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  • 1. Socrative:Socrative is a smart, student response system that empowers teachers to collect data fromtheir students via smartphones, laptops, and tablets. The teachers find Socrative to be themost useful SMS app because students can use it on any platform with internet service, ratherthan phones with text messaging services. It is a great way for teachers to assess students andcollect immediate feedback.Teachers and students can use Socrative on any device with a web browser (tablets,smartphones, laptops, iPod Touches, etc.).Teachers login at by entering their email and password.Students login at by entering the "virtual room number" provided by theteacher. Students will then see "Waiting for teacher to start an activity...”.Teachers initiate an activity by selecting it on their main screen (e.g. Multiple Choice, T/F,and Quick Quiz).Students respond on their devices.Students results are visible on the Teachers screen or sent in an email.(the teacher choosethis option).Step One: Tell Students to Join Your SessionOnce youve logged into t.socrative.comTell your class to go to m.socrative.comNext, tell them to join Room Number XXXX to participate in your session.This is your "Virtual Room". You dont need to memorize it. Itll always be on your homescreen.Step Two: Initiate an ActivityWhen the students respond to the questions, youll see the results on your screen.Now we will see together step by step how it works.Socrative home page:
  • 2. If you dont have an account created, youll need to Sign Up for a free account. Once youraccount is created, use your email and password to login.After logging in I’ll have a number for my room that I should make a note of my RoomNumber. This is how i will test and this is how my students will enter any of my activities.They will not need a separate account or login credentials.This is myroom number
  • 3. This is the best tip of socrative that I ask my questions orally and my students answer viasocrative.When I have my room number I give it to my students so that they can log in. when theywant to log in they get this page and they have to write the number of the room I gave it.So as you see in this type of programs I ask questions orally and my students answer directlyon their devices after logging in.There are severaltypes of questions, we will explainoneafter another.1-Single Question Activities - "Right Now" PollingThe first set of polling activities is called "Single Questions" This includes Multiple Choice,True/False, and Short Answer questions.The main purpose for these activities is to do a quick poll or collection of data on the spot andwithout any preparation.Multiple Choice (A-E) - one question at atime - orally, live data as it gets collectedTrue/False (T/F) - one question at a time -orally, live data as it gets collectedShort Answer - students can type inanswers, responses can be voted on
  • 4. When I choose a type these photos appear on my student’s screen.Once questions are complete, the teacher can click on End Activity or go back to the MainScreen.Students can see feedbackimmediately. (Wrong answer)Correct answer, click next question.When the student finish the quiz heshould click finish quick quiz.
  • 5. While answering the answers appear immediately on teacher’s screen.2-Quiz-Based ActivitiesFor Quizzes, the teacher has the ability to pre-design his questions and then deploy them as aStudent Paced or Teacher Paced Quiz.Student Paced Quiz: Students enter name, answer questions (one at a time, at their ownpace), teacher can get live results.
  • 6. Teacher Paced Quiz: Students enter name, answer questions (teacher advances eachquestion for the class), teacher can get live results for display.And when the activity is ended a box appears on teacher’s screen about the report.Exit Ticket: is a type of quizzes that teacher can define what his students understood today inclass.The teacher choose what to do, Idownloaded the report look what Ihave got:
  • 7. Space race: teacher divided his class into groups. And he run quiz as a game.3-Creating QuizzesYou can create quizzes and Edit existing quizzes through Socrative.After creating a quiz or opening a pre-existing quiz, you can choose a type of question to add.Multiple Choice - Write the question and 2-5 answer choices; mark the checkbox for thecorrect answer (or leave without a correct answer). You can include feedback that will bedisplayed after a student answers the question.Short Answer - Write an open ended question and this will allow for students to write theirown responses. You can also include feedback that will be displayed after a student answersthe question.
  • 8. Also he can import quizzes from his own pc or quizzes created by other teachers, providedthat he has the SOC number (it’s like the serial number for every quiz created on socrative)and the quiz is shared if not he can’t import it.First I tried creating aquizWhile creating the quiz, for everyquestion the teacher should chooseif it’s multiple choice or shortanswer, than he can put the rightanswer or no. as he wish. When hefinish creating questions he clicksave.
  • 9. 4-Edit quizzes.Duplicate quizAnd we can find report about previous quizzes:Here I find all quizzes I used(shared or created by me)Here I can edit all quizzes byadding or removing questionsor editing questions.I get a copy of the selectedquizDelete the selected quiz.Demo quiz it’s a review forall previous quizzes used byteacher.Send report: it send thereports as mail to theteacher’s mail.Download report: itdownload student’s reportson the teacher’s laptop.This is the copyof the quiz.
  • 10. Demo quizzes report::5-Editing my account: where the teacher can change his mail, password…My profile:Here the teacher canremove all users from hisroom.Log out of socrativeChange your account emailaddress.Change your account password.Change your room number.Change your personal infos.Give the administrators ofsocrative feedback to make itbetter.It’s a quick over view to see howsocrative works.