Bangladesh Pharma Industry Recruitment Process and People Oriented Selection


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Bangladesh Pharma Industry Recruitment Process and People Oriented Selection

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Bangladesh Pharma Industry Recruitment Process and People Oriented Selection

  1. 1. Interview Process PEOPLE oriented selection in Bangladesh Pharma Industry Presented By Masum Chowdhury Manager, SBM
  2. 2. P Prepare E Establish Rapport O Obtain Information P Provide Information L Lead to Close E Evaluate
  3. 3. P Prepare 1. Review application, cv and other background information 2. Prepare both general and individual specific questions 3. Prepare suitable physical arrangements
  4. 4. E Establish Rapport 1. Try to make applicant comfortable 2. Convey genuine interest 3. Communicate supportive attitude with voice and names
  5. 5. O Obtain Information 1. Ask questions 2. Probe 3. Listen carefully 4. Observe the person (Dress, mannerisms, body language)
  6. 6. P Provide Information 1. Describe current and future job opportunities 2. Sell positive features of firm 3. Respond to applicant’s questions
  7. 7. L Lead to Close 1. Clarify responses 2. Provide an opportunity for final applicant 3. Explain what happen next
  8. 8. E Evaluate 1. Assess match between technical qualifications and job requirements 2. Judge personal qualities (Leadership, maturity and team orientation) 3. Make a recommendation
  9. 9. Person Specification A person specification profiles the type of person the organisation should be trying to recruit for a given position, that is, the ‘ideal’ candidate.
  10. 10. Models for Person Specification 1. The Seven Point Plan 2. Five Point Pattern of Personality
  11. 11. The Seven Point Plan 1. Physical Attributes 2. Attainments 3. Intelligence 4. Aptitudes 5. Interests 6. Disposition 7. Circumstances
  12. 12. The Seven Point Plan 1. Physical Attributes Neat and Clean appearance, ability to speak clearly and without impediment 2. Attainments Educational Qualifications 3. Intelligence General knowledge 4. Aptitudes Neat work, speed and accuracy 5. Interests Practical and Social 6. Disposition Manner, friendly, helpful and so on 7. Circumstances Family background
  13. 13. Person Specification Factors Physical Attributes Attainments Intelligence Aptitudes Interests Disposition Circumstances Essential Desirable Contraindicated
  14. 14. Person Specification Factors Essential Desirable Contraindicated Physical Attributes Clear speech, well groomed, good health Age 25-40 Age under 25, chronic ill health Attainments Science background upto HSC level Degree (Any discipline), Sales & Marketing Training. 2 years experience in Managerial Position No Experience of Training/ No Experience of Managerial Positioning Intelligence High verbal Intelligence Aptitudes Attention to detail and accuracy, Social skills for customer relations Analytical abilities (Problem solving), understanding of systems and IT Low tolerance of technology
  15. 15. Person Specification Factors Essential Desirable Interests Team activity Disposition Team player, persuasive, tolerance of pressure and change Initiative Circumstances Able to work late, take work home Located in area of office Contraindicated Time consuming hobbies ‘Solo’ interests only Anti-social, low tolerance of responsibility
  16. 16. Person Specification
  17. 17. Person Specification
  18. 18. Person Specification
  19. 19. Person Specification
  20. 20. Person Specification
  21. 21. Person Specification
  22. 22. Person Specification
  23. 23. Person Specification
  24. 24. Person Specification
  25. 25. Person Specification
  26. 26. Person Specification
  27. 27. Person Specification
  28. 28. Person Specification
  29. 29. Person Specification
  30. 30. Thanks