Music of india
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  • 3. India is one of the oldest countriesin the world having at least fiftycenturies of history. Along withEgypt and China, it is alsoconsidered as one of the cradlesof civilization.Music of India Is a sacred form ofartistic expression that datesback to the ancient times.
  • 4. CLASSICAL MUSIC OF INDIAClassical- describes music that isconsidered serious or intellectualand is usually written in atraditional or formal style, asopposed to such genres as pop,rock, and folk music.
  • 5. “Music is thepurest form ofart…thereforetrue poets,they who areseers, seek toexpress theuniverse interms ofmusic…”
  • 6. RABINDRANATH TAGORE is a well-known Indian poet,essay and short story writer, thespian, orator,philosopher, artist, painter, composer and singer.The first Asian winner of the Novel Prize forLiterature. He wrote almost 2,300 songs during hislifetime and he believes that music is the purestform of art.Music is an important aspect in the lives of thepeople in India especially in their spiritual growth,cultural expression and entertainment.
  • 7. ReligiousFolkClassical Music being played in India.Popular musicTraditional classical music has remained well-accepted and well-preserved in the Indiansociety.
  • 8. INDIAN MUSICIndia is the inheritor of one of theoldest and most evolved musical systems inthe world. Its music is considered as theoldest unbroken musical tradition with themost intricate musical system that containshighly developed polyrhythms, delicatenuances , ornamentation, and microtones.
  • 9. DEVELOPMENT OF INDIAN MUSICVedas-religious chants.UNESCO-(United Nations Educational, scientific, andcultural Organization) proclaimed the tradition of Vedicchant as a Masterpiece of the Oral and IntangibleHeritage of Humanity on November 07, 2003.Rig Veda- sacred hymns.Guru- teaches the Vedas through oral tradition.Vinaya- teaches students to be humble towardselders, or those who are in authority.Sadharna- practice and discipline, involvescomplete faithfulness in the craft.
  • 10. In India, music is call “SANGEET,” which means theart of playing musical instruments, singing anddancing.SHIVA- the destroyerBRAHMA- the creatorVISHNU- the preserver.The people of India have also the idea that sound isGod and that everything is a manifestation ofGod.
  • 11. SHIVA
  • 12. BRAHMA
  • 13. VISHNU
  • 14. AncientMedieval Development of Indian MusicModernANCIENT (1000-300 BC)Vedas and Upanishads were used to create musicalexpressions.MEDIEVAL (Fifth and Seven Centuries)Ragas were classified by seasons and the different time of theday.Hindustani- northern Indian Style (foreign elements).Carnatic- southern Indian Style.Both are basically the same of their spiritual characteristics.MODERN PERIODmarked by the efforts of individuals who contributed much tothe development of seventy-two Melakartas or parents scales.
  • 15. • India is the inheritor of one of the oldest and mostevolved music system in the world. The study ofIndian music begins with the religious andphilosophical beliefs of its culture.• The Guru, the Vinaya, and the Sadhana form the“heart” of musical tradition in India.• The development of Indian music emerged from thereligious chants called Vedas.• Indian musical history is divided into three periods.The ancient, the medieval, and the modern period.
  • 16. RIG VEDA1.Laud Agni, the chosen Priest, God,Minister of sacrifice, the hotar, lavishest ofwealth.2.Worthy is Agni to be praised by living asby ancient seers. He shall bring hitherwardthe Gods:3.Through Agni Man obtained wealth, yea,plenty waxing day by day, Most richheroes, glorious.