Legislative Bodies


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Legislative Bodies

  1. 1. Legislative BodiesDaisy Calle and Kyara Cash
  2. 2. Ancient Athens Government● Theres a total legislative bodies of the ancient athenian government1.Assembly2. Council3.Courts
  3. 3. Ancient Athens Government● Back in Ancient Greece, only men could vote● Foreigners, kids, servants, and women couldnt vote
  4. 4. Ancient Athens Government● The meeting assembly was a grand event that male citizens could take place in● Is mandatory by the end of life
  5. 5. Ancient Athens Government● the assemblys main job was to make pronouncements● Deciding who would go to war and when to go
  6. 6. Ancient Athens Government● and granting citizenship to foreigners
  7. 7. Ancient Athens Government● The council consisted 500 members total● 10 leaders of groups (just under the archon, and his assistance)
  8. 8. Ancient Athens Government● all or most of the important activities, and functions were coordinated by the council
  9. 9. Ancient Athens Government● Courts werent very significant and didnt hold a lot of meaning, at first● Courts had power to give legal force or over role decisions of the assembly
  10. 10. Ancient Athens Government● In 355 B.C, political trials were moves from the assembly, to courts
  11. 11. Ancient Athens Government● The legislative brunch was made by the council and assembly
  12. 12. Ancient Athens Government● Legislative body was made of 2 bodies-council
  13. 13. Ancient Athens Government● 500 people in the body-council● A assembly of 6,000 people
  14. 14. Ancient Athens Government● The assembly was primary
  15. 15. Ancient Athens Government● The assembly met 40 times a year
  16. 16. United States Government● Only members of congress can introduce legislation● Congress also maintains an investigative organization
  17. 17. United States Government● Divided among the 50 states in proportion to their total population● The house has several powers assigned exclusively to it
  18. 18. United States Government ● Congress conducts oversight, and is through hearings ● In order to pass legislation, they send it to the president for his signature
  19. 19. Comparing The United States and Athens● They both had Presidents and Governments
  20. 20. Comparing United States and Athens● Any male over 30 could be a President● But in the United States you have to fall within the rules and guidelines to be President
  21. 21. Comparing the United States and Athens● Women cant vote in Athens
  22. 22. Comparing the United States and Athens● But women can vote in the US
  23. 23. Comparing the United States and Athens● The Presidency role in Athens was not as important or as treasured
  24. 24. Comparing the United States and Athens● But in the US its really important who is elected
  25. 25. Comparing the United States and Athens● In the US our Presidents are elected for four years
  26. 26. Comparing the United States and Athens● But in the Athens they rotate among the officials
  27. 27. Comparing the United States and Athens● In order to pass legislation they have to get the President to sign it first
  28. 28. Comparing the United States and Athens● In the Athens they also have to let the President sign it
  29. 29. Thanks for watching the Slide presentations hopefully ithelped you with the Differences of the United States And theAthens and much more