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This is an easy tutorial for using bitstrips for schools

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  1. 1. Bitstrips:Bitsrips for schools is an educational tool that engages students using something they love:comics.Use Bitstrips for:Design and dress fully pose able charactersAdd scenes and props from our growing collection, or import your own imagesShare, remix, collaborate and comment!Get students hooked on reading and writingMotivate them by making homework funSpark their creativity - the possibilities for self-expression are endlessTeach a wide range of critical skillsAdapt lessons from any subjectGreat for K-12, university students, ELL and children with autismAssign them to your students, review their work and provide individual feedbackCreate and share your own activities
  2. 2. Teachers can only sign up and create classroom and invite their students.
  3. 3. After creating the account, i should create my classroom.And this is the link and the code that my students should have it to login:
  4. 4. Next I’ll need to add the name of every student and I give him the code and the link to logininto my classroom.I should create my avatar and every student should also do it. Here are some of the steps thatI should follow to create my avatar (this is also be done by students).Teacher’s avatar: student’s avatar:
  5. 5. Then the avatars appear in the class photo.The teacher now can make activities for his students.And it will appear in home page.Now let’s create a comic.Here I choose how many page I want to create.
  6. 6. When I finished the comic it looks like this:and I add my comment here:
  7. 7. My students can’t see my comics unless I shared my comics with my classIf you notices there are many options in the top of my comic:Comment: I can put a comment and my students can.Laugh: that means that this comic make laugh.Edit: I can edit my comic by add or remove something.Share: first I should share it with my class than share it with other programs.Blog: share on blog.Download: I can download my comics as Html, Pdf, and Jpeg.Print: I can print my comic.Flag: I can flag this strip.Back to home page. We find many options:Home:it’s home page, every one find his avatar, classroom, and shared comics, and activitiesin progress.Activities: my activities:
  8. 8. Activity library: we can browse activities from there.Create an activity:Gallery: in the gallery I find all the comics I created me and my students.My comics: here I can see my comics and create a comic.
  9. 9. Characters: here I find characters I created.Students: here I can see the list of students.Pricing: this prices are given by special offers to schools and teachers.Help: this tool is for all kinds of helps.Settings: here I can change the settings of my account, the class settings, the classpermissions, comics, characters, other images….
  10. 10. Now we will see how the students will use this tool.First of all I should give my students the code and the link that they can have access to theclassroom created by me.every student choose his name from the listand he choose his own passwordNow he have access to the classroom and he can answer the quizzes.My students have the same options as me, they can make comics themselves and share thembut first I should check it and approve it.
  11. 11. The most important thing is to complete the activities.Everyone: teacher and student can see the comic done by other if they share it.And they can put also comments .