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Pm 1009 blk2 Pm 1009 blk2 Presentation Transcript

  • Jessica Austin Jason Nelson Cordiale Di Maio
  • We certainly appreciate your attendance.
  • 4 things of my minimal wisdom.
  • There is no such thing as “bad hair care” in today’s professional hair care industry… 1 Just hair care that’s better than others.
  • 2 Always motivate yourself, your staff and your peers with “inspiration” not “desperation”
  • 3 Our Economy always performed according to the “Pendulum Theory”… It’s slowly starting to swing in the positive direction.
  • 4 You , The Professional Hairdresser, are the # 1 reason why We, The Manufacturer succeed.
  • Questions ???? feel free at any time
  • 1 - Positioning (the story) 2 - Packaging (look) 3 - Perfume (fragrance) 4 - Potion (ingredients) 5 - Performance (results) 6 - Price (the value) 7 - Professionalism (the commitment to the salon) The 8 P’s of a successful professional hair care line.
  • 8 - Passion
  • Sebastian Matrix Redken Toni & Guy Aveda Artec Nexxus Pureology Bumble & Bumble Joico Paul Mitchell Who took risks. Industry Pioneers And with a little help from Hairdressers, were rewarded…very nicely. All started with, belief, innovation, professionalism, passion… and most of the 8 P’s.
  • Today those P’s are all owned by giant corporations…. who’s business interest is to please their Stock Holders bottom line. So…what happened to all those wonderful P’s…
    • Sebastian
    • Matrix
    • Redken
    • Pureology
    • Artec
    • Toni & Guy
    • Aveda
    • Bumble
    • Nexxus
    • Joico
    Proctor & Gamble L’Oreal L’Oreal L’Oreal L’Oreal Lever Brothers Estee Lauder Estee Lauder Alberto Culver Shiseido
  • With the exception of Paul Mitchell.
  • Who’s Next ? We aren’t.
  • Has the Beauty Industry become too corporate? So many “me too” products popping up every month. No consistency. Our industry is idea bankrupt!! ? It’s time for something fresh.
  • introducing
  • My Story / Our Story 28 Years of Experience Distributor Salesperson VP of Sales for a Professional Hair Care Distributor President of a major Italian Hair Care Manufacturer
  • Pioneer / Rebel Pioneer
  • Nationally, the average ratio of in - salon Retail Sales to Services is only 7% . Fact
  • Actually… your salon’s retail dollars should be no less than 20% of service dollars or 3 x the national average. Like it used to be about 20 years ago.
  • 20% Monthly service dollars Monthly retail dollars 7% Monthly service dollars Monthly retail dollars
  • So what happened ??
  • Why only 7% per dollar? Introducing some of your new professional hair care retailing competitors.
  • It used to be the little corner drugstore that became the… “ you’re not supposed to have those products “ competitor.
  • We need to rally together as professionals and support manufacturers that support our profession. What’s happening should be unacceptable.
  • The Power $ of Focused Retailing
    • Each stylist sells:
    • 10 items per week. (2 per day based on a 5 day week)
    • $16 average retail price of each product.
    • Will generate $8,320 per stylist per year.
  • As part of our development stage, in early 2007, we asked our 14 selected test salons to list for us... What characteristics would blueprint their “ideal” Professional Hair Care Line?
  • Something different and new Salon only product – diversion issues Cleanly fragranced Consistent performance Nice and “easy to use” packaging Salon “use” support Concise (not too many products) Affordable Quality Versatility Wow Results No overlapping products No set purchase requirements
  • Our Blueprint Story
  • We are a privately owned grassroots company. Created in 2007 . With all production done in the United States.
  • All of our products have been blueprinted from stylist feedback and not copy-catt-ed as most manufacturers do today. Each one of our products has gone through 4 to 6 formula and performance changes based on our test Stylists Feedback.
    • Something unique, fresh and new
    • Professional Only
    • Clean “Healthy”
    • Pin point functions with no overlapping products
    • Considerably healthier results on all hair types
    • Botanically based
    • Clean fragrances
    • Clean packaging
    • Clean intended results
    • No flaking, No drying & No dusting
    • Condition while styling
    • No Build - up
    • 100% water soluble
    • Dual functionality
    • Protect hair with sunscreens
    • Treat both hair & scalp
    • Affordable quality
  • Fresh - Clean - Healthier Professional Styling Products for both you and your salon clientele New Choices for all Fresh - Clean - Healthier
  • HEALIUM 5 is a “direct to salon” or “single lined” Distributor sales model. We’ve been there… done that… Why NO multi lined Distributors? Currently there are over 700 salons featuring HEALIUM throughout The United States … Those numbers are growing daily. Lack of focus. Too many lines. According to Modern Salon’s Green Book , the average beauty supply distributor in The United States represents 14 hair care connected lines. How can they focus on your business?
  • 5 Distributors 14 Product Lines 70 Hair Care Lines promoted to your salon x =
  • All this product confusion can lead to...
  • Professional Hair Care Overload.
  • How many NEW lines has your distributor try to sell you over the past 12 months? We are a focused, professional only, hair care company with one goal. To succeed with great hair care without pressure, distractions or confusion… Quality professional products, with value . It’s becoming Musical Product Chairs.
  • We don’t claim to be the new Magic Bullet of hair care. Our claim is simple. An affordable high quality, Professional Only styling product deck.
  • What’s in a name?
  • Our Logo and first impression Play on the word HELIUM which is the 2 nd lightest gas in the universe. Our products are formulated to help heal both hair & scalp HEALIUM 5 products are formulated with 5 unique custom Complexes Our Styling Collection is virtually weightless, 100% water soluble and will not leave any post styling build up, flaking dusting or residue
  • HEAL 5 IUM product’s are formulated around an exclusive 5 Complex Foundation 5 5 5
  • Includes: Lysine, Methionine, Glycine, Arginine, Glutaminc Acid Function: - Helps improve blood circulation in the scalp - Aids in the absorption of nutrition and oxygenation of the cells - Helps speed the healing of scalp trauma due to chemicals services - Helps prevent hair loss due to scalp disorders - Helps to promote hair growth Amino Acid Complex
  • Includes: Vitamin E, A, F, H, H', B group, Vitamin Complex Function: - Helps promote the formation of new cells - Helps increase blood circulation of the scalp - Helps regulate the sebaceous gland secretion of scalp, which in turn prevents excessive oiliness of the hair and scalp
  • Includes: Linseed, Wheat Germ, Sunflower, Pomegranate Oil Complex Function: - Rich in Vitamin E - Powerful antioxidant - Provide hydration, nutrition and shine - Helps to reduce the damage caused by harmful rays of the sun
  • Includes: Water soluble Shea Butter, PEG-75 Lanolin, Meadow foam, Aloe Vera Hydrating Complex Function: - Imparts sheen - Enhance moisture retention - Facilitates in realignment of the cuticle surface of the hair shaft - Aids in repair of the hair shaft resulting in a significantly stronger hair - Helps to sooth and heal the scalp
  • Includes: Hydrolyzed Soy Protein, Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein, Hydrolyzed Keratin Protein Protein Complex
    • Function: - Helps prevent the loss of Cystine in hair during chemical services
    • Easily penetrates hair shaft deeply to repair and restructure damage - Keep the cuticle strong, smooth…repairs and strengthens hair
  • Amino Acid Vitamin Oil Hydrating Protein 5 Shine Protect Moisturize Strengthen Heal
  • Are formulated with sunscreens All HEAL 5 IUM Styling Products Which help shield hair with Color Protection
  • Super Clean & Healthy Professional Only H. I. P. products
    • H igh
    • I mpact
    • P roducts
    • Immediate results
    • Immediate response
  • Our Fragrance Notes
    • Clean
    • Fresh
    • Unique
    • Relaxing
    • Lightweight
    • Gender Neutral
    • Custom Blended
  • Our product deck
  • A clean start…
  • Did you know ??? After the color formula is shampooed from the clients hair, small remnants of developer always tend to remain trapped inside the cuticle. When 1 st time styling heat (in salon) is applied, the water content in the damp hair is the first to dissipate, while the developer remnants dissipate last. As hair slowly dries and moisture leaves the hair, the developer remnants, which are the last to dissipate, increase in volume strength as hair loses water moisture. In certain cases 10 volume remnants at the start of the formula may become 80 volume before hair is completely dried.
  • 48.5 parts water 3 % developer Zero volume Water dissipation during 1 st time styling heat immediately applied following chemical services 10 volume at this point Dry hair 24.25 parts water 12.12 parts water 20 volume at this point 40 volume at this point 80 volume at this point 97 parts water 6 % developer 12 % developer 25 % developer 0 % developer Start of blow dry End of blow dry
    • Locks in color service
      • Neutralizes any remaining developer remnants which tend to remain in hair after chemical services.
      • Deodorizes post chemical odor in hair
      • ph range of 2.8 to 3.2 reduces cuticle swelling to help normalize.
      • Nourish and calm scalp..
      • Helps to cancel brassiness at the sink making blondes brighter
      • Smoothes cuticle roughness
  • Every salon on Earth should have Oxi-Stop on their Back-Bar Deck.
      • Beneficial cutting lotion
      • condition while cutting
      • Healthy Body
      • touchable healthy body
      • UV color protection
      • helps prolong color
      • Leave in conditioner
      • 20 Botanicals for hair & scalp
      • Thermal protection
      • blow drying and curling iron
      • Humidity shield
      • helps to control the frizzies
      • Versatile
      • Cocktail with Gel Hold 5 for liquid mousse effect
      • No build up smoothing lotion
      • no heavy silicones
      • Healthy smoothness promotes healthy hair & scalp
      • UV color protection
      • helps prolong color
      • Conditioning/ styling aid
      • 9 Botanicals for hair & scalp
      • Thermal protection
      • heat shield
      • Humidity shield
      • helps to control the frizzies
      • Versatile
      • Cocktail with Reflect Drops for additional slickness
      • Non drying
      • alcohol free formula
      • Adds Shine
      • Wet or dry application pliable control
      • UV color protection
      • helps prolong color
      • Non damaging styling aid
      • 21 Botanicals for hair & scalp
      • Thermal protection
      • heat shield
      • Clean gel - 100% water soluble
      • no flakes or dusting
      • Versatile
      • Cocktail with Body Enhance for liquid mousse effect
    • Stiffer / harder finish than Gel 5
      • alcohol in formula
      • Adds shine
      • Wet or dry application Strong pliable control
      • UV color protection
      • helps prolong color
      • Non damaging styling aid
      • 21 Botanicals for hair & scalp
      • Thermal protection
      • heat shield
      • Clean gel - 100% water soluble
      • no flakes or dusting
      • Versatile
      • Cocktail with Body Enhance for liquid strong mousse effect
    • Smooth lightweight shine
      • super light formula
      • Wet or dry application Wet for smoothness dressing on dry to hair control frizziness
      • UV color protection
      • helps prolong color
      • Lightly fragranced
      • No fragrance residue
      • Leave in conditioner/ styling aid
      • 6 beneficial botanicals and oils
      • Thermal protection
      • formulated with heat shield
      • 100% water soluble
      • no left over residue
      • Lightweight
      • no heavy feel
      • Fantastic Flat Iron prep spray
      • Protects. Adds shine and conditions
      • Zero pH
      • Excellent no hold shine
      • Dry hair shine mist
      • UV color protection
      • Sunscreens helps prolong color
      • Lightly fragranced
      • No fragrance residue
      • Thermal protection
      • formulated with heat shield
      • 100% water soluble
      • no left over residue
      • Contains absolutely No Alcohol
      • Favorite fixative of many Stylists
      • Paste / Pomade Crossover
      • Pomade shine / Paste texture
      • 100% water soluble
      • shampoos out completely
      • UV color protection
      • Sunscreens helps prolong color
      • Conditioning / styling aid 27 botanical ingredients
      • Build-able
      • more product – more hold
      • No flake formula
      • Clean style
  • Healthy Control at your fingertips
      • One of the finest hairsprays in the Beauty Industry
      • 100% water soluble
      • UV color protection
      • Hydrolyzed Silk Proteins for shine
      • Humidity shield
      • Brush-able
      • Hold factor 7 (1 thru 10)
      • Build-able
      • Workable
      • No flakes or dusting
      • 100% of can used
      • Light mist. No heavy sticky residue
  • The # 1 cycled product, both used and sold in professional beauty salons today is hairspray. Since use is so high, hairspray should be affordable to both the hairdresser to use and for the salon consumer to purchase. Our philosophy is not to take advantage of this commodity by “jacking up” the price hairspray Our quality hairspray retails for to your customer for $12 and when purchased by case and costs you $5.96 This makes it an essential commodity and a staple product in every salon. Our Healium Salons average 19.6 aiHr hairspray canisters sold per month.
  • Our Visual Point Of Purchase Counter Card
  • Our Statement Counter Card
      • Clean volume Mousse
      • 100% water soluble
      • No heaviness
      • Dries quickly
      • UV color protection
      • Thermal protection
      • Humidity shield
      • Healthy volume and shine
      • No dryness
      • Super light fresh fragrance
      • Super concentrated
      • No flaking or dusting
      • Value – 9 oz retails for approx. $13
    Arriving in April
  • Weightless Deep Hair & Scalp Treatment
    • Adds:
    • Shine
    • Strength
    • Moisture
    • to all hair types without heavy residual weight .
    Fortified with up to 31 Botanical ingredients which treat both hair & scalp
  • 2 simple formulas Intensity level 1 Equal parts Shine Intense + Equal parts Deep pHusion Intensity level 2 Equal parts Shine Intense + Equal parts Deep pHusion + Equal parts Quick Fix + +
  • Education A work in progress Late 2020 Early 2011
  • Level Break Pricing “quantity purchasing power”
    • 3 flexible pricing purchase levels :
        • Level 1 - 1 thru 5 pieces
        • Level 2 - 6 thru 11 pieces
        • Level 3 - 11 plus pieces
    • Makes quality professional products affordable to
            • your salon.
    • Makes quality professional products affordable to
            • your clients.
  • Your information packets
    • Product Brochure
    • 3 Show “only” Promotions
    • On going promotional booklet
    • Show order form
    • Direct to Salon price list
  • Your Show Sampler Gift
    • aiHr Hairspray
    • Body Enhance
    • 1000 ml Oxi-Stop
    • Shine Intense / Deep Phusion Treatment Kit
    • Quick Fix
    • Gel Hold 5
  • Thanks so much for taking time to hear our story… Best of luck to all and safe travels home..