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  • Hottest Thailand Video about fun art culture tourism massages and many more
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  • Querida Gabriela: Es una hermosa presentación con excelente fotografía é importante información. Me encantó, te felicito y agradezco por compartir. Saludos. Frida
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  1. 1. The Grand Palace Compound Chakri Maha Prasad includes the Central Throne Hall used for diplomatic receptions and state banquets. It is designed in Italian Renaissance style. The whole compound sits on an area of 218.444 sq.mts. Bangkok
  2. 2. Phra Mondhop is the Repository of the Canon of Buddha (palm-leaf scriptures) which is kept in a mother-of-pearl case for display at various times of the year. At the right corner is the monument for the Sacred Elephants.
  3. 3. Wat Phra Kaew, The Temple Royal of the Emerald Buddha , Thailand's holiest shrine. Officially named Wat Phra Si Rattanasatsadaram. Its construction started in 1782, the year of the founding of Bangkok
  4. 4. The Emerald Buddha (Phra Kaew Morakot) is a jade statue created in India at 43 BC, carved out of a single block of jadeite, clothed in gold, it is about 75cm tall. The Buddha has three sets of solid gold garments which are changed by the King of Thailand himself on a ceremony at the changing of the seasons: the hot season, the rainy season and the cool season. Normally no photographing is allowed inside.
  5. 5. The Prasat Phra Debidorn is also called the Royal Pantheon. The interior, which is opened to the general public only one day each year, on the Chakri Day (6th April), contains life-size statues of the first eight kings of the Chakri dynasty
  6. 6. A miniature of the famous Cambodian Angkor Wat complex behind the Phra Debidorn
  7. 7. Two golden stupas in front of the Royal Pantheon Demon "supporting" the base of the South Stupa
  8. 8. This is one of the eight Prangs (Towers) at the Wat Phra Kaew.The Eight Prangs are of different colors, and each one is dedicated to a certain Buddhist concept. This one in green, indicating The Buddhist Female Monks (Ariya Savaka Bhiksuni Sangha).
  9. 9. Phra Sri Rattana Chedi, rises up from a circular base on five levels, is a reliquary which contains, according to legend, a bone or hair of the Enlightened Buddha.
  10. 10. The royal barge procession to commemorate the celebrations on the auscipious occasion of the sixtieth anniversary of His Majesty's accession to the throne.
  11. 11. Wat Po (also known as the Wat Phra Chetupon), its major attraction is the massive Reclining Buddha of 46 mts. long. It is also an education and Thai massage centre. Built in the 16th century, long before Bangkok was founded, the early Chakri kings had turned it into the country´s largest Monastery
  12. 12. Wat Po – Phra Mondop, Scripture Hall, housing very old sacred Buddhist scriptures written on palm leaves,
  13. 13. Wat Po Temple – the Reclining Buddha of 46mts long
  14. 14. Wat Arun ( Temple of Dawn ) by the riverbank. Its 67mts high central prang is the highest in Thailand.
  15. 15. Wat Benchamabophit ( Marble Temple ) – contains the ashes of King Rama V and images of 53 Buddhas of different styles in iconograph
  16. 16. A few of the 53 Buddha images inside the Wat Benchamabophit ( Marble Temple )
  17. 17. Sukhothai , means  "Dawn of Happiness “ was the first Capital of Thailand from 1238, reigning for almost 120 years. The magnificent site covers 7000 sq. km. Sukhothai
  18. 18. Sukhothai - Wat Mahathat, the Buddhist temple ruins
  19. 19. Sukhothai - Seated Buddha in Wat Si Chum Fingers of Buddha painted in gold
  20. 20. Sukhothai – dawn at Wat Mahathat
  21. 21. Wat Phra Si Sanphet was founded by King Ramathibodi I in 1350, Thailand's second capital. The Ayutthaya period lasted for 417 years during which 33 Kings of 5 dynasties reigned over the country. Ayutthaya was attacked several times by the Burmese army and was destroyed beyond repair in 1767. Ayutthaya
  22. 22. Ayutthaya – the three Chedis at Wat Phra Si Sanphet with the remains of King Borommatrailokanat , King Borommarachathirat III and King Ramathibodi II
  23. 23. Ayutthaya – the main Prang ( in Hindu Khmer style ) seen from the interior of the worship hall of Wat Ratchaburana Wiharn
  24. 24. Ayutthaya - Buddha images in Wat Chai Mongkhon, swathed in sacred cloth as a sign of reverence, seated on lotus thrones and are shown in the Earth-touching or Witness position with the right hand pointing toward the Earth.
  25. 25. Huge reclining Buddha image, Phra Budhasaiyart in the ruins of Wat Lokayasutharam. It was constructed of bricks and cement in the Middle Ayutthaya Period and is 37 mts. long and 8 mts. high. The head is resting on a lotus and the legs overlap squarely to show the equalized toes. The image was restored in 1954 and again in 1989.
  26. 26. Doi Suthep mountain, Golden stupa and umbrella at Wat Phra That
  27. 27. Doi Suthep mountain, Golden Buddha at Wat Phra That
  28. 28. Doi Suthep mountain, Emerald Buddha at Wat Phra That
  29. 29. Lampang - Wat Phra That Lampang Luang Temple, the most interesting temple in northern Thailand
  30. 30. Lampang Golden shrine in Wat Phra That Lampang Luang, the wooden temple
  31. 31. Damnoen Saduak floating market in the Ratchaburi province, 85 km from Bangkok
  32. 32. Village of Pa Dong Karen of the Long Neck Tribe at the north of Thailand
  33. 33. Women of the Pa Dong Karen - a Burmese-Thai tribal group have worn ornamental brass rings on their necks for centuries. Beginning at the age of six, a few rings may be added every year, up to a limit of 20. The record so far is 28. The rings will only be removed on their wedding night
  34. 34. Piano: Ernesto Cortazar Music:Two Candles for Two Hearts