Legislative Bodies
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Legislative Bodies






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Legislative Bodies Legislative Bodies Presentation Transcript

  • Legislative BodiesDaisy Calle and Kyara Cash
  • Ancient Athens Government● Theres a total legislative bodies of the ancient athenian government1.Assembly2. Council3.Courts
  • Ancient Athens Government● Back in Ancient Greece, only men could vote● Foreigners, kids, servants, and women couldnt vote
  • Ancient Athens Government● The meeting assembly was a grand event that male citizens could take place in● Is mandatory by the end of life
  • Ancient Athens Government● the assemblys main job was to make pronouncements● Deciding who would go to war and when to go
  • Ancient Athens Government● and granting citizenship to foreigners
  • Ancient Athens Government● The council consisted 500 members total● 10 leaders of groups (just under the archon, and his assistance)
  • Ancient Athens Government● all or most of the important activities, and functions were coordinated by the council
  • Ancient Athens Government● Courts werent very significant and didnt hold a lot of meaning, at first● Courts had power to give legal force or over role decisions of the assembly
  • Ancient Athens Government● In 355 B.C, political trials were moves from the assembly, to courts
  • Ancient Athens Government● The legislative brunch was made by the council and assembly
  • Ancient Athens Government● Legislative body was made of 2 bodies-council
  • Ancient Athens Government● 500 people in the body-council● A assembly of 6,000 people
  • Ancient Athens Government● The assembly was primary
  • Ancient Athens Government● The assembly met 40 times a year
  • United States Government● Only members of congress can introduce legislation● Congress also maintains an investigative organization
  • United States Government● Divided among the 50 states in proportion to their total population● The house has several powers assigned exclusively to it
  • United States Government ● Congress conducts oversight, and is through hearings ● In order to pass legislation, they send it to the president for his signature
  • Comparing The United States and Athens● They both had Presidents and Governments
  • Comparing United States and Athens● Any male over 30 could be a President● But in the United States you have to fall within the rules and guidelines to be President
  • Comparing the United States and Athens● Women cant vote in Athens
  • Comparing the United States and Athens● But women can vote in the US
  • Comparing the United States and Athens● The Presidency role in Athens was not as important or as treasured
  • Comparing the United States and Athens● But in the US its really important who is elected
  • Comparing the United States and Athens● In the US our Presidents are elected for four years
  • Comparing the United States and Athens● But in the Athens they rotate among the officials
  • Comparing the United States and Athens● In order to pass legislation they have to get the President to sign it first
  • Comparing the United States and Athens● In the Athens they also have to let the President sign it
  • Thanks for watching the Slide presentations hopefully ithelped you with the Differences of the United States And theAthens and much more