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20100727谷歌中国整合营销传播计划integrated marketing communication plan for google china

20100727谷歌中国整合营销传播计划integrated marketing communication plan for google china




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    20100727谷歌中国整合营销传播计划integrated marketing communication plan for google china 20100727谷歌中国整合营销传播计划integrated marketing communication plan for google china Document Transcript

    • Integrated Marketing Communication Plan For Google China
    • IntroductionMade up of 6 members from School of Business and 1 memberfrom School of Foreign Language , GoGoGoogle Team is focusingon the operation , especially marketing of Google in China. From the commencement of our class to now, after long term thinking and several heated debates , this summer saw the birth of this integrated marketing communication plan for Google China. In the process , the spirit of cooperation , truth-seeking and innovation is really unforgettable.Even though being short of practical experiences and being poorin English , we are still happy that we have finished it eventually---- in less than 8 days.If we are given more time , we believe it will be much better.Now , we are so honorable that you are going to read it.Looking forward to your instruction. 2
    • Executive summary Evaluation 3
    • Company OverviewBrief descriptionGoogle was incorporated in California inSeptember 1998 and reincorporated inDelaware in August 2003.It is a globaltechnology leader focused on improvingthe ways people connect with information.Mission • We will do our best to provide the most relevant and useful search results possible, independent of financial incentives. Our search results will be objective, and we do not accept payment for search result ranking or inclusion. • We will do our best to provide the most relevant and useful advertising. Advertisements should not be an annoying interruption. If any element on a search result page is influenced by payment to us, we will make it clear to our users. • We will never stop working to improve our user experience, our search technology, and other important areas of information organization.Finance Revenues & Net income(in thousand us dollar) 30,000,000 25,000,000 20,000,000 15,000,000 Revenues 10,000,000 Net Income 5,000,000 0 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 4
    • Products & Services Google’s Product Line category Products & Severices Desktop Chrome、Earth、Desktop、Talk、Pack、Picasa、 products SketchUp、Toolbar、Gears Mobile Blogger Mobile 、Buzz 、Calendar 、Gmail 、News 、 products iGoogle 、Reader 、Mobile search 、Google Maps Navigation Web Dashboard 、Ad Planner 、Ad Manager 、AdSense 、 products AdWords 、DoubleClick 、Grants 、 Communicat 3D Warehouse 、Apps 、Blogger 、Buzz 、Docs 、 ion and FeedBurner 、Profiles 、Gmail、iGoogle 、Notebook 、 publishing Sites、Voice、Wave、YouTube、 Mapping City Tours、Maps、Map Maker、Mars 、Sky Map、 Search Alerts、Base、Blog search、Checkout 、Dictionary 、 Finance、Image Search 、Music、Patent Search、 Product Search、Scholar、Video 、Web Search 、 Hardware Google Mini 、Nexus One 、Google Search Appliance products Google has a rich and wide products line to satisfy various kinds of needs , but most of them are not known or have never been brought into China. 5
    • Company OverviewGoogle in China •Google announced the launch of simplified and traditional Chinese.2000 •Google released the latest version of the Google Toolbar , Chinese included.2004 •Google Introduced Simplified Chinese version of Google News. •Google Inc. announced the official launch of Chinese version of Google desktop search.2005 •Google launched a Chinese version of the personalized homepage (Personalized Homepage). •Google Launches Chinese www.Google.cn2006 •“谷歌" - Googles global Chinese name officially launched in Beijing •Google and the worlds largest mobile operators - China Mobile announced the cooperation in mobile2007 search service, which marked the localization of Google mobile search start. •Google launched the Chinese version of transit search.2008 •Google China launched Chinese version of the Google.cn iGoogle. •Google Greater China president Kai-fu Lee formally announced his resignation.2009 •CCTV blamed the international version of Google.com search for pornography is easy. •Google accused China of hacking and announced that it stopped "filter review" on Google search2010 services, and shifted the search service from the Mainland to Hong Kong. Kai-fu Lee 6
    • Company OverviewCulture ShockGoogle was not, in fact, a pioneer in China. Yahoo was the first majorAmerican Internet company to enter the market, introducing a Chinese-language version of its site and opening up an office in Beijing in 1999.Yahoo executives quickly learned how difficult China was topenetrate — and how baffling the countrys cultural barriers can be forAmericans. The differences are listed as follow:•Chinese businesspeople rarely rely on e-mail or voicemail, becausethey find the idea of leaving messages to be socially awkward. Theyprefer live exchanges, which mean they gravitate to mobile phones andshort text messages instead.•Chinese Internet users prefer the online discussion board very much —much more than in the United Stated. This is a place where long,rollicking arguments and flame wars spill on for thousands ofcomments. However, sites like Google seem very foreign to theChinese.•Rampant piracy is still common in China. In most parts of the West,after the Napster wars, movie and music piracy is increasinglyunderstood as an illicit activity; it thrives, certainly, but there is now astigma against taking too much intellectual content without paying for it.(Hence the success of iTunes.) In China, downloading illegal copies ofmusic, movies and software is as normal and accepted as checking theweather online. Baidus executives discovered early on that manyyoung users were using the Internet to hunt for pirated MP3s, so thecompany developed an easy-to-use interface specifically for thispurpose. However, this service doesn’t exist in Baidu now. 7
    • Industry Analysis(1)The Internet Industry in ChinaAt the end of 2007, the number of online users in China surpassed the US and hasthe highest number of Internet users in the world, and at the end of 2008, theInternet service market in China had grown to $14 billion (Jiang, 2009). Both ofthese factors made multinational Internet companies flocked to the newlybloomed China Internet service market. This growing trend numbGoogleeavailable in chart 1 and 2Chart 1: US vGooglena: Population and Internet User Statistics (2000 to 2008)Chart 1 shows the growing trend of Internet users in the US and China. In2007, the number of Internet user in China surpassed the number in the UnitedStates. Source: China Popin , U.S . Census Bureau, Internet World StatsChart 2: Internet Industry Revenue in China (2007 to 2008)•Chart 2 is estimate revenue of Internet Service Providers in China, includingonline gaming, online ads, search engine, online shopping, B2B, online travelreservation, online hiring, and domain name sales; mobile value-added servicesare not included. Source: iResearch (2009) 8
    • Industry Analysis(2)The Search Engine Industry in China Market ConcentrationWhether in the market share of revenues or the visit share, the Chinese searchengine belongs to the high concentration of oligopolistic market. Product Differentiation DegreeTake Baidu and Google China for example, the two big oligarch’s productdevelopments trend to be the same, but the differentiations still exist. Thereforecompetition is unavoidable. The Barrier of Advancing and Retreating the MarketSearch engine industry is an industry having higher barriers and larger marketentry barriers, but in China there are still no corresponding policy barriers and exitbarriers. The degree of free competition is high, forming a natural monopoly.the analysis of the market behavior The Choice of the Revenue modelThe revenue model of search engine has a lot of kinds, such as selling searchtechnology, key words advertising, bidding rankings, fixed rankings, intelligencesearch, and Ad sense advertisement, etc . Baidu ‘s most important revenue modelis bidding rankings, which brings nearly 80% of Baidu’s profit. But Googleannounced that in its each year’s more than 1 million dollars sales, $15 million isthe profit, and 1/3 comes from the sales of the search technology, and 2/3 fromall kinds of advertisements. The Sales Channel Development StrategyChinese search engine operators’ sales channel development strategies basicallyhave two kinds, direct and agency way. Because of their revenue model, Baiduchooses the direct way and Google chooses the agency way. Market scale of searching in China(million yuan) JP Morgan10000 9,438 8000 6,614 6000 4,663 4000 2,851 2000 1,442 584 846 9 0 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010E
    • Industry analysis(3)Problems•Credibility needs to be enhanced.•Self-regulation needs to be strengthened.•Quantity and quality needs to be improved.•Evaluation mechanism needs to be established.•…… Internet users in China(million) CNNIC 500 440 370 400 298 300 210 200 111 137 80 94 100 34 59 23 0 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010Trends•Rapid growth: the number of search engine users will maintain a rapid growth.•Value enhance: search engine promotion will enhance the value of marketingfurther.•Intensity : the future of Chinas search engine market will be with more intensecompetition.•Diversity : search engines will develop new products to satisfy users’ higherneed.•Personalization: search engines will create some creative experience withpersonalized service.•Mobile search : mobile search market in China has great potential.•Regulation strengthening : government will pay more attention to this area. …… 10
    • Competitive AnalysisSWOT-Google ChinaStrengths WeaknessesStrong brand value Lack of product integrationSignificant infrastructure base Lack of localization and culture shockCoverage of the search result isworldwideOpportunities ThreatsSteady growth of internet domain Intense competitionnames Economic uncertainties effectingGrowing mobile advertising market Bad relationship with local governmentMarket Share Share of each brand in China (2009) From : CNNICCompetitor-BaiduBaidu is a Chinese language internet search provider. Italso offers online advertising services through itssubsidiaries. The company operates in China, Japanand Hong Kong.Pros:1. Proactive, focusing on Chinese search services2. Continuously improving the users’ experience degrees3. Baidu’s profit mode is more suitable to the Chinese marketCons:Lack of significant infrastructure base and technology 11
    • Client Analysis(In this part, client means advertiser of search engine in China)Industry Distribution(%) Others, 8.2 Appliance , 1.8 Automobile, 17 Education, 2.2 Exhibition, 2.7 Communication s, 4.5 Finance, 4.3 Web Food&Drink, 4.2 Applications, 16. 9 Clothing, 5 IT, 14.7 Housing, 18.6CharacteristicsClients prefer the most widely used searchengine provider.Clients want their ads’ effect to be measurable.Clients want to get the feedback from thepotential customer.Clients need more assistant from search engineprovider.Clients want their ads to be more effective.Big companies have a clearer awareness of theimportance of search engine marketing.IT companies spend more money on searchengine marketing. 12
    • User Analysis(1)(In this part, user means search engine users in China)ScaleIn China(2009) Scale(million) annual growth rateInternet usersSearch engine users 235 34%Mobile Internet users 155Mobile search engine users 40.74Area DistributionIn China(2009) Urban RuralShare 76.4% 23.4%Gender DistributionIn China(2009) Male FemaleShare 52.4% 47.6%Age DistributionIn China(2009) <19 20-29 30-39 40-49 50-59 >60Share 37.1% 31.5% 19.7% 8.3% 2.6% 0.8%Academic DistributionIn China(2009) Elementary Junior middle High junior college school school school collegeUsage rate 59.0% 60.7% 70.5% 72.8% 87.1%Frequency DistributionIn China(2009) Heavy users Moderate users Light usersShare 29.5% 50.6% 19.9% 13
    • User Analysis(2)(In this part, user means search engine users in China) What to search? others 32.5 local information 0.5 blogs 0.7 foreign languages 1.1 softwares 3.9 shopping 6.2 travellings websites 6.8 14.3 Rate(%) videos 13.7 games 16.5 pictures 27.9 documents 31.3 news 33.4 movies 30.3 music 39.5 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 45This graph shows what the Chinese search engine users tried to find in 2009,fromCNNIC. Summary •Searching is one of the earliest activities people try when they first start using the internet. •Search engines loyalty exists within the internet user community. •Internet users rarely read beyond the 3rd page of search results. •Men tend to stick more often to a single engine, while women have a few favorites. •Younger users search more often and are more confident about their search abilities. 14
    • Objectives Market Share In Google’s target markets : China 30% Primary School Students---A long term strategy Market Share In College Students---Potential highCollege Students 50% value clients Business People---High value Market Share In clients Business People 60% These objectives will be Market Share In accomplished in 2 year. Primary School 80%StrategyKeys to SuccessEffective localizationCompliance with local laws The establishment of a localGood government relations teamPrecise positioning Effective public relationsInnovation TrainingUser training Innovative marketing To give agents greater power Strategy 15
    • DistributionThe Distribution Of Ad AgenciesTo expand the share in advertisement market , Google should establish a new AdAgency system in China . Google will pay more attention to the fast developingarea to cut down the cost . Obeying to the rules ,local agency will be give moreautonomous rights to increase sales.Policy for Ad AgencyArea Commission ExclusivenessLevel 1 30% of the sales Only one agency in one cityLevel 2 40% of the sales Only one agency in one provinceLevel 3 50% of the sales Only one agency in one provinceLevel 4 60% of the sales Only one agency in this area 16
    • New Products For UsersGoogle book& Google libraryIn fact Google already has some library partners in the world, such as ColumbiaUniversity, Cornel University library, University of Oxford, etc. After entering theChinese market, Google can develop closer relationship with libraries in China.Google will provide access and all the information available in those libraries, bytyping the name of a book needed, users may find a category with detailedinformation in the e-library. They will also get access to purchasing those books. Ifsome books are not protected by copyright, they can download the whole bookfreely.Google map for mobileGoogle can offer a map service that users may download the piece of map theyneed into their computer or mobile phone for free. Google will also provideuseful information such as marking the restaurant or hotel nearby. Thosemerchants with a star are all those who corporate with Google and havecredit, users may choose them safely and easily. Furthermore, clients may get adiscount in those restaurants after showing them the Google map, because theyare Google’s partners. 17
    • New Products For UsersKids’ Search EngineWe recommend Google to promote anew search engine, especially for kidsunder 12 years old.As the unhealthy information of sex andviolence is easy to reach on theInternet, we want to create a healthyenvironment for kids. With a great technical team , Google has the capability to develop the new engine, and those information will be filtered automatically when kids use it. What’s more, Google can create an account for each user , and kid’s parents can instruct them to use the search engine correctly. Google will also corporate with local schools to provide a better service for children. As children often need to look for information to accomplish their assignment, the engine will provide more academic information and knowledge related to their course work.Link To Kids’ 18
    • Promotion For UsersRewards ProgramFirst of all, using Gmail account to make GOOGLE features unified. Logging-mail needs to use Gmail account; using Google maps and Googles otherfeatures needs to use the same login account. The content of the RewardsProgram is that if you lands a Gmail account every day, you will havecertain points. Accumulated Points can be redeemed to a certain productof Google’s sponsor; If your points can reach the top few, it is free for youto visit Google. In addition, if the landing is just the first 100 (or 200, 300 ...... 1000 ... ...) of the visitors, there will be additional points presented.Lucky Guy ProgramGoogle engineers will develop a program to calculate the frequency ofsearch. The total number of search per month will be written on thehomepage of Google China.If a Google user is searching at a certain number , like 1 billion or 2billion , he will be given a gift , on condition that he has logged in with aGmail account. The lucky guy will get the detailed information from his Gmail Box. In this way , more and more people will use Google to try his luck. Google’s market share will be expanded easily, and users will also prefer use Gmail and some other Google tools. 19
    • AdvertisementSamples How many times has Google been used? Google, Can you tell me where the hotel is? Google Reward Program The world is using Google. 20
    • Public Relation Summer CampThe event is geared to the public, which helpsto promote the spirit and faith of Google inorder to draw a larger number of audiences.The executives will show the visitors aroundthe Beijing office and introducing them howGoogle operate. Besides the visit, the eventwill include activities such as a meeting withsome of the key employees in the office, avirtual show of how interesting life can bewith the help of the products of Google, etc. Campus Recruitment By conducting the campus recruitment, the executives will give the publicity to the brand of Google, which means they will travel around mainland China and give speeches to the potential audiences – the undergraduates. Sponsorship Setting up a sponsorship seeks to build up the brand image of being enthusiastic about public welfare and charity work, which can help Google earn a good reputation in the long term. 21
    • Public RelationScholarship Through university scholarships project , Google will enhance its influence in the universities. On the one hand , Google can recruit more talented employees , on the other hand it will expand the brand influence in China.Competition For College StudentsGoogle can hold some competitions inChina every year , such as technology orcreative contest. This will attract a largenumber of people’s interest , the mediawill also do relevant reports. Thesegames will be to add new vitality toGoogle China.Cooperation with mass media With the consideration of the great impact which Spring Festival Gala Evening has on public, the event aims at foster a good and healthy company image rapidly. Contemporary, the Beijing office will also work together with Hunan TV, Jiangsu TV and Dragon TV, which are considered as the top 3 influential local television stations. 22
    • Media PlanningMedia objectivesThe overall goal of this media plan is , on one hand , to let people be aware ofGoogle’s brand image and be familiar with the brand of Google .On the otherhand , to let common people know the products(e.g. Gmail , Googlemaps, Google earth etc) of Google better. At first, we want to reach the public asmuch as possible. Then ,we will concentrate on a few effective medias. And finallyreduce the budget to a certain number and keep it. Brand Google represents profession ,high-end ,and image international. Google has a blanket of products , which are well- Products designed, helpful, and professional. We should make them known.Media StrategyWith our media objectives, we will cultivate a media mix to promote Googleeffectively. At first, we will use a mass of medias , traditional or non-traditional.And evaluate these medias to pick up the ones with high performance priceratio. Then go on with the high performance price ratio ones. After a quiet longperiod of time, chose a small number of medias as the aptotic ones.When choosing medias, media efficiency and competitive media assessment willbe take into consideration firstly.We will evaluate the media with CPM (cost per thousand) and TM (CPM in targetmarket ). 23
    • Media PlanningMedia Choice-Traditional medias A CCTV channel for Chinese People in the whole world. China National Geographic—A Business School—A popular magazine among male popular magazine among White-collar crowd. businessmen. Bus boards/shelters—— Flashy in big cities.Media Choice- Nontraditional medias State-run Network TV with national influence. A SNS site with great influence among university students. New Media Mix New Media Blog Email SMS Video Game 24
    • EvaluationWe will make our evaluation based on our goals of the campaign.The market shareThe chief goal of the campaign for Google is to make more people use Google.And market share represents how many customers are using Google. So if themarket share is bigger, the goal is better achieved. Which means the campaign ismore successful.After a season of campaign ,we will have a consulting company to make aresearch to check whether the number is achieved.The profitAnother big goal for this campaign is to make Google earning more money. Wecan evaluate this with the profit number.We can set some target number for earning and profit of Google. After a seasonof campaign ,we will check the actual number on the accounting book about theearning and profit of Google. Of course ,we will need the fiancé apartment’s helpwith this evaluation. They will set the target number for us and check thenumber as well.The customers’ cognitionMeanwhile, we do the campaign to make people acknowledge Google andcognize Google as what we want them regard it as. That is customer’s cognition.We can hire a consulting company to do survey for us about how many peopleare getting aware of Google’s product and what image dose Google has in theirminds as a result of our campaign. And we will check whether the numberreaches our target and whether the image is what we want. Other methods of evaluation Besides of the methods above. There should be some other detailed methods to evaluate the campaign . For example, The loyalty of customers, The visit capacity of Google’s products, The number of complaint for Google’s products , The feedback from the users on internet and so on. 25
    • EndingTeam Member Name Major Email Hua Yu Marketing huayuruc@live.cn Tan Xin Financial Management tan19900318@hotmail.com Hu Jingjing Financial Management hdf12301230@126.com Feng Siyu Management Science disillusion.f@gmail.com Lian Di Accounting liandi417@126.com Jiang Yeqi Accounting monica--777@163.com Peng Hui French pennybehappy@gmail.com We would like to express our deepest appreciation for the support from Dr. Wang, and Summer School of Renmin University . 2010.7.27 26