Athens and u.s. government


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Athens and u.s. government

  1. 1. Athens and U.S GovernmentBy Andrew Colsia, Aja Bonnett, Michael Giard
  2. 2. United States Government● 18 years old or older to vote
  3. 3. United States Government● To run for president you have to be at least 35
  4. 4. United States Government● The U.S. is a Republic Government
  5. 5. United States Government● You have to be a U.S. citizen to become president
  6. 6. United States Government● In the U.S. if you are the president you can only serve two terms
  7. 7. United States Government● If you are born in a different county you cant run for president you can only run for Governor
  8. 8. United States Of America Voting Rights
  9. 9. U.S. Voting Rights● only U.S citizens can vote
  10. 10. ♠ U.S. Voting Rights♠● You have to be 18 and older to vote
  11. 11. Athens Government
  12. 12. Athens Government● In Athens, men can only vote
  13. 13. Athens GovernmentSlaves would work while the men went to theassembly
  14. 14. Athens Government500 names of men were chosen to be in theAssembly
  15. 15. Athens GovernmentMen had to live in Athens and had to have bothparents come of athens to vote
  16. 16. Athens GovernmentPeople thought elections did good only for therich but any man who owned land could vote
  17. 17. Athens GovernmentThe Assembly gathered to discuss and to makerules
  18. 18. Athens GovernmentThe assembly is an opportunity for 500 malecitizens of athens to speak their minds aboutregards to the government
  19. 19. Athens GovernmentWomen, slaves and children could not vote
  20. 20. Athens GovernmentBoth have more than one legislative group torule
  21. 21. Democracy● Being around 500 B.C
  22. 22. Democracy● Means people vote for a leaders and laws instead of having ruler
  23. 23. DemocracyCleisthenes he wanted more power and he wastired of being told new laws by a ruler anddidnt have a say in them so he createddemocracy
  24. 24. Comparing the U.S and AthensBoth vote for political figures
  25. 25. Comparing the U.S and AthensBoth have more than one legislative group toruler
  26. 26. Comparing the U.S and AthensThe legislative branch in Athens decides for thepeople who are going to war but in the U.S. wehave a choice to go to war
  27. 27. Comparing the U.S and AthensAthens and U.S. were both democracys
  28. 28. Comparing the U.S and AthensBoth places had restrictions to who could voteat a certain point in time
  29. 29. Comparing the U.S and AthensIn the U.S. you have to be 18 or older to vote
  30. 30. Comparing the U.S and AthensIn Athens you had to be a man owned land andwhose parents both came from athens
  31. 31. Comparing the U.S and Athensyou had to live in the country to be able to votein both athens and the U.S.