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collection of best puzzles of all time including number game, pictorial puzzle, logical ones...

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Classic Puzzles

  1. 1.
  2. 2. Puzzle a day keeps ‘RUSTING’ away
  3. 3. Round ‘A’Numbers
  4. 4. Audience.1 Save the most precious??• There is a flat with 3 rooms in it. 1st is filled with gold coins, 2nd has dollar notes and 3rd has cotton. Suddenly a massive fire broke out. Ambulance rushes in to extinguish fire. But due to lack of time it can save just one room. Which room should it save?
  5. 5. A.1 --- I hate ‘’’numbers’’’• Predict the next number in this series and give a logical explanation. 1 11 21 1211........
  6. 6. A.2 --- I hate ‘’’numbers’’’• Predict the next number in this series and give a logical explanation. 93 28 17 8 1
  7. 7. A.3 --- I hate ‘’’numbers’’’• Predict the next number in this series and give a logical explanation. 2 8 26 62 122 ___
  8. 8. A.4 --- I hate ‘’’numbers’’’• Predict the next number in this series and give a logical explanation. 2 3 3 5 10 13 ___
  9. 9. Round ‘B’ Creativity
  10. 10. Audience.2 Can you think out of box??• Join the 9 points with four lines without lifting pen.
  11. 11. B.1. Matchsticks• Remove 4 matchsticks from the arrangement below so that exactly five identical squares remain, and every remaining matchstick is a part of atleast one of these squares.
  12. 12. B.2. Please save priests….• There are 3 priests and 3 dacoits on one side of the river. There is a boat to cross the river which can take two person at a time. Atleast one of them has to return so as to bring boat back at same end. Whenever the dacoits are in majority at either side, they will kill the priest. How you will bring all 6 to the other side making sure no priest is killed??
  13. 13. B.3. Apply- Supply chain management• Four people A,B,C,D come to a river in the night. There is a narrow bridge, but it can only hold two people at a time. Because its night, the torch has to be used when crossing the bridge. Person A can cross the bridge in 1 minute, B in 2 minutes, C in 5 minutes, D in 6 minutes. When two people cross the bridge together, they must move at the slower persons pace. Note that the torch must be with the people who are crossing the bridge. What would be the minimum time required for the four people to cross the bridge?
  14. 14. B.4.---- Mathematical Circles• There are 11 circles in total.• Fill the circles with digits 1-11 such that sum across a line is same for all.
  15. 15. Matchstick Game – 50 points• Two player game.• One player from each team will come.• We have 28 matchsticks in total.• Each player can pick either one or two matchstick in one round.• One who picks the last will win the game.
  16. 16. ROUND ‘C’Brain Teasers
  17. 17. Audience.3 Flaw in the story?• Ram goes to hear Satyanarayan Bhagwan katha at Shyam’s house. After listening to 3 parts, he fells asleep. In his dream he saw that he is travelling from a superfast train. On the same track another superfast train is coming in opposite direction. Massive collision takes between the trains. Ram gets so afraid in his dreams that he dies in real. After the katha got ended, Shyam tries to wake him up to find him dead. Considering this to be a real story where is the flaw?
  18. 18. C.1. Chalo Bag khozein• There are 10 bags each with 10 coins. Weight of each coin is 10gm. But in one of the bag all coins are 9gm in weight.• You are given a spring balance which can be used only once.• Find out the bag with defective coins?
  19. 19. C.2. Which way to go?• Youre travelling to some village. At some point there is a fork in the road. You could go two ways but only one of them leads to the village.• Lucky for you there are two men standing next to the fork. But unfortunately one of them always lies and one always speaks the truth and you do not know who is who.• Since the men do not really like to help you, you are allowed to ask one of them only one question. Which question should you ask?
  20. 20. C.3. Change the setting• You are allowed to move only 3 coins.
  21. 21. C.4. ----- How to fill boxes??• An apple vendor has 1000 apples and 10 empty boxes. He has to place all in such a manner that if a customer asks for any number of apples from 1 to 1000, he should be able to pick them in terms of boxes.• Given that any number of apples can be put in one box.
  22. 22. Audience.4 Positioning• Fill the 8 cells with digits 1-8 so that no two consecutive digits are in cells touching each other in any fashion.
  23. 23. Audience.5 Superstitious Boss• Mr. Fisher is a night watchman in a large company. On a certain morning when Mr. Fisher wants to go home, his boss tells him: "Ill go for a business trip to Norway.• Tomorrow I will depart from Heathrow airport." Mr. Fisher however advises him to take a boat. "Why should I?" asked the president.• "This night I dreamed that the plane to Norway crashes, just before it will land," is the response. The president smiles first,• but since he is pretty superstitious he decides to take the boat. When he arrives in Norway, he is told that the plane which he should have taken had crashed.• When the president returns from the trip, he gives a big reward to Mr. Fisher and immediately fires him. Why?
  24. 24. Audience.6 Bechara Snail• A snail is at the bottom of a 20 meters deep pit. Every day the snail climbs 5 meters upwards, but at night it slides 4 meters back downwards.• How many days does it take before the snail reaches the top of the pit?
  25. 25. Audience.7 Out of box part-2• A into 2 equal parts• B into 3 equal parts• C into 4 equal parts• D into 5 equal parts
  26. 26. Audience.8 Every king has one ‘Birbal’• A king was about to die. He had two sons. He wanted to divide the kingdom equally. But both sons were greedy and they wanted whole kingdom. So, king kept a proposal. He organized a horse riding race. The punch of the race was the horse which reaches first, the owner will lose the race. Race started. If Ram took a break for an hr, Shyam takes for two hrs and vice versa. So, the race was not looking to get finished in near future. King called the most intelligent guy of his Darbar. The person said something to both the sons. They resumed race and race finished quickly. What that person would have said?
  27. 27.
  28. 28. Audience.1 Which is more precious??• Solution: – Ambulance never extinguishes fire.
  29. 29. A.1. I hate ‘’’numbers’’’• 1 11 21 1211 111221• Solution – 1, Ek baar ek , do bar 1 , 1 baar 2 1 baar 1
  30. 30. A.2.• Predict the next number in this series and give a logical explanation. 93 28 17 8 1• Solution : – (multiply unit place and tens place digits) + 1
  31. 31. A.3.• Predict the next number in this series and give a logical explanation. 2 8 26 62 122 ___• 1^3 +1 , 2^3 + 0, 3^3 -1 , 4^3 -2…..
  32. 32. A.4 --- I hate ‘’’numbers’’’• Predict the next • 2+1=3 number in this series • 3*1=3 and give a logical • 3+2 = 5 explanation. • 5*2 =10 2 3 3 5 10 13 • 10+3 =13 ___ • 13*3 =39
  33. 33. B.2. Please save priests….• Solution: – Let priest – P and Dacoit – D – P1 D1 goes , P1 comes back. – D2 D3 goes, D2 comes back. – P1 P2 goes, P1 D1 comes back. – P1 P3 goes, D3 comes back. – D3 D2 goes, D3 comes back and finally – D3 D1 goes…..
  34. 34. B.3. Pehle kaun• Solution: – 1,2 goes and 1 comes back (3min) – 5,6 goes and 2 comes back ( 8min) – 1, 2 goes (2min) – Total we need 13min
  35. 35. B.4.--- Mathematical Circles• There are 11 circles in total. 11 6 10• Fill the circles with digits 1-11 such that 5 9 sum across a line is same for all. 1• Solution: fill one in the 4 8 centre 3 7 2
  36. 36. C.1. Chalo Bag Khojein• Take one from bag 1, two from bag 2, three from bag 3 and so on....Sum should be 550..what ever more/less wt is will tell us the bag.
  37. 37. C.2. Which way to go?• --------if i ask 2nd person which is the right path what will he say...
  38. 38. C.3. Change the setting• You are allowed to move only 3 coins.• Move all the three corner once.
  39. 39. C.4… How to fill boxes??• We will keep it in the sequence 1,2,4,8,….• Fundamental of binary digits comes into picture.• 10bits together form 1024 combinations. Same way 10 boxes can be filled in a manner that we can get any figure between 1 to 1024 apples.
  40. 40. Audience.4• Solution – Trick is to write the extreme digits in the 3 5 middle. 7 1 8 2 – Once we have written 1 6 4 and 8 in middle two, then 2 will be at right hand most cell and 7 will be in left hand most cell and so on.
  41. 41. Audience.5 The superstitious Boss• He was not supposed to sleep in, he got reward for saving life but since he didn’t do his job properly so he was fired.
  42. 42. Audience.7 Out of box part-2• A into 2 equal parts• B into 3 equal parts• C into 4 equal parts• D into 5 equal parts