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Brms road map_10-17-12
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Brms road map_10-17-12


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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Prakash Aradhya1JBoss BRMS, BPM and BeyondPrakash AradhyaSr. Product
  • 2. Prakash Aradhya2Topics● Evolution for JBoss Business Platforms● Overview of BRMS 5.3 – Business Rules, Workflow● About Polymita● JBoss and Polymita Integration Plan● Roadmap
  • 3. Prakash Aradhya3Integration and BPM Week – October 15-18Craig Muzilla, General Manager of JBoss - welcomeMark Little, Vice President of Engineering - visionCustomer videos - INTTRA & TW Telecom
  • 4. Prakash Aradhya4Evolution of JBoss Business Platforms
  • 5. Prakash Aradhya5JBoss Business Solution OfferingYesterday Today
  • 6. Prakash Aradhya6JBoss BRMS – Stage Infancy: Drools Rules● Decision Box● Pricing, Promotions, premium● Reasoning
  • 7. Prakash Aradhya7JBoss BRMS – Stage Teen: Drools Goes Real● Realtime Decisions● Logistics, routing, trading
  • 8. Prakash Aradhya8JBoss BRMS – Stage Adult: Drools Weds jBPM● Realtime Intelligent Workflows● Automate, optimize
  • 9. Prakash Aradhya9JBoss BRMS – Evolution from BRMS to BPMIntelligent Realtime Intelligent Realtime Intelligent Workflow
  • 10. Prakash Aradhya10BRMS 5.3 Overview
  • 11. Prakash Aradhya11BRMS 5.3 – Overview
  • 12. Prakash Aradhya12Strengths of BRMS and jBPM● Synergetic Business Aspects – Rules, Business Events, Workflows● Lightweight Deployment● Choice of Deployment – Embedded Vs Stand Alone● Choice of Containers – JBoss Vs Non-JBoss● Choice of Packages – Integrated Vs Components● Choice of Tools – Web based Vs Eclipse based● Pluggable Persistence and Transaction● Easily Extensible – Rich and Robust APIs
  • 13. Prakash Aradhya13What we heard from youLove itCriticalNeedOut of theBox BAMPreferRicherInterfaceUserExperienceProcessAnalysisComplimentaryExcellent
  • 14. Prakash Aradhya14About Polymita
  • 15. Prakash Aradhya15About Polymita● Headquartered in Barcelona, Spain● Extensive experience in building BPM Suite for several years● Highly differentiated BPMS offering keeping business user productivity asthe center of focus● Positioned as a visionary in Gartner BPM MQ● Considered as a Major Player by IDC Marketscape
  • 16. Prakash Aradhya16Strengths of Polymita BPM
  • 17. Prakash Aradhya17Integration Plan
  • 18. Prakash Aradhya18Integration Plan● An Integrated BPM Product - Bringing the best of both world together● Multiple Releases over the next 6 to 18 months
  • 19. Prakash Aradhya19Integration Plan - Contd● Continue to build on fundamentally strong integrated business aspects –Business Rules, Business Events and Business Processes● A natural extension to jBPM 5 runtime component – This means nomigration hassles upgrading to BPM 6.0● Empower business users with rich user experience
  • 20. 20Integration PlanCurrent: BRMS 5.3.x Next: BPMS 6.0, BRMS 6.0PolymitaPolymita BPMSJBossJBoss BRMS JBoss BRMS 6.0JBoss BRMS 6.0JBoss BPMS 6.0
  • 21. 21Integration PlanBRMS 5.3.xCurrent: BRMS 5.3.x Next: BPMS 6.0, BRMS 6.0JON+PluginsManagedBRMS 6.0JON+PluginsManagedBPMS 6.0RulesEAP v5CEP ProcessBRM Process DesignerProcess and Task MgmtEAP v6Rules CEPBusiness Rules Manager JON+PluginsManagedPolymitaPolymita BPMSEAP v6Rules CEP ProcessProcess Modeler BRMSimulation Process & Task MgmtBAM
  • 22. Prakash Aradhya22Integration Stage 1 - JBoss BPM 6.0
  • 23. Prakash Aradhya23Integration Stage 2 - JBoss BPM 6.1
  • 24. Prakash Aradhya24Roadmap
  • 25. 25BRMS 6JBoss BRMS RoadmapSubject to ChangeBRMS 5BRMS 5.3.1 (Target : Q4 CY12)● Maintenance, Java 1.7● Additional Certs. - EAP 6● Minor Enhancements6.0BRMS 6.0 (Target : Mid CY13)● Wizard-assisted rules authoring● Rete++ algorithm● Performance Improvements● Drools Planner – Tech Preview5.25.2 5.35.3 5.3.1BRMS 6.1 (Target : End CY13)● Enhance User Experience● Drools Planner6.1
  • 26. 26BRMS 6JBoss BPM Platform RoadmapSubject to Change6.0BPM 6.0 (Target : Mid CY13)● Frist phase of integrated Polymita and jBPM● Dashboarding and reporting● Rich task management and process monitoring tools● Process Simulation6.1BPM 6.1 (Target : End CY13)● Next phase of integrated Polymita and jBPM● Enriched User Experience● Interoperability with other JBoss products
  • 27. Prakash Aradhya27● ...about the intelligent, integratedenterprise vision● ...about BRMS Products● Upcoming BRMS Workshops● Evaluation Download more
  • 28. Prakash Aradhya28THANK YOU.RedHatVideoson to keepIn touch?Red Haton Haton