Which tool is very much effective for pharmaceutical business


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Which tool is very much effective for pharmaceutical business

  1. 1. Which tool is very much effectivefor Pharmaceutical Business??? Presented By Masum Chowdhury Manager, SBMD Asiatic Laboratories Ltd.
  2. 2. Physician Samples ?
  3. 3. Physician Gifts ?
  4. 4. Product Discount/Bonus ?
  5. 5. Medical Information ?
  6. 6. Doctor Service (Cash/Cheque) ?
  7. 7. Clinical Meeting/Conference/CME?
  8. 8. All these tools are good but – MedicalInformation is essential to show yourpotential customers.
  9. 9. Product branding information such as -Case Studies, Clinical Trail/ Abstract isfine but a Strong Printed ProductLiterature is very powerful tool.
  10. 10. People buy with their eyes first!
  11. 11. So let them see the product, how it worksand the benefits it provides.........showthem from your product literature.
  12. 12. Study Recommended that, BuildingRelationship is the ultimate Factor.
  13. 13. Sometimes, None of those matter if youdo not have the right relationship withthe physicians.
  14. 14. For best sales results, you have to findout as much personal data about yourPhysicians as possible.
  15. 15. Medical Promotion Officers have to knowPhysicians needs, problems, future plans andpast history.
  16. 16. Maximum Medical Promotion Officer tryto creating a relationship with Doctorsbased on mutual trust and confidence.
  17. 17. May be you have everything like sample, gift,medical information, Discount/Bonus, DoctorService etc. But if you don’t have any social skillthat means Relationship Development Skill. Sowhat will happened??
  18. 18. You have to count about inter personalrelationship also. I believe that, it is moreeffective than above 5/6 tools. So, first youhave to build up good relation with physiciansmeans you have to sell yourself first.
  19. 19. So, you have to develop your inter personalrelationship skill. I believe that, it is moreeffective than Sample, Gift, Bonus/Discount,Doctor Service and Medical Information.
  20. 20. So for more Rx Support, you have to buildup good relationship with your targetphysicians.
  21. 21. A good relationship comes from beingyourself in a professional manner.
  22. 22. So, try to develop your Professional Skill
  23. 23. After all nobody will listen to you if you donot have any relationship. But this shouldbe one among many steps.
  24. 24. May be Relationship is very vital butRelationship alone will not sell.
  25. 25. To answer the question - ?Which tools are very effective for sales
  26. 26. It depends on marketing strategy and life cycle ofproduct.
  27. 27. For launching new product,Which tool is very important for ProductPromotion ?
  28. 28. Firstly It is obvious, Medical Information
  29. 29. Secondly it is Clinical Meetings
  30. 30. Finally, Product Samples
  31. 31. If it is a mature product, the importancecould be -
  32. 32. 1. Samples
  33. 33. 2. Gifts
  34. 34. 3. Commercial Discounts.
  35. 35. In Tail Product,it is possible only with Commercial Discounts.
  36. 36. In other words, these tools could be used in amix promotion. It will depend of the objective;for example, Branding, Aggressive CommercialTactics, etc.
  37. 37. Thanks
  38. 38. Prepared By Masum Chowdhury Manager,Strategic Brand Management Department Asiatic Laboratories Ltd. masum.pha@gmail.com, +880-0171-7642874, +880-0193 7990014