Greek Gods and Goddess, myths, and heros

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  • 1. Greek godsandgoddesses,myths andheroesBy Andrew Colsia and Aja Bonnett
  • 2. Greek hero HerculesHeracles is the most popular of the Greekheros
  • 3. Greek God HerculesFamous for extraordinary strength andcourage
  • 4. Greek God Hercules Hercules is also more well-known than any others to this day.
  • 5. Greek hero OdysseyOdyssey wrote the first two poems
  • 6. Greek myth The Creation of theworldChaos was a primeval state of existence
  • 7. Creation of the WorldGaea created high mountains, rivers, lowlands, lakes and seas
  • 8. Creation of the worldChaos created Tartarus, embodiment of theUnderworld
  • 9. Creation of the worldTartarus built his home deep below the worldof Gaea
  • 10. Creation of the worldTartarus and Gaea united and createdTyhoeus, a fire breathing dragon withhundred heads
  • 11. Creation of the worldLove appeared out of Chaos, inform of Eros
  • 12. Creation of the worldEros was the most handsome of all the greekgods and invincible to nature
  • 13. Creation of the worldChaos also gave birth to Erebus, asymbolization of the dark silence
  • 14. Creation of the worldChaos gave birth to Nyx, the embodiment ofthe night
  • 15. The gods of olympusThe three brothers Zeus,Poseidon,Hadesdivided into three parts of the world
  • 16. Greek Gods and Goddesses● Aphrodite● Artemis● Ares● Hera● Zeus
  • 17. Aphrodite- GoddessGoddess of Love
  • 18. AphroditeShe had a girdle that compelled anyone shewishes to desire her.
  • 19. AphroditeHer beauty was dazzling
  • 20. Artemis- GoddessLady of the wild things
  • 21. ArtemisHer twin brother was Apollo.
  • 22. ArtemisShe hunts with silver arrows like her brotherApollo
  • 23. ArtemisProtector of the young
  • 24. Ares- God● God of war
  • 25. AresMurderous and bloodstained
  • 26. AresHes the son of Zeus and Hera
  • 27. AresNot well-liked or trusted by ancient Greeks
  • 28. Hera- GoddessShe is determined defender of the sanctity ofmarriage
  • 29. HeraGoddess of marriage
  • 30. ZeusZeus is god of the sky and his weapon is athunder bolt