жанры музыки
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  • 1. TYPES OF MUSIC Presentation of Ushakova Elizaveta 9 “B” school 1062
  • 2. What types of music there are? In our times, exist a lot of types of music. They are very different, but we know them all. So, lets begin. 1. Classical music. Its one of the first music in the world. Its very relaxing and calming. There are famous composers like: Mozart, Bach and Tchaikovsky.
  • 3. What types of music there are?  2.Opera. Its the genre of the musical- dramatic art, based on a synthesis of speech, of the stage action and music.  3.Jazz. Its the form of musical art, created from mixture of African and European music.
  • 4. What types of music there are? 4.Rap. It is the rhythmic spoken word, usually set to music with a heavy beat. 5.Heavy metal. Its genre of rock music, the first and the original metal genre.
  • 5.  So, its was the main types of music. Now I want to tell you about two my favourite types. Rock and Pop music. Rock music.Rock is popular music genre of musicwith the use of electric musicalinstruments and percussion.Rock songs full of deep sense and areaccompanied by loud and harshmusic. Because it rock is one of thefavourites genre of music forteenagers.Mostly rock musicians are in groups,some of them: KISS, Van Halen, Gunsn Roses, Led Zepplin, Queen, Slipknot,AC/DC, Metallica, Black Sabbath,Aerosmith, Scorpions, Rolling Stones,Nirvana, System of a Down, Red HotChili Peppers, Pink Floyd and Placebo.
  • 6. Rock musicThe most famous singers:Marilyn Manson, AliceCooper, Ozzy Osbourne,Ronnie James Dio, Jon BonJovi, Mick Jagger, UdoDirkschneider.
  • 7. Pop music. Now, pop music it the most popular type in the world. Pop musicians ones of the richest people. The most popular pop-singers are: Madonna, Michael Jackson, Beyonce, Rihanna,Bruno Mars, BritneySpears,Christina Aguilera,Lady Gaga, of course,Katty Perry and more,more, more.
  • 8. Pop music  Pop-music is the direction of contemporary music, view of modern mass culture. Is a separate genre of popular music, namely, catchy song.  The main features of pop- music as mass culture - simplicity, melody, vocals and rhythm, with less attention to the instrumental part. The main and almost the only form of songs in the pop-music - song. Texts of pop music is usually simple and focus on personal feelings.