From Arab News To Innovation Management


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From Arab News To Innovation Management

  1. 1. Thanks to my parents * Mr. & Mrs. Abdul Khaliq Khalid * for * giving me their BEST of everything * Great Opportunities to LEARN * Personal Attention and Company of People who Genuinely Matter * Always emphasizing *Observation, Analysis, Right Conclusions, Multiple Options, Strategic Vision, TeamBuilding, Carefully Planned Action, Overall Monitoring, Evaluation of Outcome and Review * Remaining available for Showing the Way Out of any Mess
  2. 2. From Arab News to Innovation Management Tihama Advertising Financial Times ((UK) Jang Group of Newspapers Pakistan Television Corporation Daily The Muslim Daily The Frontier Post International Media Sales Euromoney Magazine, Forbes Inc., Forbes Asia, Petroleum Economist, ASiAMONEY and Innovation Management Partnerships, Big Campaigns and Fundraising,Cross-Platform Integrated Media Product Engineering, Consultancy and Multi-Million Dollar Mega Project Proposals
  3. 3. AN EXCITING JOURNEYAn exciting biographic journey from c hildhood to school to university to Russian classes to job inSaudi Arabia to employment in Jang Group to adve nturous years in Pakistan Te levisionCorporation to memorable time spent with Jang Groups Founder and my P ROFESSIONAL MENTORas an employee, relocation to Hong Kong for the refining of professiona l skills, back to Jang Groupand the launc hing of International Media Sales with authorization to market Forbes, EuromoneyMagazine, Petroleum Economist and Asiamoney magazines in Pakistan, beginning of the mostsatisfying creative period by envisioning G loba l Vision 2000, discovering a Cycle of Nine Social andEconomic Evils, emphasizing the need for drawing a Global Natural and Human Resource Map,publishing and editing State Manageme nt Re view a nd authoring two winning technical andfinancial proposals for 9th SAF GAMES fundraising campaign and President of Pakistans post 9/11strategic media plan.And…nowLearning from and sharing Innovation Management skills with my Global Network ofConnections…TO MAKE THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE!
  4. 4. A FEW CAREER MILESTONES Take genuine pride in GETTING Jang Group ACKNOWLEDGED as NUMBER ONE Group of Publications in & outside Pakistan working shoulder to shoulder with myProfessional Mentor Mir Khalil-ur-Rehman, Founder, Chairman and Editor-in-Chief. No other employee of the group can claim this HONOR to the EXTENT I PROUDLY do! Global Vision 2000: a conceptual framework to make the world an enjoyable place to live Launching of the pre-test edition of State Management Review - Countrys first and the last magazine on Good Governance Authored a Unique Multi-million Dollar Integrated Fundraising Program for 9th South Asian Federation Games An Authoritative Analysis of Pre and Post 9/11 Scenarios and Development of A Post 9/11 Strategic Media Plan approved and appreciated by the President of Pakistan and his entire team. Identification of a Cycle of Nine Social and Economic Evils and preparation of a global, regional and Pakistan Specific Plan to confront and eliminate the evils Preparation of a Model for Unique Media City-cum-Theme Park in Pakistan
  5. 5. PROJECTS IN PIPELINE• A Book on Future of Emerging Markets and Global Economy• Launch of an e-Initiative against Global Social and Economic Evils• Creation of a Unique Entrepreneurial Platform of Global Corporate Angels for the monitoring of Global Media, Political, Social, Economic, Military and Diplomatic Governance• Declaration of War against Medias Freedom to Deceive• Preparation for the launch of Global Movement for ban on sponsorship of political, social and religious news and discussion programs for teaching the mainstream media owners the real meaning of: "CONFLICT OF INTEREST!“ and “RESPONSIBLE MEDIA”