you are interested. Just get a feel for what a pinboard is like.
  • 5. What can it do for me? as a… Organizational & Planning Tool:  Teachers can use it to collect ideas on topics that they want to return to later (like a scrapbook of ideas)  A place where teachers can share their collections or a specific idea with colleagues  A way to organize ideas in one spot Teaching Tool:  Teachers can gather lesson ideas, videos, etc. on a board for building units to access when teaching or planning  Gather websites, pictures, videos on a board for students to access as unit/study extensions & research
  • 6. In My Classroom
  • 7. Where do I begin? 1. Open a Pinterest account at 2. Create at least 5 boards related to your classroom interests. 3. Download the “pin” button. 4. Start small: either visit favorite blogs or search on one topic
  • 8. WORDS OF CAUTION  Be conscious of copyrighted materials & respectful of other people’s ideas (go to the source)  Collecting is time-consuming (and addicting)
  • 9. Finally… Think of Pinterest as a place to stash inspiration or ideas you want to come back to.